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Lynx Lisa Larson Gustavsberg

Lynx – Lisa Larson, Gustavsberg

 Lisa Larson, born 1931, is a Swedish ceramic designer who started at Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory in 1953. She was hired by the famous Stig Lindberg who recognized and nurtured her gift for design. The Mid -Century modernist touch is apparent in many of her works. In 1981 she left Gustavsberg to work freelance as a sculptural artist and designer for various Swedish companies and the German porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal. She did stints at various ceramic companies including Duka, Kooperativa Förbundet and Åhléns .

During this time she created several hundred different designs – many of which became design classics, sought after by antique dealers and private collectors. Lisa Larson is best known for her humorous and friendly figures, generous shapes and artfully drawn incised decoration. Even though she created appealing ceramic wares, her talent for the charming characterization of domestic and exotic animals in her ceramic figurines and sculptures became the most popular.



Moses by Lisa Larson - Gustavsberg Ceramic Studio

Moses by Lisa Larson – Gustavsberg Ceramic Studio

In 1992 she founded the Gustavsberg Ceramic Studio with her colleagues Franco Nicolosi and Siv Solin. Their ceramics are produced on a small scale by a team of master craftsmen and women who continue the traditional crafts of mold making, glazing and hand painting. Lisa Larson is still actively working on creating and producing new ceramic designs, while her body of work is being discovered and rediscovered by many outside of Sweden.





Lisa Larson Rhino from the 1966 Maanage Series

Lisa Larson Rhino from the 1966 Maanage Series





Lisa Larson porcelain armadillo

Lisa Larson porcelain armadillo   1970 Length 7 inches

( 1stdibs )


Advent – 1956

Elk King Of Forest Lisa Larson

Elk, king of forest – Lisa Larson

( Skandinavisk Antik )




Tax Mini Dacchshund Lisa Larson

Tax Mini Dacchshund – Lisa Larson






Ceramic  Cats Lisa Larson

( )






This European Bison is one of a series of animals threatened by extinction produced in 1978
 by Gustavsberg for the World Wildlife Fund and the Swedish department store Nordiska Kompaniet.
( )
Vase with carved decoration Lisa Larson
Vase with carved decoration – Lisa Larson





Tiger from the 1959 Afrika series

Tiger from the 1959 Afrika series

( )





White Poodle Lisa Larson Ceramic

White Poodle Lisa Larson Ceramics

Charlotta-Lisa Larson

Charlotta – Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson Ape

Ape figurine – Lisa Larson


475px-428px-Wilhelm-Kåge,-Gustavsberg,-Wilhelm Kåge  – Gustavsberg

70 years ago, Wilhelm Kage started Gustavsberg Studio, or “G-studio”. It was launched as an “aesthetic laboratory” within the factory frames. The studio was described at the time as an idyllic oasis in industrijäktet, an idéverkstad, where the work could be done in peace and quiet without chords and office hours, as a “spiritual cycle path alongside the mass production autostrada”.





Zebra from Stora Zoo, 1958

Zebra from Stora ( big ) Zoo Series, 1958





Lisa Larson wall plaque

‘Harlerkin’ plaque produced 1960-69

( richard wallis antiks )





Anders Bruno liljefors vase

Anders Bruno Liljefors vase,  Gustavsberg

(  Domino Antik )





Lisa Larson Gustavsberg Wall Plaque

Lisa Larson Gustavsberg Wall Plaque

Lisa Larson Gustavsberg Sweden ceramic vessel

Lisa Larson – Gustavsberg Sweden





Lis Larson. Albertina   1959-60

Lis Larson –  Albertina   1959-60





1978 Lisa Larson Skansen Fox

Fox  –  Lisa Larson from the Skansen Series  for Gustavsberg, Sweden   1978

Lisa Larson Figurine

Samhällsdebatten -( Public Debate ) – 1968

Lisa Larson stoneware figurine











Lisa Larson ceramic head sculpture

Lisa Larson ceramic head sculpture





Lisa Larson female figurine

Lisa Larson female figurine






Limited Edition Hedgehog  – WWF series

( bukowskis market )







cat by lisa larson

Cat by lisa larson





Poodle Figurine Lisa Larson

Poodle Figurine – Lisa Larson





Ceramic Tile Elephant with 3-Riders Sweden

Ceramic Tile – Elephant with 3-Riders

Lisa Larson

Large Ceramic Bulldog Lisa Larson

Large Ceramic Bulldog – Lisa Larson – Stora Zoo Collection  1957


Elephant from Africa Series 1964

( )





 Lisa Larson Tripp Cat – Gustavsberg





Lisa Larson för Gustavsberg 1967.

Wall Tile “Birds” and “Riders” from the series “Unique”.

Lisa Larson för Gustavsberg Sweden 1967.





Lisa Larson dog - Gustavsberg

Lisa Larson dog figurine

( Isaiaz Flickr  )





Lisa Larson with cats

Lisa Larson with cats


Lisa Larson in studio

Lisa Larson in studio

Lisa-Larson-Lion and Bird

Lion and Bird – Lisa Larson





Decorative ceramic tile lisa larson

Decorative ceramic tile – Lisa Larson






Ceramic horse figurine  – Lisa Larson

( Smagarde Auktioner )


Donkey Figurine-Lisa Larson, Gustavsberg

Stoneware Donkey figurine with painting and glaze

Lisa Larson, Gustavsberg,






Afghan Dog – Lisa Larson





Lisa Larson Cat Lilla ZooKe

Lisa Larson Cat – Lilla Zoo collection

( Keramikk Ceramics )





Lisa Larson Swedish Cermaic Art

Lisa Larson Animal Figurines





Liveaustioneers Lisa Larson

Terracotta, with selective glaze, horse figurine – Lisa Larson

From the Lilla Zoo collection – The very first collection of Lisa Larson’s figures to be put into production in 1955. Stig Lindberg, who was artistic director at Gustavsberg’s porcelain factory, discovered Lisa’s unique talent at adapting her creative ideas to the many challenges of factory production.

( Liveauctioneers )

Cocker Spaniel Lisa Larson Gustavsberg

Black and White Cocker Spaniel – Lisa Larson

figurine icehockey player 1973

Lisa Larson figurine  ” Icehockey Player “


Stora Eva by Stig Lindberg

Stora Eva by Stig Lindberg

Lisa larson stoneware seal

Mid Century soulful seal – Lisa Laarson


Boxer Dog figurine – Lisa Larson for Gustavsberg




Lisa Larson Shih Tzu dog from the 1972 Kennel Series


Green Hippo by Lisa Larson



Polar Bear – Lisa Larson, Sweden

Stora Zoo series 1957


Poodle Vov – Lisa Larson



Lisa Larson Flackig Spaniel – Kennel Series 1972

Lisa Larson poodle

Poodle figurine by Lisa Larson, Sweden


Pair of  Sea Lions – Lisa Larson for Gustavsberg, Sweden

Noah’s Arc Series 1978


Vintage Cat Wall Tile – Lisa larson

Unik Series 1962 – 1986

Website :

Lisa Larson on Facefook –





  1. Posted March 24, 2014 at 12:49 am | Permalink

    mi fa impazzire questa ceramica complimenti…..

  2. anthony,
    Posted June 7, 2014 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    not sure if you can help me ,I have a lovely piece of Lisa Larsons work it is of a ship like a small tug boat the top lifts off and the bottom has 4 round holes on the left and 5 on the right as you look straight on it is cream and black with an anchor on the left side under the word Gustavsberg and then has Sweden on the right the top is a brown base then a blue back cabin with 2 windows each side and one at the back these are oblong ,then the front as a white watch room ? with seven circular holes then a black roof with blue and white stripe on the funell ,can you please let me know if this is worth anything please as my daughter gets married in 3 weeks so it would be nice thank you anthony purcell

  3. Ethel Allman
    Posted August 5, 2014 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    I acquired an olive green smiling rhino with a beige and brown covering recently. It is identical to pieces on Worthpoint, Bing Images and Ebay sold Auction. Unfortunately this one does not have a label on it. I guess I am asking if there were coopies made of your work. One online had SWEDEN on the foot. Mine does not. I don’t want to misrepresent one of your pieces. I can send pictures of the piece if this would be helpful

  4. Randy Phelps
    Posted October 30, 2015 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

    Hi all (and Lisa if you are there)!
    I recently purchased a piece from an antique store near Springfield, Ohio. The description tag stated that it was created by Lisa Larson. It is a WOODEN carving of a Siamese cat sitting on a red book. It truly looks like your style, but after perusing the internet, all your work that I’ve seen is ceramic.

    Have you ever done any wood carving? I would be pleased to send you a picture of this “cat on a book” if you like.

    Thanks and ever hopeful,
    Randy Phelps

    P.S. I really, really love your artwork!

  5. sayyed mamun
    Posted February 5, 2016 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    very nice

  6. Deborah Hall
    Posted January 21, 2017 at 9:14 am | Permalink

    My purchase of your kitty, Mia was my first ever pottery. Cost me a few pay checks, that was in the 1970’s. She is so precious and has led me to lend pay checks easily for gaining that feeling again. I live in Michigan and found her from a mall shop in the city of Warren, Bright Ideas for $125.00. Thank you for sharing your gift. deb&dogs

  7. Pat Bartholomew
    Posted April 7, 2018 at 9:30 am | Permalink

    Hello Lisa! My niece who lives in Skeppsdalssstrom, Varmdo thinks that the wonderful ceramic cat that survived the forest fire that took our house is one of yours. After looking at your website I found that it is. The little cat is a treasure that I bought when on a visit to Sweden in 1960. She is a Lilla Zoo, sitting up straight and thinking serious thoughts and now very scary ones past, as she survived most everything else lost. Especially my Hilde soul kitty who must have been under my bed for I found her vertebrae at a likely site. I love all your work now that I visited your website. My Lilla Zoo has very faint and few tiny clouds shading her torso, no chips or cracks she survived nearly unscathed. We have a tabby kitten named Lucy Lily Lue she is two years old. Lilla Zoo sits on my bedside table. Thank you Lisa! I would like to send you a photo of Hilde, if you email me I will try to attach it. Hugs, from the Bitterroot, in Montana. Pat

  8. Pat Bartholomew
    Posted April 7, 2018 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    P.S. You may be able to see the Roaring Lion Fire of Ward Mountain, Montana on a web site. It occurred July 31, 2016. I was on a trip in Idaho then. It was started by campers, an unnatural time of year because instead of going up the mountain it raced down in a tornado.

  9. Carol Prochazka
    Posted August 3, 2022 at 3:32 am | Permalink

    I am 79 years old, and just today discovered you. What a bright spot in my day! I have none of your work yet — BUT — I am working on it. Your wonderful gift is also a gift to all of us. Thank you for sharing it.

    Carol Prochazka

  10. Michael
    Posted April 23, 2024 at 1:09 am | Permalink

    I have a lisa Larson ceramic lynx limited edition of 3000.. what is it worth and is it rare? Thank you for any feedback.

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