Pottery revelations on a whim and a prayer

Large Horse Hair Bears-Santa Fe

Navajo Large Horse Hair Bears

( Santa Fe basket company )

Hunter Stamps - blue sculpture-USA

Hunter Stamps –  United-States

Equus Altus - horse sculpture by Andy Scott

“Equus Altus” is a 5 metre high two-tonne pack horse, mounted atop a ten metre high 300mm square steel column – Trinity Leeds.

By Andy Scott

Benjamin Hubert photo of terracotta pots

Benjamin Hubert photo –  terracotta potsStreet art - Orgosolo, Sardinia

Street art – Orgosolo, Sardinia

Starlings ceramic bowl by Jitka Palmer

Jitka Palmer – ‘Song  Of  The Wandering Aengus’ – Bowl

Bevere Gallery, Worcester  UK

Pair of Metal mounted Limoges vases

Pair of Metal mounted Limoges vases

( Skinner Auctions  )

Figurine factory with female figurines holding roses

Figurine factory

Biscuit Studio Ceramics ceramic spheres

via Biscuit Studio Ceramics

Young-tightrope-artist-girl in India

Indian girl tightrope artist

Barbara Kobylinska three ceramic bird sculptures

Barbara Kobylinska

Pablo Picasso in his studio in Cannes-1956

Pablo Picasso  – Cannes, 1956

SUZUKI GORÔ ceramic asymmetrical bowl

Suzuki Goro

( Mirviss.com )

Pottery by Amanda Eccleston - Leafy Rosey Rococo Nautical Teapot with Feet

Leafy Rosey Rococo Nautical Teapot with Feet – Amanda Eccleston

Zsuzsa Monostory ceramic sculpture figures

Zsuzsa Monostory

Aleluia -Plate-c1960

Aleluia Plates – c.1960

© CMP  – ceramicamodernistaemportugal.blogspot.com

Belgian black marble sculpture

A sculpture titled ‘Shell Form’  (Abstract marble Natural Sculpture)  by artist Charles Westgarth

Cloisonné Goblet Japan

Cloisonné Goblet Japan – 1876

The Walters Art Museum

Elya Yalonetski figurine

Russian sculptress Elya Yalonetski


Mario Irarrázabal—Tutt’Art

Henry Moore sculptures

Henry Moore sculptures at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.


The Claw is an Intamin Gyro Swing located at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Colin Pearson British ceramics

Colin Pearson (British, 1923-2007)

Insomnia by Brenda Holzke

Insomia by Brenda Holzke 475px-357px-maxle_15-(1)

Repairing the arms  of a Max Le Ferrier Art Deco figurine bronze statue.


“Boat in Terracotta” – Hannie Goldgewicht

Once the ceramic hand thrown portion was completed,  Hannie weaved pine needles onto the base, trimming the basketry with a sea grass rim.

Betsy Youngquist figurine

Betsy Youngquist figurine


Circa Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Photograph by Laura Lane

Matt Wedel - tree

Matt Wedel – tree


The Spanish shepherd  – Granada, Spain

( Photo – Thiaut Thibaut de Hollain )

Art Centre Mahno

Art Centre Mahno – S.Korea


Vintage 50s Ballet Dancer Ceramic Figurines Wall Plaques  Made in Japan

( Ebay )


Sculptural teapot (by Noi Volkov) on display at the Renwick Gallery, a branch of the Smithsonian Institution near the White House, in Washington DC.  “Mona Lisa/Van Gogh,” artist Noi Volkov utilizes the two sides of a head-shaped earthenware teapot to juxtapose two of the most popular images in the history of art: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and a Vincent van Gogh self-portrait.


Le Cactus  art deco building – Paris Colonial Exposition, 1931


Wandering Hill – Sentani, China


Alberto Sordi


Vase designed by Jurriaan Kok (1861-1919), Rozenburg, 1895/1900

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche Faenza

Elephant whimsical teapot

Elephant teapot

Power Chi Stone

Power Chi Stone

Nestling on the slopes of Wangsan, on one of the peaks in the Jirisan region (Korea), is a giant turtle-shaped rock weighing 127 tonnes. Its shell is carved with ornate designs. It rests flat against the mountainside, and is said to be a strong Chi source.

Keramik Boutique in Florenze

Ceramic Boutique in Florence

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Philidelphia

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Philidelphia

Marianne Starck Persia Cat

Michael Andersen bowl with the Persia glaze, designed by Marianne Starck ( German ceramist ) – 1950’s or early 1960’s.

( ozzicat.com.au )


Sake Cup – James Whiting


Palace of Justice – Vienna

Mingay Lustre Vase

Australian Mingay Lustre Vase

Natalia Bogdonova

Carved and hand-painted vase – Natalia Bogdonova

Pablo Buisan ceramics

Pablo Buisan ceramics

Richard Serra, Union of the Torus and the Sphere

Richard Serra – Union of the Torus and the Sphere


Shoshanna Snow Owl DishShoshanna Snow – Scrafifito Owl Dish

The Fountain of Neptune, Italy

The Fountain of Neptune, Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy

Max Ingrand, Table Lamp

Max Ingrand, Table Lamp with Integrated Vase for Fontana Arte, c 1957.

Art Deco Cat Bookends

Art Deco Cat Bookends

( Skinner )

abstract vase

Mid-Century abstract vase

Italian Bronze Fountain

Italian Bronze Fountain

statue row rosiscrusium museam

Rosicrucian Museum – California

Elisabeth Maurland

Elisabeth Maurland



 Garden satue – Saint-Gilles Town hall Belgium

Scheurich Lava Vases

Scheurich Lava Vases

The Pianist Neal French

The Pianist – Neal French

windowbottle by RAMIL

Windowbottle by RAMIL

San Polo Vase

Monumental vase – San Polo

1950’s Italy – Height 24.5 inches

( Istdibs )

Scott Cameron Bell vase NC

Scott Cameron Bell vase NC

Angel blessing dog

Angel in the cemetery of animals in Florida


Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum – Germany

Van Gough vase Habatat Galleries

Van Gough vase  Habatat Galleries, Florida

Volkov Noi

Eva Rouka sculpture

Eva Rouka sculpture

Palazzo della Civilta del Lavoro- Rome

The Palazzo della Civilta del Lavoro, the Coliseum Square, Rome

House of Justice and Police Mestia Georgia

House of Justice and Police

Mestia, Georgia

Lee Jae Hyo

Lee Jae Hyo

The-Chinese-Joan-of-Arc - Taipei Taiwan

The Chinese Joan of Arc, a woman general, on the wall of the temple. Taipei

Alev Siesbye

Alev Siesbye

Tanenhaus Flickr

El Salvador

Tanenhaus Flickr


Matching Mid-Century pots

Architectural ceramics Peter King

Architectural ceramics – Peter King, UK

roaming goanna Australia

Roaming Sand Goanna lizard


Blue flower by RAMIL

Jane-Peiser Vase with Stars and grey figures

Jane Peiser Vase with Stars and grey figures

Louise Bourgeois - Quaratainai

Louise Bourgeois – Quaratainai

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