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Pottery Whimsical – crushing it !

 Pottery Whimsical


This is how the statue at the top looked before it met its fate with a mallet. Marlene Dietrich, from the Hollywood film “The Song of Songs” 1933. The Art Deco polished clay statue was made by  Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta , as a lifelike image of Marlene Dietrich. She modelled for the statue.

More clay whimsy ! 

No trending, viralling or crushin’ it stuff here, strictly under the radar. Only the overlooked, the obscure, the unheralded classics and largely ignored brilliance will rate a mention. Include anything beguiling, outrageous, fascinating, amusing, controversial & confronting and a compelling post might unfold. Updated weekly.

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Sky High - Tolla sculpture

Sky High – Tolla sculpture , Israel

( Cafmeyer Gallery )

Orange Crush ceramic juice dispenser

Vintage Orange Crush ceramic juice dispenser

Alberto Gonzalez - Khamsim Fire sculpture

Alberto Gonzalez – ‘Khamsim Fire’

Architecture Modern Paul Roget

Conceptual modern architecture  – Paul Roget

Bothy Vineyard - Cevre Mehmut

Bothy Vineyard – Cevre Mehmut

Wait For It figurines - Fred Yokel

Fred Yokel – Wait For It 


Mutka and chai cup making – fired with the original kiln – cowpats.

( adrianachristianson.blogspot )

Adolfo Cipriani sculptor working in his studio

Adolfo Cipriani sculptor

Michael Leunig cartoons

Michael Leunig cartoon


Shogo Ikeda – picture in a cup.

Swineside Ceramics Teapotte

Swineside Ceramics Teapot

Gordon Baldwin contemporary sculpture, Britain

Gordon Baldwin, Britain

Kim Murton by Oregon Potters

Kim Murton in studio

( Oregon Potters flickr )

Art Nouveau lady clock

Art Nouveau lady clock

Morrocco Plate Bazza

 Marrakech pottery wall, Morocco

        Not Vital - Hanging-and Waiting

Hanging and Waiting by Not Vital

Almine Rech Gallery

Anya StassenkoGlory Leontiev

Leaf Cup and Saucer – Anya Stassenko and Glory Leontiev.

Sandy pitcher giraffe Anne's Pottery

Sandy Pitcher Giraffe – Anne’s Pottery

Scot Cameron Bell,-Ceramic Artist

Scot Cameron Bell,-Ceramic Artist

Sculptor.Org---Donald De Lu

Donald De Lu

El Puratal, Colombia

El Puratal –  San Agustín Archaeological Park, Colombia

Sue Crossfield Arbella

Sue Crossfield – Arbella

Jenni Ward Ceramics

Jenni Ward contemporary ceramics

TV lamp pink lady

Mid Century USA TV lamp pink lady


( TVlamp.net )

Art Deco German Flapper Lady

Art Deco German Flapper Lady Bookends

Silver Kiln

Silver Kiln – tree forest lamp base

Fantoni Lion Figural Ceramic

Fantoni Lion Figural Ceramic, Italy

Nada Vrbanic raku yatch

Nada Vrbanic raku boat

Karen Ross clock

Karen Ross clock – Scotland

Jan Jacque - sculptural ceramic lamp

Jan Jacque – sculptural ceramic lamp


‘Iguana on Face Jug’ – Mitchel Grafton



Buddhist Monastery---Sagaing-Hill

Buddhist Monastery—Sagaing Hill

Sewell_Julie ceramic sculpture

” I am inspired by the use of texture in pottery, in textiles, and in the other arts. I have always found myself drawn to primitive cultures and arts, and much of that feeling is reflected in my pottery. I like to use found objects or everyday tools to create the texture—just as the ancient artists did. ” – Julie Sewell

Sue Crossfield Sea Serpent

Sue Crossfield    Sea Serpent


Tea Party 3′ (2010) by porcelain sculptor Chris Antemann

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