It’s a potters world.


Keramiker-Elisabeth-Helvin with two pottery figurines

Keramiker – Elisabeth Helvin




Lorna Meaden in studio with large pottery vessel

Lorna Meaden




Los Angeles-ceramic-artist-Dora DeLarios-1950s

Dora DeLarios – LA






Grayson Perry





Gunnar Nylund, Sweden



French-ceramic-artist-Thiébaut-Chagué creating large ceramic sculptures

Thiébaut Chagué, France




Chris-Gryder ceramic arts USA

Chris Gryder, USA



Picasso-In-Paris-Studio,-1944 with painting

Picasso, Paris




Icheon-Ceramics Icheon Master - Kim Seong Tae

South Korean Icheon Master – Kim Seong Tae





Anne Marie Laureys in Belgium @ Sofie Lachaert Gallery





Ardmore ceramic studios in KwaZulu-Natal





Dutch Fauvist painter Kees van Dongen (1877-1965)




Nigerian-Calabash-carving-photo by John Hinde

A Nigerian calabash carver at work.

Photograph by John Hinde




Irina-Charny mosaic artist

Mosaicist Irina Charny



Jim Connell finishing ceramic vessel---The Clay Studio

Jim Connell



Michael-Frimkess- Califonia

Michael Frimkess




Mary Lou Deal

Mary Lou Deal

Piedmont Craftsmen – flickr




Vinnie Bagwell and Themba---photo-Jonathon-Lewis

Vinnie Bagwell and Themba

photo Jonathon Lewi2





Jenny Orchard



Jose-Fernandez special effects artist

Jose Fernandez



KEN-MIHARA Japanese potter

Ken Mihara





Rebecca Maeder





Marie Prett, Potfest, UK

Photo – Christine Cox




Matt-Wedel--abstract ceramic sculpture

Matt Wedel





Monica Van Den Berg





Kieta Nuij




Robert-LAWARRE USA pottery

Robert Lawarre





Tzeltal Maya woman making pottery, Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas, Mexico

Shkaa’la, via Flickr




Sally Hook NSW Australia

Sally Hook, Australia – More on Sally  here




Galina-Dmitruk doll artist

Galina Dmitruk




Morten-Lobner-Espersen abstract ceramic sculptures

Morten Lobner Espersen, Denmark




Nic-Sithole.-South-Africa pottery

Nic Sithole.– South Africa




Ricky-Maldonado West Coast ceramicist

Ricky Maldonado




Tammy-Marinuzzi pottery

Tammy Marinuzzi



-Jean-Pierre-Larocque French sculptor

 Jean Pierre Larocque




Claudia-Clare with her narrative vase

Claudia Clare





Claude Bour teaching at workshop




Elie Nadelman -Man in the Open Air, 1915

 MoMA, N.Y




Elya-Yalonetski Ukrainian artist

Elya Yalonetski




Expressive Figurative Sculpture with Debra Fritts by John C. Campbell Folk School, via Flickr-

Debra Fritts

Photo by John C. Campbell





Hayne Bayless – ‘I’m intrigued by what happens when clay is rolled, stretched, pressed, incised, inlayed, extruded, bent, cut and put back together.’





Jabu is the eldest daugher of Nesta Nala and is holding a more contemporary Zulu beer pot.




José-Martínez-&-Susy-López with their pottery

José Martínez & Susy López



Pim-&-Niek-Hoogland at Potfest

Pim & Niek Hoogland





Susie-Cooper---English ceramics-designer

Susie Cooper ceramics designer



YASUDA-Kan japanese sculptor in his studio

Kan Yasuda




Diego Romero – Cochiti Pueblo




Suzy-Birstein Canadian ceramicist

Suzy Birstein, Canada




Svend-Bayer UK potter

Svend Bayer – Swedish potter living in the UK



SANAA---Kazuyo-Sejima Japanese architect

Kazuyo Sejima




Rometti_Jean Christophe-Clair Italian ceramics

Rometti – Jean Christophe Clair





Diego-Valles with his pottery

Diego Valles





Pablo walking the dog





Neil MacDonell, Bath, UK




Max_Ernst,_New_York,_NY,_1942 Arnold-Newman

Max Ernst, NY, 1942

Photo – Arnold Newman




Keri-Joy-Colestock with her wall sculptures

Keri Joy Colestock

I have been a contemporary artist since 2003. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease where I was told “doing much of anything creative moving forward would be “impossible” from damage to my brain. Since then, I have sold 1500+ original pieces starting with my “Wall Dancers” I now am recycling found objects. My work now can be seen at 4 Art Inc Gallery where my work & I have found a wonderful new ‘home’ in the well known Zhou Bros. Art Center. My goal is to continue to create beautiful works of art fueled by passion, whimsy and imagination.




Kara-Walker cotemporary-Afro American-artist

Kara Walker




Joseph and Pierre Mougin, France




John-Balisteri with abstract sculptures

John Balisteri




Gwen Lux 1942 with female figurine sculpture

Gwen Lux,  Chicago (1908–1987)




Emilio-Greco Italian sculptor

Emilio Greco



Georges-Braque,-The-Painter-and-His-Model,-1939 - abstract art

Georges Braque – ‘The Painter and His Model’ -1939





Galina-Dmitruk-Minsk, Belarus

Doll artist Galina Dmitruk, Minsk




Roy Lizama and Janet Burne




teresa-girones-ceramic sculptures

Teresa Girones – La Borne




Beatrice-Wood California potter

Beatrice Wood, California



Jennifer-McCurdy,-Martha's-Vineyard USA

Jennifer McCurdy, Martha’s Vineyard




Zhu-Dequn's-pot paainting

Zhu Dequn hand painting pot



George-Ward-Tjungurrayi indigenous Australian artist

George Ward Tjungurrayi





Gio Ponti, 1920’s





Eugene Lion -1867-1945




Helen Levi

photo by Nicole Franzen



beth-tarkington-creating pottery

Beth Tarkington





Bini bronze caster modelling wax over clay core

Benin City Nigeria, 1971

photo Eliot Elisofon



Cecile-Picard modeling a clay firgurine

Cecile Picard




Andrea Bucci





Sculptor Mark Ogge with his work at Luna Park, Melbourne





Ronald Mueck is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor working in the United Kingdom





Richard MacDonald in his Monterey studio





William Zorach in his studio




Sunkoo Yuh



Joanne-Cooke ceramic animal artist

Joanne Cooke




Tony-Laverick--wit h his ceramic bowl

Tony Laverick





Yagi Kazuo, Japan





French sculptor Alfred Auguste Janniot, 1930

© Agence Presse Illustration




Amanda-Sage visionary art painter

Amanda Sage


Carrie-Gustafson with her glass art

Carrie Gustafson




Camille-Claude French sculptor

Camille Claude





Catherine Choy at kick wheel – Clay Art Center, NY




Edwin-Fabian centenarian abstract sculptor

Edwin Fabian centenarian abstract sculptor, Australia




Team-effort Jingdezhen wheel thrown Porcelain

Jingdezhen, porcelain throwing





Naum Gabo -with  an enlarged version of his Head No





William Staite Murray, UK


eszter-imrey with her contemporary eramic cup

Eszter Imrey




Julian Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico




Mary Tuthill Lindheim, who helped awaken the art world of 1950s San Francisco.




liz-quackenbush-in her pottery studio

Liz Quackenbush





Sarah Flynn, UK




Fausto Melotti, Italy

See Veniceclayartists article on Fausto Melotti here


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    I’m 58 and just started taking my first art history class through the eyes of a sculpture I came upon your article on Artist statement( Clay Times 2006). Thanks

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    We are what we eat! We resemble what we make! Nothing more …and nothing less.

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