Kitsch and quirky tribute

Kitsch Art in the ceramics world

The word kitsch is German for tasteless, aesthetically deficient and crass. The term originated in the art markets of Munich as a descriptive expression for cheap, popular , sentimental pieces of art, marketed to appeal to undiscriminating taste. As art became more commercialized, and the culture industry became more manipulated, some feared the popularity of kitsch  was a threat to culture. With the emergence of postmodernism in the 80’s where the borders between high art and kitsch became more blurred and a more ironic appreciation of the corny style of kitsch developed, it became more accepted as a valid art form. The demand  for  the outlandish, tacky and pretentious has not abated and there are still many fervent collectors out there. Kitsch collectibles still turn up at garage sales, church fetes and op shops and are a  worthwhile investment if you happen to chance upon one of these desirable, audacious, objects of art.

Casper Ceramic


Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Blue jeans mug

Blue Jeans Ceramic Mug


the beatles

Ceramic Skull

Hornsea pottery 1950s cat family 1950’s Cat family figurines designed by Marion Campbell for Hornsea Pottery

Teapot with feet, Natalyslots

Teapot with feet by Natalyslots ( Etsy )

Zsolnay Vase

Zsolnay Vase

Koala Aussie Koala

Capricorn Porcelain Capricorn  see Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontiev

Porcelain MermaidPorcelain Mermaid

W.C.Fields Porcelain Cookie Jar

Jenny Mendes

Fruit Decorated Vase

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