Pottery Art Of The Day continued

Robert Obsieger-c.1932

Robert Obsieger – c.1932

( MAK collection Vienna )

Suzanne Cran ---teapot

Suzanne Crane – Basket handled teapotAkirio Maeta

Akirio Maeta

Vintage Nemadji Vase

Vintage Nemadji Vase

Made in the 1920’s and designed in a Native American pottery style.

( tiramisu3.blogspot )

Hilary Simms,Nautilus – Hilary Simms

Barrel Jug - Cyprus 750-600BC

Barrel Jug – Cyprus


Michael Bauermeister Wood Sculpture.jpgMichael Bauermeister Wood Sculpture


Mid-Century modernist vessel by Edwin Scheier430px-430px-


Handmade ceramic poppy bowls  – Elizabeth Prince, UK

Brenda Holzke, USA

Brenda Holzke, USA




Anne James at Studio pottery.co.UK

Anne James at Studio pottery.co.UK


 Ceramic – Special Jury Prize in 2010, Claire Roger


“My job is a graphic adventure that develops from colorful land mass and whose singularity is essentially based on the simultaneous use of color, graphics and volume. This graphic has its source in the thickness of the material and finds its form in the gesture combined with the tool. It involves concepts such as stratification, crossing, overlapping, juxtaposition, repetition, modulation, etc.. I love that my work is written in time, hour by hour, day after day …”   Claire Roger

Lino Tagliapietra glass bottle vase” Madras ” – Lino Tagliapietra glass –    2010


Vase – Inke Lerch-Uwe Lerch and Brodersen, Bunsdorf

GermanyStephen Bowers teapot

Stephen Bowers teapot

Richard Tuck

Richard Tuck

Rachel Rothman -Israel

Rachel Rothman -Israel

Jane Wheeler - United-Kingdom

Jane Wheeler – United-Kingdom



Nishimura Toshihiko – Japan



Arts Connected   – Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Ramp Ceramics small dishRamp Ceramics

Alistair Danhieux raku vessel

Alistair Danhieux

Frederic Debon The Pond

Frederic Debon – The Pond

Bronze Art Nouveau Vase – 1900

( aguttes.com )

Heather Rosenman,- Petrichor

Heather Rosenman,- Petrichor

Endless Ribbon - Max-Bill

Endless Ribbon Version IV, 1961-62 – Max-Bill

( concrete material  )

Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

Mathew Blakely ceramic vessel

Tall Pod Jar – Mathew Blakely

( onlineceramics.com )

Large Space bowl by Sasha Wardell

Large Space bowl by Sasha Wardell

Brent Cox Ceramic Vase 1976

Brent Cox  Ceramic Vase 1976

Ceramic sculpture - Mary Obodzinski.

Raku Ceramic Pears Sculpture – Mary Obodzinski.

Red Object by Roland Summer

Red Object by Roland Summer

Ilaria Ghezzi

Ilaria Ghezzi

Gunnar Nylund Vase for Rorstrand

Gunnar Nylund Turquoise Vase for Rorstrand

Antique French Faience Flask

Antique French Faïence Flask, 1730



German modernist ceramics

German modern mid-century ceramics with scrafitto surfaces. – 1960’s

Claude Conover 1907 - 1994

Claude Conover   1907 – 1994

Dorothy Feibleman

Dorothy Feibleman – contemporary laminated porcelain bowl


Linda Gunn Russell Terra Cotta pitcher

Linda Gunn Russell  – Terracotta pitcher

Vase Japan,1900 - Art Gallery of NSW

Vase Japan,1900 – Art Gallery of NSW

Soda fired Yunomi -- Cory Lum

Soda fired Yunomi — Cory Lum


A water jug from the Jerma peoples of Niger

A water jug from the Jerma peoples of Niger

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    Do you have any more info about Rachel Rothman, or the piece by her that you’ve shown? I can’t believe that the creator of such a gorgeous piece isn’t known by Google! I can’t find any other reference to her 🙁 I hope you can help! 🙂

  2. Sergio Camacho
    Posted August 9, 2018 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

    I would like yo have more images. Thank you.

  3. Anne Richie
    Posted September 1, 2019 at 1:36 am | Permalink

    What marvelous works! Every one is a stunning example of the infinite creativity of the human brain and a reflection of the mastery of each artist.

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