Pottery Art Of The Day continued


Spirits  – Crispin Gonzales

David Misch

Four Seasons Jar – the seasons change with every 90 degree turn. – David Misch

(  studio potter archive blog  )


Sascha Brastoff –  Mid-Century Aztec vase

Post on Sascha Brastoff HERE

Sensuous Vase Ken Drolet

Handbuilt vase with graceful turns and folds – Ken Drolet

Ceramic artist, Ken Drolet, creates one-of-a-kind abstract sculptures in his studio in the Arizona desert. Though previously an oil and pastel artist, then later a furniture maker, working with the organic medium of clay provides a deep connection to nature Ken can no longer live without. He says that the clay talks to him. There is a feeling of harmony with the medium. It is not just Ken trying to make something out of the material, but the material adding its own spirit to what it will become.

“I am fascinated with shapes, colors, and textures. I love combining them in a work that reflects the world as I see it, with grace, beauty and the illusion of movement.” 



Waylande Gregory, Jeweled Crystals Bowl, ca. 1942, stoneware with fused glass crystals.

 Collection of Martin and Judy Stogniew

Glazed earthenware vessel Christopher Dresser

Glazed earthenware vessel by Christopher Dresser


Porcelain bowl – Susan Nemeth

roman cobalt blue glass amphora

Roman cobalt blue glass amphora



Large Pot – Jerry McGlothlin

( The Artists Gallery )


Raku fired vase – Terry Crook


Pippin Drysdale – Australia




Gilded and enamelled glass perfume sprinkler, 1295–6, probably Syria. 475px-579px-Mayan-Pot


Hand-thrown Maple Leaf  Raku Vessel with Rings – Christopher-Mathie


Tina-CroghanTina Croghanseth-payne

Seth Payne teapot

more teapots here419px-550px-Rookwood

Rockwood Vase



Wave vase-  China (Southern Song or Yuan Dynasty)

( The Cleveland Museum of Art )

Julius Dressler Austria Art Nouveau Organic Motif Vase.

Julius Dressler Austria Art Nouveau Organic Motif Vase (c.1900-1945).

Enno Jaekel - Keramistoe

Enno Jaekel – Keramistoe

BOTTLE Leigh Merrit green with turquoise crystals  Green bottle with turquoise crystals –  Leigh Merrit


Rippl Ronnai – 1900

Zsolnay Art Nouveau


Another amazing Art Nouveau design from Amphora


Terri Kern – Inspired by the poetry of Richard Hague, this intimate wall piece is hand crafted from a slab of clay and is part the “Icon” series.

Clarice Cliff Art Deco Teaapot

Clarice Cliff   Art Deco Teaapot


Carved and richly glazed vase – Denise Brown


Kristin Doner

Elizabeth- Shriver

Elizabeth Shriver


Stalagtites – Pietsch pottery

Large fruit bowl


Three legged pumpkin sugar bowl

Vlodek and Danuta Taylor – Poland

Their site is here

Guy Van Leemput

Guy Van Leemput – Belgium


Chris Carter

Chris Carter

434px-713px-Esther Griffith_

Large red stoneware vase with shino  –  Esther Griffith

Yves Lambeau

Yves Lambeau

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  1. Posted August 18, 2013 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

    Do you have any more info about Rachel Rothman, or the piece by her that you’ve shown? I can’t believe that the creator of such a gorgeous piece isn’t known by Google! I can’t find any other reference to her 🙁 I hope you can help! 🙂

  2. Sergio Camacho
    Posted August 9, 2018 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

    I would like yo have more images. Thank you.

  3. Anne Richie
    Posted September 1, 2019 at 1:36 am | Permalink

    What marvelous works! Every one is a stunning example of the infinite creativity of the human brain and a reflection of the mastery of each artist.

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