Ceramic bust ‘n’ heads




Entity - Marika Maumler

Entity – Marika Maumler




Turn Teplitz Art Nouveau bust

Turn Teplitz Art Nouveau bust

Amanda Shelsher

Amanda Shelsher

Javier Marin - bronze

Javier Marin – bronze outdoor sculpture

Mid Century Royal Haeger

Mid Century Royal Haeger bust

Kathy Dalwood

Tower Bridge Dragon bust by Kathy Dalwood, UK

Moses, 1934, by Mary Tuthil

Moses, 1934, by Mary Tuthill Lindheim

Photo – Will Taylor

W.-&-MGoldscheider Bust

W. & M. Goldscheider – ViennaMaschera wall depicting female face with veil.

Bust statue elegant French-394x593

An elegant French bust statue

Lindy Lawler

Lindy Lawler

Veronique Didierlaurent

Bust Sculpture – “Hair-plane” by Véronique Didierlaurent, Terracotta, Chamotée & Patina


Houghton Hall, Britian

Inner Smile - Marika Baumler

Inner Smile – Marika Baumler

Lillian Gish - Isamu Noguch

Lillian Gish – Isamu Noguch

Veronique Didierlaurent

Veronique Didierlaurent

Ostia antica and milano

Sculpture bust in the Castello Sforzesco, Milano


Athena Capitoline Museum

Veronique Didierlaurent

Veronique Didierlaurent

Constantine's Bronze Statue

Constantine’s Bronze Bust

Ernst Wahliss - Amphora bust

Ernst Wahliss – Amphora bust

Frederick Hart - Muses Suite

Frederick Hart –  ‘Muse Of Music’

Jikke van de Waal - Bijma

Jikke van de Waal – ‘Bijma’

One of These Days - Philippe Faraut

‘One of These Days’ – Philippe Faraut


Updated – 11/3/2014



Gothic Triple head bust – Beatrice Hoffman





Bronze Bust sculpture with verdigris patina





Dream Sequence by Bruria--American-Art

‘Dream Sequence’ by Bruria




Terra cotta sculpture modeled by artist A. Bertrand and created by Goldscheider of Vienna



Marco-Vargas terracotta bust

Marco Vargas




Marco-Vargas-turquoise ceramic bust

Marco Vargas-turquoise ceramic bust




Marco Vargas bust

Marco Vargas




African female bust






D’alonzo box chryselephantine jewelry, gilt bronze double patina, with a bust of a woman in medieval costume





Ceramic bust – Christy Keeney

Christy Keeney uses a raku-crank body which is coated with a white earthenware slip. Coloured stains are then painted freely onto the dry clay. After the biscuit firing, oxides are rubbed into the piece and washed off to reveal the drawing marks on the surface the drawing marks and stains etc are finally fixed at a firing temperature of 1120’C.




roger---capron abstract two head bust

Abstract double head – Roger Capron




Testa-virile,-2006 Carlo Previtali Scultore

 ‘Testa Virile’ , Carlo Previtali




Buddha head

Handpainted Buddha bust – Yiannis Nanouris

Nanouris Art Gallery



Protect-and-Preserve-2014-Amanda-Shelser veramic bust

‘Protect and Preserve’ – Amanda Shelser



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  1. Jackie wilks
    Posted January 30, 2014 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    am searching for a set of busts of Carlos & Consuela in the green ware or bisque .. to paint.

  2. cherelle B
    Posted February 28, 2014 at 10:39 am | Permalink

    amazing art. it’s wonderful what human creativity can do!!

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  4. Kim
    Posted February 1, 2023 at 5:17 am | Permalink

    These busts are so fabulous!!! Incredible creativity!!! So inspiring!!! Thanks for the experience!!

  5. Robbie Hood
    Posted February 1, 2023 at 2:55 pm | Permalink

    your welcome!

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