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Pottery Whimsical – crushing it !

 Pottery Whimsical


This is how the statue at the top looked before it met its fate with a mallet. Marlene Dietrich, from the Hollywood film “The Song of Songs” 1933. The Art Deco polished clay statue was made by  Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta , as a lifelike image of Marlene Dietrich. She modelled for the statue.

More clay whimsy ! 

No trending, viralling or crushin’ it stuff here, strictly under the radar. Only the overlooked, the obscure, the unheralded classics and largely ignored brilliance will rate a mention. Include anything beguiling, outrageous, fascinating, amusing, controversial & confronting and a compelling post might unfold. Updated weekly.

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Sky High - Tolla sculpture

Sky High – Tolla sculpture , Israel

( Cafmeyer Gallery )

Orange Crush ceramic juice dispenser

Vintage Orange Crush ceramic juice dispenser

Alberto Gonzalez - Khamsim Fire sculpture

Alberto Gonzalez – ‘Khamsim Fire’

Architecture Modern Paul Roget

Conceptual modern architecture  – Paul Roget

Bothy Vineyard - Cevre Mehmut

Bothy Vineyard – Cevre Mehmut

Wait For It figurines - Fred Yokel

Fred Yokel – Wait For It 


Mutka and chai cup making – fired with the original kiln – cowpats.

( adrianachristianson.blogspot )

Adolfo Cipriani sculptor working in his studio

Adolfo Cipriani sculptor

Michael Leunig cartoons

Michael Leunig cartoon


Shogo Ikeda – picture in a cup.

Swineside Ceramics Teapotte

Swineside Ceramics Teapot

Gordon Baldwin contemporary sculpture, Britain

Gordon Baldwin, Britain

Kim Murton by Oregon Potters

Kim Murton in studio

( Oregon Potters flickr )

Art Nouveau lady clock

Art Nouveau lady clock

Morrocco Plate Bazza

 Marrakech pottery wall, Morocco

        Not Vital - Hanging-and Waiting

Hanging and Waiting by Not Vital

Almine Rech Gallery

Anya StassenkoGlory Leontiev

Leaf Cup and Saucer – Anya Stassenko and Glory Leontiev.

Sandy pitcher giraffe Anne's Pottery

Sandy Pitcher Giraffe – Anne’s Pottery

Scot Cameron Bell,-Ceramic Artist

Scot Cameron Bell,-Ceramic Artist

Sculptor.Org---Donald De Lu

Donald De Lu

El Puratal, Colombia

El Puratal –  San Agustín Archaeological Park, Colombia

Sue Crossfield Arbella

Sue Crossfield – Arbella

Jenni Ward Ceramics

Jenni Ward contemporary ceramics

TV lamp pink lady

Mid Century USA TV lamp pink lady


( TVlamp.net )

Art Deco German Flapper Lady

Art Deco German Flapper Lady Bookends

Silver Kiln

Silver Kiln – tree forest lamp base

Fantoni Lion Figural Ceramic

Fantoni Lion Figural Ceramic, Italy

Nada Vrbanic raku yatch

Nada Vrbanic raku boat

Karen Ross clock

Karen Ross clock – Scotland

Jan Jacque - sculptural ceramic lamp

Jan Jacque – sculptural ceramic lamp


‘Iguana on Face Jug’ – Mitchel Grafton



Buddhist Monastery---Sagaing-Hill

Buddhist Monastery—Sagaing Hill

Sewell_Julie ceramic sculpture

” I am inspired by the use of texture in pottery, in textiles, and in the other arts. I have always found myself drawn to primitive cultures and arts, and much of that feeling is reflected in my pottery. I like to use found objects or everyday tools to create the texture—just as the ancient artists did. ” – Julie Sewell

Sue Crossfield Sea Serpent

Sue Crossfield    Sea Serpent


Tea Party 3′ (2010) by porcelain sculptor Chris Antemann

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Pottery revelations on a whim and a prayer


venice clay artists Lion statue





 More whimsical pottery, a few sculptures too :


As this is the latest instalment of pottery whimsical, the only thing being revealed here is more ceramic oddities, a few quirky sculptures and other amusing art pieces. The usual guidelines apply … from the sublime to the enthralling, from frivolous to sobering, ponderous to far reaching, ordinary to excellent, wacky to bemusing, ancient to now and maybe into the future and anything in between and before and after.

‘Life without whimsy is like a joke without a punchline’ …Oscar Weld

The Bridge - Andy Scott - a sculpture featuring two girls holding outstretched hands on an arch

The Bridge – Andy Scott

Smiling Buddha Arsen Alaverdyan

Smiling Buddha – Arsen Alaverdyan

The Traveller Neal French - garden sculpture

‘The Traveller’ – Neal French – UK

Shadow Dog pot - VisGirda lidded ceramic vessel with dog figure on lid

Shadow Dog pot  – Rimas VisGirda

Place de la Sorbonne - Paris mosaic figure sculpture

Mosaic Street sculpture – Place de la Sorbonne – Paris

Skinner AuctionsFigurine Pitcher

Rococo Style Figurine Pitcher – Skinner Auctions

Amphora vase with lizard figure and botanical relief

Amphora Vase

Photo – Paul Starosta

Mid-Century Modern charger byYAIR Israel

Mid-Century Modern charger – YAIR,  Israel

Laurel Skye.Mosiac figure sculpture Bay Area artist Laurel Skye.

 Mosaic mannequin –  Bay Area artist Laurel Skye.

Nazca Huari Golden Miniature Head

A Nazca Huari Golden Miniature Head

zsuzsa monostory figurine

Zsuzsa Monostory

White porcelain Tea set by Hernich Wang

Tea set by Hernich Wang

Kneeling bull holding a spouted vessel artifact from Iran

Kneeling bull holding a spouted vessel. Proto-Elamite; ca. 3100–2900 BCE, Southwestern Iran

Sumida Gawa Ryosai Porcelain Bowl

Japanese Sumida Gawa Ryosai porcelain Bowl with Ban-ni sign – 19th century

Gustav Oppel Art Deco porcelain Harlequin Figurine

Gustav Oppel for  Schwarzberg Werkstatten

Commedia Dell’arte Harlequin Art Deco Figurine

Spotted ceramic Greencat by Roman Khalilov

Greencat by Roman Khalilov

   Forest Stump - Carruth Studio wall leaf with smiling face

Forest Stump – Carruth Studio

Bizen vases Japan leak testing

Bizen vases filled with water to test for leakage

Di Conway clay figure sculpture

Di Conway

The Botanist by Kurt Weiser porcelain teapot

‘The Botanist’ by Kurt Weiser

ceramic fat cat

Ceramic fat cat

Art Nouveau vase designed by Ernest Bussière

A French Art Nouveau vase designed by Ernest Bussière

Jerzy Jotka Kędziora ceramic juggler sculpture

‘With Balls And Ring’  – Jerzy Jotka Kędziora

Bold Red Floral Tea Set Romy and clare - etsy

Bold Floral Tea Set – Red Poppy Funky Tea Pot, Cream & Sugar

Romy and clare  – etsy

Accolay Pottery- oadside store 1966

Accolay Pottery roadside store circa 1966

Michael and Magdalena Frimkess ceramic vase

Stoneware Vase  – Michael and Magdalena Frimkess

        large spotted high heel sculpture

Ange 777

Mid Century abstract Aleluia-Jarra-c1965

Aleluia Vase – c 1965  © CMP

(  http://ceramicamodernistaemportugal.blogspot.com.au/ )

Urs Fischer’s contemporary sculpture exhibition - Los Angeles MOCA

 Urs Fischer’s contemporary exhibition – Los Angeles MOCA  ( Museum of Contemporary Art )

Cat Birdfeeder outdoor garden sculpture

Cat Birdfeeder

( https://www.charlestongardens.com )

Scott-ziegler footed ceramic box with lid

Scott Ziegler


Lucinda Brown – Double Fragment  sculpture

MrB-Garry Dinnen ceramic dog

‘Mr B’ – Gary Dinnen

Ceramic-bottle by Tony-Cunha,-©-Beatrice-Wood

Tony Cunha, © Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts  – Happy Valley Foundation

The Clandestines -Fred Yokel sculpture figurines

‘The Clandestines’ – Fred Yokel

Jacques Tati at the museum and a Picasso sculpture

Jacques Tati at the museum.

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