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21st Les Journées de la Céramique à Paris


Paris ceramique days 2018



21st Les Journées de la Céramique 

110 ceramic artists from France and internationally at the annual Parisian ceramic festival


Thursday 28th June – Sunday 1st July 2018

Paris-Potier Association Days of Ceramics , Place Saint Sulpice, Paris 6 th  — Thursday from 1 pm to 10 pm (with opening at night on the stands)
the following days from 11 am to 8 pm (with aperitif)



Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6e
 28 juin au 1er juillet 2018




Paris pottery market

Les journees de la Ceramique, Paris

Beatriz Trepat_ceramic sculpture

Beatriz Trepat



Beatriz-Trepat-ceramique sculpture

Beatriz Trepat



French bolbois-Christina Guwang

Bowl – Christina Guwang



Bowl (flipside from above) – Christina Guwang



Godets poissons-Christina Guwang

Godets poissons   – Christina Guwang



Godets poissons (flipside from above) – Christina Guwang




Coupelle Perles – Christina Guwang



Coupelle Perles - Christina Guwang

Coupelle Perles – Christina Guwang




Brigitte Long sculpture



Brigitte Long - Raku Rocker

Brigitte Long – ‘Raku Rocker’



Brigitte Long - Smokey Sandstone ceramic sculpture

Brigitte Long – Smokey Sandstone



French artist Camille Trehout---ceramique sculpture

Camille Trehout— ceramique sculpture



Stéphanie Gamby -- ceramic wall panel

Stéphanie Gamby wall art



Cécile-Poisson-ceramic-cup with strong texture

Cécile Poisson – ceramic cup


Chantal Cesure blue and white ceramic tumblers

Chantal Cesure


Charlotte Coquen French ceramique

Charlotte Coquen



Charlotte Coquen glazed white sandstone enamelled, latex tinted.-48x45xh45cm

Charlotte Coquen



Claire Roger ceramics

Claire Roger



Claire Roger ceramic with much detail

Claire Roger




Corinna Fridrich ceramic vase

Corinna Fridrich



Corinne-Betton Rench ceramicist

Corinne Betton


Corinne Betton pottery teapots

Corinne Betton



Corinne-Betton pottery studio, France

Corinne Betton studio



Dalloun bowl



Demoiselle avignon vase--Thierry Basile Potier

‘Demoiselle avignon’ vase — Thierry Basile Potier



Thierry Basile Potier

Thierry Basile 


Elise Lefbrve-ceramic-cats with storage

Elise Lefbrve


Elise Lefbrve dishes

Elise Lefbrve



Fabienne Withofs-folded globular vase

Fabienne Withofs



François Cholé-white céramique vaisselle

François Cholé – white céramique vaisselle



Françoise-Cholé- square céramique-vaisselle

Françoise Cholé



Françoise-Cholé-céramique-vaisselle with succulents

Françoise Cholé – céramique planter with succulents


Gisele Buthod-Garcon-raku sculpture

Gisele Buthod-Garcon  –  raku sculpture




Gwenaël Hémery-French-sculpture ceramic

Gwenaël Hémery



Gwenaël Hémery contemporary ceramique

Gwenaël Hémery



Jane Norbury-Train Paths folded ceramic form

Jane Norbury ‘Train Paths’



Kaori Kurihara contemporary ceramics

Kaori Kurihara — contemporary ceramics



Bridgette Lab_-'Dreaming-perhaps' ceramic figurine

Bridgette Lab –  ‘Dreaming perhaps’



Laure Sulger--Moulin ceramic art

Laure Sulger — ‘Moulin’



Marc Uzan ceramique art

Marc Uzan


Marc Uzan-Rouges et noirs squat globular vessel

Marc Uzan – ‘Rouges et noirs’ squat globular ceramic vessel



Martine-Coulloud=gobelet red white and black stripes

Martine Coulloud – gobelet



Michel Cohen-ceramique-bowl

Michel Cohen


Monika Debus_biomorphic form 2016

Monika Debus – 2016


Monika Debus_Blue Shape 2016

Monika Debus _ ‘Blue Shape’




Myriam Belhaj-yellow seahorse-platter

Myriam Belhaj – yellow wavy ovoid seahorse platter



Myriam Belhaj sea life plate

Myriam Belhaj


Nadège Richard-contemporary jug-and-cups

Richard Nadège -contemporary elegant jug and cups

Richard Nadège gobelet

Richard Nadège gobelet



Nani Champy-sculpture ceramic-605

Nani Champy – ‘Ceramic 605′


Nani ChampySchott-forme-05

Nani Champy Schott – ‘Forme 05′


Petit Vase-Elise Lefebvre

‘Petit Vase’ – Elise Lefebvre


Philippe Dubuc - lidded-vessel

Philippe Dubuc – lidded vessel



Philippe Dubuc - lidded contemporary vessels

Philippe Dubuc – lidded contemporary vessels



Raphaël Meyer Ceramic anagama kiln

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics



Raphaël Meyer Ceramics wood fired charger

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics wood fired charger



Raphaël Meyer Ceramics -- wood fired ceramic vases

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics



Regula Brotbek-lidded-raku-spherical vessel

Regula Brotbek- lidded raku sphere



Zelie Rhouby ceramic vessels with matt glaze surface

Zelie Rhouby ceramic vessels



Zelie Rouby-yellow-ceramic vessel

Zelie Rouby



Stéphanie Bertholon - low box in gold

Stéphanie Bertholon – ‘Low box in gold’




Stéphanie Gamby ceramic vessel



Sylvie Enjalbert in studio silhouette

Sylvie Enjalbert in studio silhouette



Sylvie Enjalbert elegant vessels

Sylvie Enjalbert



Takashi-Tanimoto contemporary ceramic

Takashi Tanimoto



Violaine Ulmer white ceramic rings

Violaine Ulmer white ceramic rings



Yuko Kuramatsu-japan ceramic bowls

Yuko Kuramatsu