Koji Hatakeyama bronze boxes


The gallery Erskine, Hall and Coe is currently running an exhibition of Koji Hatakeyama & Matthew Harris. It comprises 45 cast bronze lidded boxes by Hatakeyama and accompanying works on paper by Harris, and will run through until the 12th of January, 2018.



 Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze box

Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze lidded box



Koji Hatakeyama


Koji Hatakeyama grew up in Takaoka, a Japanese city renowned for metal casting. He graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 1980 with a major in Craft metal casting. He employs bronze working techniques that were developed in ancient Mesopotamia and he refers to bronze as being ‘a material with memories of a thousand years’ The patterns that appear on the surface of his works are the result of various chemical reactions including using vinegar and miso paste to act as a catalyst to create evocative abstract landscapes and other patterns that are a direct response to external landscapes, real and imagined.
His use of gold and silver foil on the interior of his lidded vessels acts as a metaphor for the radiant inner worlds. He believes that in bronze lies a consciousness, one that was created in ancient times, but that can also exhibit his own.


Koji Hatakeyama-portrait

Koji Hatakeyama, Japan



Koji Hatakeyama




Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze boxes selection - Erskine Hall and Coe

Koji Hatakeyama – cast bronze boxes



Koji Hatakeyama – Erskine, Hall & Coe



Matthew Harris


Harris claims, “I have never been interested in ‘perfect’ patterns. It’s the interruption of the patterned surface which excites me”. He achieves this with the use of patches, tears, frayed edges and uneven lines to enhance the unpredictability of his abstracted works.  He constructs his pieces as collages of mixed media and beeswax on linen linen bound paper.



Matthew-Harris-abstract-art on paper

Matthew Harris – abstract art on paper



Koji Hatakeyama eight sided vessel and lid with gold foil

Koji Hatakeyama eight sided vessel and lid with gold foil


Koji Hatakeyama square bronze box

Koji Hatakeyama square bronze turquoise box






Koji Hatakeyama Eight Faces, 2016

Koji Hatakeyama ‘Eight Faces’, 2016


Matthew-Harris---Bric­a­Brac,-Variation-II---paper abstract art

Matthew Harris — Bric­ a­Brac,  ‘Variation II’




Koji Hatakeyama




Koji-Hatakeyama-Eight-Faces,-2017 bronze lidded vessel

Koji Hatakeyama – ‘Eight Faces’



Koji Hatakeyama bronze box turquoise colour

Koji Hatakeyama ‘Eight Faces’ bronze box




Koji Hatakeyama Ten Faces, 2017 bronze lidded box

Koji Hatakeyama ‘Ten Faces’, 2017 bronze lidded box



Koji-Hatakeyama -lidded bronze box sculpture






Koji Hatakeyama ‘Four Faces’



Matthew-Harris-Bric­a­Brac,-Variation-VI,-2017 - abstract painting

Matthew Harris Bric­a­Brac, ‘Variation VI’




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Please note: – that the gallery will close on the 23rd of December 2017 for Christmas, and will re-open on the 3rd of January 2018




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