Pottery revelations on a whim and a prayer

Chinese Famille Vert puzzle Teapot

Chinese Famille Verte Teapot

Chong Fah Cheong public sculpture of four boys playing at the pool

Chong Fah Cheong sculpture


Japanese O-Daiko - double-headed / barrel drum-Japan,-1873-The-Met

Japanese O-Daiko – double-headed / barrel drum – 1873

 Played in temples, theatre orchestras and at festivals.

( The Met NY )

Cathedral Blue Snail sculptures

International art collective Cracking Art Group placed 50 large-scale blue plastic snails all across the roof of the Duomo (the fourth largest cathedral in the world) in Milan, Italy in an effort to draw attention to and raise funds for much-needed repairs

French Eva Roucka Sculpture of a seated fat lady

French Sculptress Eva Roucka

( photo – Rolf St )

French Porcelain turquoise rooster and Dore Bronze Three-Light Candelabra

French Porcelain and Dore Bronze Three-Light Candelabra, 19th century, with turquoise-glazed rooster

( Skinner Inc. Boston )

Exceptionally-Rare-Chavin-Pottery mask from Peru

Rare Chavin Pottery Mask   Jequetepeque River, Peru , 1200-1000 BC

( Liveauctioneers )

Kelly Daniels - claydancer gourd shaped porcelain sculpture

Kelly Daniels – claydancer

Lee Jae Hyo - Korean Sculptor with one of his outdoor stone sculptures

Lee Jae Hyo – Korean Sculptor


The Face sculpture by Alexandros Arabatzoglou

‘ The Face ‘ Alexandros Arabatzoglou –  Crete

Bronze and Marble.

( Gumby ! )

Dennis Oppenheim performance piece -twisted chimney wind instrument

Performance piece  – Dennis Oppenheim

 A chimney is turned into a wind instrument, suggesting one could play, or perform it. The cavity of a functional object (chimney) is considered for it’s sound producing qualities.

Johnson County Community College, Oveland Park, Kansas

(  A chimney of whimsy )

Ana Noel Goat and Bird on Hill

Ana Noel  – ‘Goat and Bird on Hill’

Antique japanese porcelain vase with white flower motifs on a blue background

Antique Japanese porcelain

A female head sculptured palm wine drinking cup from Niger

A palm wine drinking cup from the Kuba people of the DR Congo.

( Apparently it’s a heady brew )

Kim Goldsmith with big blue and white ceramic vase

Kim Goldsmith with a big ceramic vase China

( How big is the Kiln ? )


Tasmanian Potter - Maude Poynter Womens Realm magazine

Tasmanian Potter – Maude Poynter


Five Niger tribesmen

African Niger tribesmen

Bluemoon blogspot - ready for firing lidded vessel

Bluemoon blogspot – ready for firing

The Captain Ceramics Story

n 1977, ceramic artist Rimas VisGirda launched “Captain Ceramics”, a business that catered to the entire spectrum of ceramic hobbyists. From their “entry level” potter’s wheel, which was powered



by a pull-string to the “world’s most powerful amic wheel”




Captain Ceramics Clay Guard

Captain Ceramics Clay Guard

Zenos Frudakis-male figure sculpture

7 foot high bronze sculpture by Zenos Frudakis

Indianapolis Capital Center

Yayoi Kusama black Polka Dots sculpture on yellow

Yayoi Kusama – Polka Dots Madness 1

Gustavo Perez public pottery demo

Gustavo Perez public demo

Green Ceramic Elephant

Celedon glaze elephant

How Alice Hides by Lissy Elle

How Alice Hides | by Lissy Elle

El Dorado ceramic bottle---Nancy Keating

El Dorado—Nancy Keating

Carnevale die Venezia Hannes Rada

Carnevale die Venezia

( Hannes Rada  – Flickr )

Nefertiti garden sculpture bustNefertiti

YODA THE DAY AFTER sculpture - Adrian Tranquilli

YODA THE DAY AFTER – Adrian Tranquilli

French potter Martine Lévêq

Platter – French potter Martine Lévêq

Gustavo Perez public pottery demonstration

Gustavo Perez – incision on large vessel

Joan-Miró Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Joan Miró  – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Linda Caswell  Folded ceramic bowl

Mauro Marri - Fiesole,Toscana ceramic art

Mauro Marri – Fiesole,Toscana

Nancy Froehlich squat ceramic bottle

Nancy Froehlich

Tourists-visit-the-Grandmother and Grandfather monument outside the city of Stepanakert

Tourists visit Grandmother and Grandfather monument outside the city of Stepanakert in Armenian-controlled Azerbaijani region of Nagorny


1200 year old Wari ceramic flask

1200 year old Wari ceramic drinking flask

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