Decorative kinesis – clayartist John Newdigate


John Newdigate’s ceramic decorations have vivid colour, verve and a fluidity that convey his keen observations of  light and movement in the sea and landscapes around him in his native Capetown. He has successfully combined his  lustrous dynamic designs with function.  In his words – ” my aim is to make functional ceramic wares that enrich the experience of every day life “  His first objective has been to produce forms that are light and refined while maintaining their robustness for the rigours of the kitchen. Simultaneously he has created wares to be a reminder of fun and celebration at the mealtime.




Earthenware Vase by John Newdigate

Thunderstorm Vase by John Newdigate

” I find thunderstorms invigorating – the slow build-up of heat and expectation is released in a few minutes of furious energy, leaving a sense of calm in its wake. “






Squid Vase

Squid Vase

 ”  The squid vase is inspired by the way aquatic creatures move about in their watery world, weightlessly and effortlessly – a feeling us land-based life-forms yearn for. The undulating sides almost trick the eye into believing that the vase is moving, and could float off on a whim. “





Bioluminescent Bowl

Bioluminescent Bowl –  John Newdigate






Planktonic Love Bowl

Planktonic Love  Bowl

John Newdigate :  Every drop of water in the sea is pulsing with life. This is part of a series of bowls inspired by the little known creatures that seem to belong to another world, although we depend on them to make our own lives possible.






Hand carved ceramic plate –  John Newdigate





water,wind, sand vase

Water,Wind, Sand vases

John Newdigate :  These vases are inspired by the way that water and wind wash over sand, creating patterns that are always on the move, recording each little gust and swirl, influencing the shape of the next ridge to be formed.





Splash Vase

Splash Vase

 ” This splash vase is inspired by ultra slow motion photography of a drop of water. I have used the porcelain in a spontaneous way to evoke a feeling of chance movement, captured in a split second. The celadon glaze is strongly evocative of water, both in the way the glaze has melted, and in the way its colour reacts to different light intensities. “






Catch of the day bowl

 Catch of the Day bowl






Hand carved platter

Hand carved platters – John Newdigate





Ceramic cup and saucer

Ceramic cup and saucer











 Porcelain dinner set  – John Newdigaate

The ‘blue spaghetti’ range was inspired by an idea to create a set of bowls whose design was not restrained by the edge of the bowl, but had broken free and could romp from one bowl to the next, in fact across the entire table, touching on anything it happened to encounter along the way. This has the wonderful and unexpected bonus of creating  new, unique designs each time the plates are put out for use, as well as on display shelves afterwards.







Coffee/tea cup and saucer – John Newdigate






Mushroom-Bowl - John Newdigate

Mushroom Bowl




Expresso cup and saucer

Expresso cup and saucer – John Newdigate








A nice example of the movement John is able to capture.





John Newdigate stoneware jar


A John Newdigate  jar vessel made in  collaboration with Ian Garrett, who created the forms. Made from earthenware clay, and painted with pigments under the glaze layer.





John Newdigate Vases

John Newdigate Vases





Abstract Vase

Abstract vase – John Newdigate






 John Newdigate in his studio.


South African Landscape Series





tent butter dish

Tent butter dish







This teapot is inspired by pumpkins being stored on the flat roofs of Karoo cottages. 


 John painted this pot with a pattern that abstracts the way shafts of  light penetrate a body of water.







Stone Pines plate


Stone Pines landscape bowl







Sriated Cliffs





Blue and white bowls

Blue and white bowl

” This bowl is inspired by the traditions of West African and Japanese resist-indigo dying.





John Newdigate bowls

John Newdigate bowls








Birds In Reeds Jar

John Newdigate :  I used to live close to a patch of reeds that was home to a multitude of birds that would return from foraging at sunset each day.




Bean Pod Fruit Bowl

Bean Pod Fruit Bowl

This is a scaled-up version of a bean pod – to a size where most fruits can be accommodated to replace the beans.





Two Egrets and a Frog in Tree plate

Two Egrets and a Frog in Tree – porcelain plate






Black and White expresso cups

Black and White expresso cups by John Newdigate, ZA











Interactive Vessels

These vessels explore the relationship between light and the surface it falls on.

See John Newdigates website here




  1. Mary
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    Absolutely the most beautiful ceramics and decorations. I love them all, but the egrets and frog would be my favourite

  2. silke schurack
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    I am in tears-this is sooo so so beautiful!Planktonic love!!!!

  3. Barbara Innes
    Posted April 25, 2018 at 10:15 pm | Permalink

    Speechless with delight!

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