Animals of Art Deco



SANTINI-statue-art deco

 Lady Walking Dog – A.Santini



Art Deco Squirrel bookends Art Bronze

  Art Deco squirrel bookends – Max Le Verrier



Art Deco embracing animals


Art Deco successfully integrated the multitude of fascinating design innovations of its time. The mobile perspectives of abstract cubism were subtly merged into the designs but with more symmetrical aspects. The visions of futurism and modernism, inspired by the possibilities of the Machine Age were embraced in its design and choice of materials, while the simpler, functional ideals of Constructivism, Die Stijl and the Bauhaus disciplines were introduced. The dynamism and movement of the 20‘s Jazz Age and the Industrial Age were also prominent elements. The Bauhaus belief that mass production could live in harmony with the artistic spirit of individuality fitted nicely with the mass production utilised during the Art Deco era and the streamlined forms adapted well to the production methods.
The shift away from the Gothic, Baroque and Classical idioms, which began with Art Nouveau at the turn of the 19th century, were taken to the next level. The ethereal nympths in lush organic nature landscapes surrounded by bats, butterflies, dragons and other fantasy creatures morphed into modern, elegant, fashionable ladies of affluence, accompanied by all breeds of domesticated animals, especially dogs, but even including the likes of panthers and gazelles. Lean looking Greyhounds and Dobermans were a popular choice.The demands of marketing led to a depiction of sleekness, sophistication and order. This was reinforced by the symmetrical designs that overtook the asymmetry of Art Nouveau and the rectilinear lines becoming as prevalent as the curvilinear  ones.  Interestingly, the nudity of the Art Nouveau era survived , but took on a more liberated context in its expression. The diversity of animals featured in the unique Art Deco designs is one of the endearing aspects of this era.



Zsolnay pigeon plant holder

 Twin Pigeon Art Deco planter – Zsolnay, Hungry




Warrior-and-winged-horse,-war-memorial,-St Louis

Art Deco Warrior and Winged Horse – St.Louis War Memorial






‘The Guardians’ – Art Deco Lady with Dogs – Menneville





serpent and girl )Signed-Isdrebrad-on-the-base

Kneeling Snake Charmer Holding Serpent – Isdrebrad




French Art Deco squirrel bookends

Rischmann Deconami –  Antwerp, Belgium




photo-MaxLeVerrier in his studio with a posing model

Max Le Verrier sculpting a posing model at his studio




Max Le Verrier sculpting a lion at the zoo



Green Art Deco Lion-by-Le-Verrier-

‘Lion’ by Max Le Verrier

Length 23 inches


Puffin motif vase, baluster shape by-Sally-Tuffin

Puffin by Sally Tuffin for Dennis Chinaworks—2006



Art Deco wall relief – Aberdeen, Scotland



pendule_elephant_mantle clock

Elephant mantle pendule  clock – Art Deco

( )




Cubist Art Deco pelican bookends – Georges L Laurent




Art Deco owl, Library oF Congress, Washington – USA





 Dragon Dinner Gong – French Art Deco – Max le Ferrier





1914 Art Deco Cat- Max Emanual & Louis Wain



Hagenauer-Bronze-Greyhound sculpture

 Hagenauer Bronze Greyhound figurine




French Art Deco Leaping Ibex by De Marco, made by Max Le Ferrie






 Winged Horse – art deco by John Storrs





Bronze Hercules and the panther  – Jean Magrou




Hippocampus and Dolphins Art Deco fountain

Kansas City, Missouri





French Art Deco Kangaroo paper weight





Pair of Seagulls – French Art Deco




French Art Deco-Panther-&-Antelope-Sculpture-1930

Panther and Antelope sculpture

Santini-Deco girl walking dogs

 Girl Walking Dogs – A.Santini






French Art Deco Elephant Pair Clock





A pair of Art Deco Polar Bears – Lemanseau





Phoenix ovoid vase – Frederick Rhead for Wardle




Art Deco Vase by Keralouve - La Louvière, Belgium

Black Cat Art Deco Vase by Keralouve – La Louvière, Belgium




 Lady with Borzoi – French sculptor George Coste

( )

Charles Catteau vase

 Charles Catteau





Reclining Lady and Gazelle – Fayrel ( Pierre Le Faguays pseudonym )






Pair of running greyhounds – F.Siegl






Black and White dog  – Geo Conde






Art Deco Illustration by Romain de TirtoffAt ( Etre ) – At The Theater, Symphony in Black






Glided art deco fan tail sculpture – Lakarmé by Jan and Joël Martel





Flamingo TV lamp





Art Deco clock with 2 hounds – Toozoo



Charles Catteau and Raymond Chevallier Art Deco gazelle vase

c. 1935




Vintage Squirrel-Bookends-by-Nagel

Pair of Squirrel bookends – Nagel






Art Deco style Stork Bookends by French sculptor Marcel Bouraine






Butting Rams Art Deco Royal Dux bookends





Art Deco at Grand Rapids – Stone lion by Buck Cash






Art Deco Dog Figurine – Maurice Osmond

 Cab Art Vintage – etsy





Kitty Rix Art Deco vase for Wiener Werkstatte





art-deco-dogs Christophle Gallia

Christophle Gallia




Greek civilization, Naxian winged sphinx

Delphi Archaeological Museum

Getty Images


Demetre Chiparus art

‘The Guardians’  —  Georges Gori



1930 Ibex book ends by LeVerrier.

Ibex book ends by Max LeVerrier.


porcelain-figurine lady walking dog

Lady with dog figurine

photo by  Carol Dronsfield



Charles Catteau Art Deco owl vase

Art Deco seramic vase – Charles Catteau




Charles Catteau Deco vase

Charles Catteau, Art Deco flying bird vase




Art Deco mantle clock with 3 panthers – De Coux




German Art Deco  figurine – William Goebel



French Art deco Mantle clock with elephants

Mossgreen Auctions



Art Deco sculpture - Boris-Lovet-Lorski...Lithuanian who immigrated to the U.S.

Boris Lovet Lorski – Art Deco sphinx sculpture



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