Pottery Whimsical – crushing it !


Raku vase M.Wein

Namikawa Yasuyuki vase

Namikawa Yasuyuki ,Kyoto (1845-1927). Meiji period. One of the most famous cloisonné artists in Japan.

Pete Scherzer

Pete Scherzer


Hand-painted earthenware jug – Jitka Palmer

Bevere Art Gallery

Michael Leunig-s-cartoons

Bert’s bucket list – Michael Leunig


Underglaze Painted Albarello  – Syria 14th century

Mexican Folk Decorated jug

Mexican Folk Decorated jug

Richard McDonald - Elena-III

Richard McDonald – Elena-III

Sisters-1957 - Inge King

Sisters – Inge King



Chen Stormtout – the drunken brewmaster – Alberto Carrera


Paris street Art by Christian Guémy

Figure of the hero Heracules

Bronze figure of the hero Heracules, reclining with his club. 100BC – 100 AD

Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford


Jubilation Retro Vase

Robin B Gallery

French enamelled earthenware pitcher

French enamelled earthenware pitcher signed HG

( orangeceramique)

Poole Pottery

Poole Pottery

Carol Long bird on bubble gum

Carol Long – bird on bubble gum ball tree

Céramiques (association Elément-Terre)

Céramiques (association Elément-Terre)

Angkor Wat ,- Giant Faces

Angkor Wat ,- Giant Faces


Barcelona,Fundació – Joan Miro

mardi gras--brazil-496x279

Dancers from a samba school on a float representing African slaves during the first night of carnival parade in the giant Sambadrome in Rio de JaneiroCampo de Fiori and Giordano

Campo de Fiori and Giordano

Anna Flemming Pig Tower

Anna Flemming  – Pig Tower

Public Art at Scheveningen

Public Art at Scheveningen, Netherlands

Past Antique Show

Remnants of the Past Antique Show  held in San Louis Obispo, California, at the base of the Madonna Mountain.



Paris – Rue Bonaparte

(  Massimo Ferracini – flickr )


Matsui Kôsei bowl

Matsui Kôsei ceramic bowl

( Joan B Mirviss )


Art Nouveau in Latvia


Little Friends by Coco et Pompon

French illustrator Godeleine de Rosamel and designer Natasha Barrault started Coco et Pompon as an outlet for their creativity and are currently located in LA, California.

Helen Martino sculpture

Helen Martino like to go out on a whim when she creates her quaint couple figurines.

Ikebana Gum Nuts

Ikebana Gum Nut Orange Flowers

Marc Jenesel Raku

Marc Jenesel

Raku pottery lined with copper leaf (3 slots)

Bothy Vineyard - Cevre Mehmut

Bothy Vineyard – Cevre Mehmut

Peachy Plumage Bird

Peachy Plumage Bird – Phizzychick


Toshogu Blue

Nikko`s Toshogu Shrine – photo, MIchael Smith

Calla Lilies Vase Pearlish

Calla Lilies Vase Pearlish Grey by Anna

(  Oregon4ever – etsy )

Dragon Rock

Dragon Rock

Jenni Horne art

Jenni Horne


gullnas.blogspot.com.es Cat sculptures made from tubes

Sculpted cats made using cardboard tubes and painted with acrylic paints.


Anthony Stellaccio

Anthony Stellaccio

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