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As 2014 starts to shut up shop, its time for some contemplation, possibly on a zoetrope pot, or maybe some reflection with some clay doodling. The above image is of Russian potter Mikhail Sadovnikov, doodling in the clay, to create captivating mandalas on his pottery wheel. Guaranteed to get the creative juices fired up, while maybe provoking a hypnotic trance from staring at the motion of the wheel for too long.. The prolonged focus and concentration is a meditation in itself. I’m sure for some, the act of manipulating clay on a wheel is a therapeutic and relaxing pastime. Conversely, if a stressful episode with the clay ensues, try unwinding by placing a pot with zoetrope animation on the wheel, and observe the graceful imagery unfolding( see video below ) I couldn’t think what else a zoetrope pot would be useful for as you need a spinning wheel for it to be effective.

Alternatively, from the world of wabisabidom, most whimsical forms of delight tend to favour an asymmetrical form, emboldened with colours but also can be symmetrical shapes with abstract decorations. Occasionally, purely symmetrical forms also capture a subtle hint of whim and character, usually from the mood of its creator. Featured is mainly handbuilt, whimsical, wondrous, enthralling art pieces from the inexhaustible creativity of numerous clay artists and sculptors.







Zoetrope relaxation ( minus the squeaky wheel )


Experimental animation meets pottery from Crafts Council on Vimeo.




Zoetrope 2



figurines by Katya

 Katya , Cyprus




Contemporary porcelain, ceramic, vase Wheel thrown, hand carved porcelain, ceramic vase,-13-height

 Contemporary porcelain, wheel thrown, hand carved vase by Lynne Meade

13″ height 9″ width





 Alice in Wonderland statues – Greenwood Gardens, NY







The guests in Robert T. Freeman’s Black Tie seem to be wondering what Katherine Lane Weems’s Striding Amazon (Revolt) might be up to.

 Museum of Fine Arts Boston

AntyDiluvian – flickr



Art Deco building, Helsinki, Finland

 Art Deco building, Helsinki, Finland





ART DECO CAT- UG-By-Ditmar-Urbach-Czechoslovakia

Art Deco Cat Jug –  Ditmar Urbach, Czechoslovakia



Large scale vases – Elizabeth von Krogh, Norway




 Barcelona Art Nouveau  – Hydroelectric Antigua de Catalunya

Blue Raindrop Face- Wall-Art-Hanging-Ceramic-Mask-With-Cut-Out-Design

 Ceramic wall art by Blue Rainbow






 Constantin Brâncuși Bird sculpture




Sara-Paloma Blue green stoneware bottles

 Sara Paloma duck egg blue stoneware bottles




Craft-Alliance----Hot-Tea---'Chasing the Djinn Teapot' by Marylin Andrews

‘Chasing the Djinn Teapot’ by Marylin Andrews

Craft Alliance – Hot Tea


Vases---Sasha ceramics

 Leukocytes  – Sasha Bakaric

Firehouse Gallery at Genesee Pottery, NY






Cintha hand building a vessel

Heron Ceramique, France





pot-kouchi Heron Ceramique

Lidded vessel –  Heron Cermaique




Commonweath Edison Substation,-Chicago,-IL---Art-Deco

Art Deco wall relief  –  Commonweath Edison Substation, Chicago, IL






 Photo by Man Ray







 Scott Bennett cup and teapot

Craft Alliance



Keiko Coghlin Altered Bottle Form at MudFire Gallery

Altered Bottle Form – Keiko Coghlin

MudFire Gallery



Erin Furimsky ceramic aculpture

 Erin Furimsky






 Teresa Girones  pottery busts and figures





Greg-Scott bottle

 Greg Scott





Italian glass designer Anu Penttinen bottles

Anu Penttinen




Abstract Bird Sculpture By Sascha Brastoff- swanbox-etsy

Mid-Century Bird Sculpture By Sascha Brastoff





Ceramic elefante_con_topolino_lenci

 Helen Konig Scavini – Lenci elefante figurine




Roger Capron street sculpture, Valbonne, France

( Near Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes )



Indiana jules-travels-on-Flickr

Temple guardian statue  – Indaia



japans sart Naoshima sculpture

Abstract camel sculpture –  Naoshima, Japan





Joanna Howells-at-Studiopottery.co.uk---2013

 Lidded box – Joanna Howells






 John Maltby





ceramics LENCI---TORINO

 Lenci  – Torino, Itlay





Linda-Styles-2005ceramic vessel

 Linda Styles  2005





Liza-Halvorsen ceramic totem

‘Face to Face Totem’ – Liza Halvorsen





 French sculpteur céramiste – Mélanie Bourget



Monika Jeannette Schödel-Müller vases

 Monika Jeannette Schödel-Müller





Zsolnay, Hungary,-1950-Janos Török

Zsolnay jug – 1950





Paul Adams Crystalline Glaze Vase

Crystalline Glaze Vase –  Paul Adams





Ragnar Naess contemporary teapot

 Elegant contemporary teapot – Ragnar Naess




Gabrielle-Lindemann raku

Guinea Fowl – Gabrielle Lindemann, UK





Raymond Dejong Art Nouveau gate

 Art Nouveau gate – photo by  Raymond Dejong






Isamu Noguchi  1904 – 1988






Vase from Muuto –  Closely Seperated

 Scandinavian design tradition of interpretation with a new perspective emerging as a result. This sculptural vase refers to the beauty in the dissonance, a piece with a unique form and exclusive style.  Designer: Michael Geertsen

mutlumikrop shop





Vases designed by Stephen Burks. Made from scraps of Missoni knitwear-—-cast off's from the fashion industry, these vases are covered-in a knit patchwork and sealed with a resin

 Vases designed by Stephen Burks. Made from scraps of Missoni knitwear-—-cast off’s from the fashion industry, these vases are covered in a knit patchwork and sealed with a resin.





Gilbert Valentin- mid-century vase-Vallauris

Gilbert Valentin- mid-century vase-Vallauris, France




João Abreu Valente





John-Bedding-ceramic vase

John Bedding

“My work now is mainly low fired. The clay body is a white talc body that I mix myself. It has low thermal shock properties that allow me to use raku techniques, and a blowtorch if I feel the need. Some of my pots I fume with metal salts of iron, cobalt, and chrome. Another technique I have recently developed is to raku fire pots with a copper slip-glaze and apply paternating chemicals to the fired pot. This starts an erosion process in the glaze, which completes the cycle that a potter starts when he reconstructs eroded materials into pots.






Melanie Ferguson

Melanie Ferguson Ceramics, “Coastal stones rolling ashore, crashing waves, eroding hillsides, the swirling ripple on water’s surface, and the vibrant colors and rhythmic patterns of the ocean’s flora and fauna provides me with endless intrigue and inspiration. My hand-build earthen and stoneware vessels are influenced by this symbolic gesture of how energy moves in and around organic objects to reshape their form, bounce light and crush the old to cast anew.”

Totems by Marsha Karagheusian

 Ceramic  ‘Totems’ by Marsha Karagheusian




Porcelain Sneakers - Sootcookie

Porcelain Sneakers – Sootcookie




Sootcookie porclain sneaker

Porcelain Sneakers – Sootcookie




Pre Columbian Peru Nazca-STYLE-Polychrome vase

Nazca Polychrome vase

Pre Columbian Peru




Jo Crawford bowl, Australia




12-quintet - Catherine White

‘Quintet’ –  Catherine White




Bothy Vineyard Prickly Bear

Prickly Bear – Bothy Vineyard





‘On Top of Everything’ Vipoo-Srivilasa

On Top of Everything’ – Vipoo Srivilasa





Pumpkin carving by Marilyn Sunderland.--Columbia, Missouri

Pumpkin carving by Marilyn Sunderland.– Columbia, Missouri




Eskimo child by Sophie Woodrow

 ‘Eskimo Child’ by Sophie Woodrow






Garden sculpture five women by sculptress Hanneke van den Bergh



anne-sophie Gillioen ceramic figurine

Anne-sophie Gillioen



Italian majolica vase with two mermaid handles

Majolica vase with mermaid handles






The Campo del Cielo Meteorites



red, black and white ceramic bird from Mexico

Mexican ceramic bird vessel





abstract mother-and-child'-sculpture by-Irish-ceramic-sculptor-Christy Keeney.

‘Mother and Child’  by Irish ceramic sculptor  Christy Keeney




New-Orleans-French-Quarter statue

New Orleans statue at the French Market




Figure uli, New Ireland, PNG NEw guinea wood carving

Figure uli, New Ireland, PNG

Nineteenth century.




Marcello Fantoni 60’s vase




Carstens Vase



Andrew-Dewitt glass lamp

Andrew Dewitt





Jitka Palmer ” Diving “ vessel



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