Pottery Art Of The Day continued


David Brown

James Lovera Crater Bowl

James Lovera Crater Bowl


Toyo vase


Painted Greek vase – Attic, redfigure, 480-460 BC.-Hercules and Hydra of Lerna

( reproduction )


Sandy Simon

Hedge Apple Tea Bowl

Hedge Apple Tea Bowl

( littlepigpottery Etsy )

Emmanuel Beranger - A Kitten's Game

Emmanuel Beranger – A Kitten’s Game

French 1900’s

see pottery in paintings


Sphere with Neck by Gabriele Koch,

“References to aspects of early or so-called primitive cultures are not seen as a nostalgic yearning for the past but as a reminder of certain values and qualities lost which are vital for a perspective of the future that is life-enhancing rather than life-destroying.” —Gabriele Koch


Hideaki Miyamura – blue glaze bottle

Superb glaze!


Imperial Court Glass factory c.1909


Handmade Ceramic Sugar Bowl

Felix may be a bit shy, but when you breakfast with him you will discover an amusing companion who will sweeten your morning.

Felix can be used as a sugar or honey bowl. But He will be happy to hold any number of small items you wish to store. His lid has a rim to hold it securely in place.

Material: white clay, underglazes, clear glaze inside/food-safe

Limor Porat – Limors Ceramics Shop – etsy


 Mount Everest Virtual Tour – The Glaciers of the Himalayas


The easy way to climb Mount Everest 


Haeger Midcentury Pottery Vase

Haeger Midcentury Pottery Vase


Jun Kaneko


John Maltby A monumental stoneware Vessel, circa 1990


Louise Gelderblom

A Gathering – Judith Ernst

Jurors at the Tenth Biennial Exhibition of Northwest Ceramics, 1962.

Photo by: Museum of Contemporary Craft Archives )

Kristy Jo Beber

Polish ceramicist’s Marta Kędzierska & Jacek Tratkiewicz

Rita Dunlavy

( Red Chair Gallery )

Rita discovered the ancient art of “Mosaics” when she began creating decorative pots for her specimen plant nursery in the 1990’s. From there her fascination grew with traditional mosaics and later the idea of utilizing glass drew her attention. The ability to add light, movement, and a more 3 dimensional quality through the use of colored glass in mosaic was what had been missing.

Linda Syles

A Wall That Plays Music When It Rains-In Dresden, Germany

 Designed by artists Annette Paul, Christoph Roßner and André Tempel, this wall is covered with funnels and gutters and is located in Dresden’s student district.

Paul Dachsel Amphora vase with hand painted female profile – 1880

Red Planet Bottle – Nicholas Bernard

Earthenware vessel, thrown and hand-built. Decorated with brushed slips and oxides.

Fulani woman with a clay pot  and remarkable earrings which were her wedding  jewells. Sevare, Mali

( National Geographic Travel Photo Contest 2011 – photo :  Maxime Alvarez de Toledo )

Hot water jug. Part of a service designed by Salvador Dali for poet, artist and patron of Surrealism, Edward James. – Royal Crown Derby, 1938

 Fez Moroccan red vase

Clay pot on top of Mount Solaro. Capri island, Bay of Naples, Italy

( Marite – 2007   flickr  )

397px-410px-abstract-contemporary-ceramic-sculpture.jpgAbstract contemporary ceramic sculpture created by British artist Matthew Chambers

Japanese Vase – Kamoda Shoji

Mosel Neu       Andrea Langhanki – Germany

 Abstract form stoneware vase – Gustav Perez

 ( see post on Gustav Perez here  )

Gustav Perez vase

Royal  Copenhagen Nils Thorsson vase

( via mypotshots )

  Zugote Blum

Edwin Scheier

Clare Conrad

Ceramic sculpture – Ken Price ( 1935 – 2012 )

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    Do you have any more info about Rachel Rothman, or the piece by her that you’ve shown? I can’t believe that the creator of such a gorgeous piece isn’t known by Google! I can’t find any other reference to her 🙁 I hope you can help! 🙂

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    I would like yo have more images. Thank you.

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    What marvelous works! Every one is a stunning example of the infinite creativity of the human brain and a reflection of the mastery of each artist.

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