The Gallery in Forest, Belgium


The Belgium Gallery dedicated to contemporary ceramics.


Les Ateliers Gallery, situated in the heart of  Forest, Belgium, has now been established for over 4 years and presents 6- 10  exhibitions and events each year. Gallery O was created from the old public baths in Forest and provides the opportunity for contemporary ceramic artists to display their creations in a historical location. Access to a pottery workshop is  also available where both adults and children can indulge in the creation of custom pieces through choice of glaze colours and styles. Gallery director Les Ateliers has been instrumental in developing the outdoor ceramique nouvelle events which flow from the Gallery into a street market.


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The A t e l i e r s gallery L’Ô
Water Street, 56a _1190 Forest Belgium
Tel: +32.495.28.71.74
Mail: [email protected]
accessible by public transport: bus 54/50_ tram 97/82 stop Place St Denis



The Galerie de LÔ presents a sober, colorful, surprising, poignant, amusing ceramic expose as part of the FOREST 2018 Artists’ Course … Two weekends of discoveries, small and big pleasures assured with 12 ceramists and 1 cabinetmaker exposed!

JUNE 16/17 & 23/24 from 14H> 18H




Fabienne Withofs-Galerie de L'O Belgium

Fabienne Withofs  —  Galerie de L’O



Marie Beaudry----ceramic cups Galerie de L'O

Marie Beaudry—- Galerie de L’O


Recent Ceramic Event 8, 2017



Ado Chale



Roos Van De Velde



Recent Ceramic Event 7



Hugo Meert, Marie-Laure Gobat-Bouchat, Nathalie Doyen, Yuk Kan Young, Francoise Joris,  Denis Castaing, Lynn Frydman, Jane King, ML Guerrier, Safia Hijos, Eliane Monnin, Dorothée Loriquet, Marie Drouot, Rebecca Maeder, Faeze Afchary, Monika Patuszyńska, Wilson Trouve, Atsushi Kitahara, Alice Bertrand, Fabienne Withofs, Corinne Simon, Mira Podmanická & Markéta Nováková, Benoit Pouplard, Frédérique Renuit, Anne Marie Laureys, Patrick Crulis, Charlotte Coquen, Atelier Polyhedre, Louise Gaarmann



Rebecca Maeder abstract ceramic sculpture

Rebecca Maeder



Dorothée-Loriquet abstract contemporary ceramics

Dorothée Loriquet




Monika-Patuszynska – 2013





Jane King



Anne Marie Laureys contemporary green ceramic vessel

Anne Marie Laureys




Mira Podmanická & Markéta Nováková ceranic vessels

Mira Podmanická & Markéta Nováková




 Below are some of the ceramic artists that have featured at the Gallery O, Forest




Elegant, harmonious, refined, …

The ceramic works of Daniela Schlagenhauf and Nathalie Jover will surprise.

Defying the matter and the laws of gravity, they trace the empty spaces with their choreography

InvitationD&Nweb-466x657 InvitationD&Nweb1-466x650


EPURE - Daniela Schlagenhauf

EPURE 2014 – Daniela Schlagenhauf

Daniela Schlagenhauf

Daniela Schlagenhauf

Nathalie Jover

Nathalie Jover

Nathalie Jover

Nathalie Jover

Nathalie Jover

Nathalie Jover

Daniela Schlagenhauf

Daniela Schlagenhauf

Daniela Schlagenhauf 2009

Daniela Schlagenhauf 2009


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Below are some of the ceramic artists that have featured at the Gallery O.

la Galerie

Laure Gonthier

Carla Dijck :

Dorothée Loriquet :

Abstract Ceramic Sculpture

Elisabetta Gendre :

Clementine Dupre :

Clementine Dupre

Marie Beaudry :

An Van den Abbeele :

Marie Laure Gobat:

Marie Laure Gobat

Marie Laure Gobat

 Marie-Laure Gobat

Axelle Gielen :

Axelle Gielen Ceramic Vessels




Virginie Besengez 

Sophie Ronse :

Sophie Ronse ceramic wall art

Rebecca Maeder

Ceramic Sculpture by Rebecca Maeder

Rebecca Maeder tea pot

Rebecca Maeder teapot

Rebecca Maeder ceramic artist

Rebecca Maeder

Rebecca Maeder ceramic art sculpture

Rebecca Maeder ceramic art sculpture

Rebecca Maeder

Rebecca Maeder



Anima Roos

Anima Roos


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Outdoor Ceramic Market Event :

Forest Town square

Bernadette Castagne

Jérôme Hirson

Ceramic Outdoor market

Forest Ceramic Event III

Laurent Dufour Graffiti ceramics

Laurent Dufour Graffiti ceramics

Ceramic Event

Ceramic Bowls

Street Ceramic Event


Ceramic Tile Installation

Ceramic Tree Sculpture



Yellow and white clay poppies.



Rebecca Maeder

437x295 CeramicEvent-473x712

Ceramic Event V

Ceramic Event V

Ceramic Event V

Treasures - Ceramic Event V

Treasures – Ceramic Event V

Spheres Ceramic Event 5

Spheres Ceramic Event V

Elisabetta Gendre

Elisabetta Gendre


Nathalie Jover

Ceramic Event Forest

Ceramic Event Forest, Belgium






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    Mooi om naar te kijken en inspiratie op te doen

  2. Greta De Sutter
    Posted October 14, 2013 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    Ik schrijf dit vanuit mijn woonplaats in Zuid-Afrika. Onlangs was ik nog in Belgie … had ik dit geweten of gekend had ik zeker Forest bezocht. Accidenteel via deze site genoten van de vele mooie werken. Kan ik mij aansluiten om op een of andere manier lid te worden en zodoende op de hoogte te blijven van wat er aan gaat rond het Ceramic gebeuren?
    Dank bij voorbaat,


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    nice Creation museum ?

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