Aritayaki porcelin

Arita Japan is where one of the most famous styles of “yakimono” (Japanese Pottery) called Aritayaki (arita yaki) originates In the 16th century one of the potters in this region discovered Kaolin clay on Izumiyama (Izumi Mountain) in Arita,  and produced the first fine white porcelain in Japan. But during the 17th century the potter Sakaida Kakiemon achieved the polychrome overglaze enamel technique called “akae” from studying Chinese ware. He changed the monotonous wares in blue and white until then to colorful wares on which the red color was predominating.

The Arita potters began producing more innovative designs influenced by Persian and Indian patterns and diversifying there use of colors. This style of Japanese Pottery (Aritayaki Porcelain) is now among the most famous in the world. While Arita-yaki covers a vast range of ceramics today from decorative to practical, the exclusive pieces labeled Imari still bear the features of Old Imari and are highly admired both at home and abroad.

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Jpapanese Beer Glass Arita Takumi No Kura Japanese ramen Bowl