It’s a potters world.



Kelly Garrett Rathbone




South African Louise Gelderblom Cape Town

Louise Gelderblom Cape Town




Ceramic sculptor Tiffany Schmierer

Tiffany Schmierer




Alexander Calder photo by Ugo Mulas

Alexander Calder




Anthony-Caro scullptor

Anthony Caro




Henri Matisse,-chez-Tériade,-Saint Jean Cap Ferrat -1951-(c)-Henri Cartier Bresson

Henri Matisse observing a Picasso vase

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France -1951

Photo – Henri Cartier Bresson




KCAI Ceramics Department inside Jun Kaneko's new kiln

KCAI Ceramics Department inside Jun Kaneko’s new kiln




Patti-Warashina ceramic sculpure

Patti Warashina




Piero Fornasetti-in-a-photo-from-the-late-1970s

Italian ceramicist Piero Fornasetti

Late 70’s




Rudy Autio with selfie sculpture

Rudy Autio


Theodore Papagianni greek sculptor

Theodore Papagianni with his monumental abstract figures, Greece




Sculptures---Ginger Gilmour

Ginger Gilmour, UK




ugo-mulas-luglio-60's fashion meets Henry Moore

60’s fashion meets Henry Moore

photo Ugo Mulas




Marisol-Escobar sculptor

Marisol Escobar, France




Alvin Tan Teck Heng throwing clay

Alvin Tan Teck Heng



Art Residency in a Ceramic Center in Shigaraki By Ms. Madhvi Subrahmanian

Madhvi Subrahmanian




Buckminster Fuller – Black Mountain College, NC




Ceramic artist Lauren Mabry in studio

Lauren Marbry, USA




Charles Eames-photo Arnold Newman 1975

Ray Eames, USA

photo Arnold Newman  1975





Christina Bothwell, USA




Dan Fogelberg sculpting

Dan Fogelberg



Niki de Saint Phalle French sculptor

Niki de Saint Phalle, France





Joseph Sheppard, USA





 Rabarama Paola Epifani, Italy

photo – Franco Storti




Tim-Christensen sgraffito pottery

Tim Christensen sgraffito ceramics




Toshiko Takaezu potter

Toshiko Takaezu





Augusta Savage, USA



 Lynn Chadwick with maquette for 'Teddy Boy and Girl',-1956. ©-David Farrell

 Lynn Chadwick with maquette for ‘Teddy Boy and Girl’, 1956.

Photo – David Farrell




Selma Burke sculptor - (1900-1995)

Selma Burke, USA (1900-1995)





Gemma Taccogna with her sculptures

Gemma Taccogna



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painting can can girls

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec




Maria Gamundi – ‘Selene’ scultura




MARINSKY-Harry working in his studio

Harry Marinski





Michael Cardew and Maria Martinez on cover of Ceramics Monthly-1979

Michael Cardew and Maria Martinez





Renzo Maggi



Pottery painters participating in the Pageant of Women's Trades and Professions,-April-1909-at-the-Albert-Hall

Pottery painters participating in the Pageant of Women’s Trades and Professions

1909 at the Albert Hall, UK



Questions for Wall Climbing Sculptural Muralist-Marela Zacarias

‘Questions for Wall Climbing’ –  Sculptural Muralist – Marela Zacarias




Rhode Island artist and sculptor Lee Bontecou

Lee Bontecou




Peter Voulkos throwing clay on a pottery wheel

Peter Voulkos





Alan Foxley




Jean Arp studying form

French German abstract sculptor Jean Arp, 1953

Photo Ernst Scheidegger





Photo Enzo Cei

An “artigiano” – one of the marble artisans – working in one of Pietrasanta’s many sculpture studios. The photo is from Enzo Cei’s photography book, “Made in Pietrasanta.” Pietrasanta, located on the northwest coast of Tuscany, is known as Italy’s “Little Athens” for its marble sculpture studios and bronze foundries.




painting pottery--- artist Fetish Ghost

Fetish Ghost




Beverly Saito Ceramics

Beverly Saito




Carol-Long working in her studio

Carol Long




burlesque performer blaze-starr and joseph-sheppard

Burlesque performer Blaze Starr and Joseph Sheppard

Life Magazine





Lidya Buzio





Jeff Oestreich, Minnesota




Maria Gamundi finishing Selene-Pietrasanta-sculpture-2013

Maria Gamundi finishing Selene – Pietrasanta sculpture





Michael Sherrill and Josh Copus hugging Josh's big pot at Th -Center for Craft Creativity & Design,-Asheville,-NC

Michael Sherrill and Josh Copus hugging Josh’s big pot

The Center for Craft Creativity & Design, Asheville, NC





Selma Burke ( 1900-1995)

Selma Hortense Burke is an African-American sculptor who achieved a high level of national recognition during her lifetime. She received national recognition for her relief portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt which was the model for his image on the dime. She was committed to teaching art to others, so she established the Selma Burke Art School in New York City and opened the Selma Burke Art Center in Pittsburgh.

Photo – Peter A. Juley & Son




Japanese potter, Kondõ Yutaka (1932-1983) crafting a pot

Japanese potter, Kondõ Yutaka (1932-1983)




Jean-Arp French German sculptor

Jean Arp

Life Magazine




Karin Bjorquist pottery throwing at Gustavsberg

Karin Björquist (born 1927) began working at Gustavsberg, Sweden in 1950



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    and LLORENS ARTIGAS ??????!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m 58 and just started taking my first art history class through the eyes of a sculpture I came upon your article on Artist statement( Clay Times 2006). Thanks

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    Great post, inspiring. Amazing how much can be gleaned from a photo of an artist at work.

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    We are what we eat! We resemble what we make! Nothing more …and nothing less.

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