Pottery Arts – The Masters

'Totem' sculpture Peter Hayes

‘Totem’  sculpture with blue resin band – Peter Hayes 2009

Shoji Hamada 1997

Shoji Hamada 1997

Massive Ceramic Sky Pot - Jerry Rothman -1961

Massive Ceramic Sky Pot  –  Jerry Rothman  -1961

Pablo Picasso light painting were taken in 1949 by Gjon Mili of LIFE magazine.

Pablo Picasso light painting, taken in 1949 by Gjon Mili  for LIFE magazine.

Jennifer McCurdy carved ceramic

Jennifer McCurdy carved ceramic vessel

Clement Massier Nouveau vase

Clement Massier Art Nouveau vase

Ceramic Vase By Jacques Innocenti

Ceramic Vase By Jacques Innocenti

Ancient Greek pottery-jug

Ancient Greek Proto-Corinthian olpe with registers of lions, bulls, ibex and sphinxes,

c. 640-30 BC, Louvre


Lidded vessel blue and white – Ralph Bacerra 1980


Amphora Art Nouveau Vase – Klimt Style 1905

Ginny Marsh Flower Arranger 1995

Ginny Marsh Flower Arranger 1995


Kurt Weiser –Semi Concious

In the hands of Kurt Weiser, (b. 1950) the centuries-old tradition of china paint on porcelain is given new life. Weiser’s sumptuous, provocative teapots and jars, resplendent with lush jungle scenes, can be both alluring and unsettling. Detailed depictions of tropical splendor become wayward reveries as radiant colors and subtle distortions transform classic porcelain vessels. – Stephen Robison Flickr

Folded pottery-George Ohr

George Ohr

Julia Galloway contemporary vase

Julia Galloway – Wheel-thrown soda fired porcelain mug illustrated with mishima and handpainted clouds and precious metal luster

Mudfire Gallery

 Mary Rogers Kiwi-Bowl---LACMA-Collections

 Mary Rogers  – Kiwi Bowl

LACMA Collections

Milton Moon vessel

Milton Moon

Yoshita Yukio

Yoshita Yukio


Art Nouveau Jardiniere – Lucien Lévy Dhurmer-(French,-1865–1953);-Clément Massier (French,-1844–1917)

Michael Bauermeister wood vessel

Michael Bauermeister wood vessel


Rene Lalique Domremy Vase


RalphBacerra bowl

Ralph Bacerra stoneware bowl – 1975

Ball F- Carlton-20-pitcher-with-abstract-figural

Abstract-figure pitcher – Ball F Calrton



Ernst Wahliss Japonisme Vase – c.1900

Alexandra Porcelain Works, E. Wahliss Turn-Teplitz

Art & Antik – Antiques and Applied Arts – Art Déco | Art Nouveau

On our website you will find antiques and applied art from the 19th and 20th centuries, in particular Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass and ceramics.

Modernist 1970's Leon Applebaum Art Glass Vase

Mid-century modern – Leon Applebaum Art Glass Vase

Colin Pearson ceramics

Colin Pearson ceramics

Polia Pillin sixties charger

Polia Pillin mid-century charger

Chihuly Glass Sculpture

Dale Chihuly red and gold glass sculpture

Rene Buthaud - ,Langueur-des-îles,-Vase-balustre-à-petit-col-ourlé,Camard-&-Associés,Paris1922

Hand painted baluster vase – Rene Buthaud

Paris 1922



Crackle textured vessel – Robin Hopper

David-White bottle

Ceramic crackle glaze bottle- David White

Frederick-Hurten-Rhead-(England,-1880---1942)-,-University-City-Pottery-(United-States,-1909---1911)-Vase,-1911Frederick Hurten Rhead vase – University City Pottery

Guido Gambone;-Glazed Ceramic-Vase,-1950s

Guido Gambone modernist Mid Century vase



Ken Price 2001


Kondo Yutaka bottle

Nicholas Bernard--'Wide-Stroke-Bottle'-Eathenware-2008

Nicholas Bernard–‘Wide Stroke Bottle’




Emile Gallé lidded vessel

Emile Gallé lidded vessel with floral motif




Camille Faure,-Limoges

Camille Faure art deco vase




Jeff-Shapiro-Elongated-Form,-Copper Black stoneware, glaze wood fired

Jeff Shapiro -, Copper Black stoneware, glaze wood fired ‘Elongated Form’




YOICHI-OHIRA gourd glass vessel

Yoichi Ohira – Hand-blown glass canes with murrine and powder inserts, gold leaf




Paul-Soldner ceramic art sculpture

Abstract form – Paul Soldner



EJ-Ainger---Auctions Moorcroft Carp vase,-moulded with three carp in yellow and blue

Moorcroft Carp vase,- moulded with three carp in yellow and blue

EJ Ainger—Auctions




joan-miró ceramic bottle

Joan Miro

Miro created a pictorial world of intense imaginative power, in which visionary and cosmic elements are inextricably intertwined with the earthly and mundane.




Farsta stoneware vase by Wilhelm Kåge, 1956

Farsta stoneware vase by Wilhelm Kåge






Porcelain vase – Mazuku Kozan




Jean Dunand – lacquered metal Art Deco vase with crushed eggshell inlays




Elsa Rady contemporary vessel

Elsa Rady



Aaron Bohrod and F. Carlton Ball Monumental Hand ThrownVase

Aaron Bohrod and F. Carlton Ball Monumental Hand Thrown Pottery “Eve” Vase

Sgraffito stylized nude, glazed stoneware




Akio Takamori



John Glick Mottled Footed Jardiniere

Mottled Footed ceramic vessel –  John Glick



Kurt-Weiser-Brown-and-White-Vase - Porcelain;-ht.24-inches

Brown and White Vase – Kurt Weiser

height 24 inches



Mark Kuzio Untitled Vessel-1990

Mark Kuzio Untitled Vessel




Niels Hansen Jacobsen ceramic vessel salmon pink, reds and blue

Niels Hansen Jacobsen





Thomas-Hoadley - tea bowl

Thomas Hoadley



Art Deco Woman dancing to the flag Vase - Mougin France

Art Deco ‘Woman dancing to the flag’ vase – Mougin, France



Viola Frey-Untitled-Plate

Viola Frey



Warren-Mackenzie lidded ceramic box

Warren McKenzie



Christiane-Wilhelm two lidded ceramic jars

Christiane Wilhelm, Germany



Ember Figure’-from-the-‘Figure’-series,-1998-John Mason amber coloured abstract sculpture

‘Ember Figure’ from the ‘Figure’ series, John Mason



Gérard Brossard---Vase--ca

Gérard Brossard



Malcolm Davis

Malcolm Davis vase




Michael-Wein raku bottle

Michael Wein raku bottle





Contemporary Split foot-vase,-ca.-1987-Karen Karnes

Split Foot Vase – Karen Karnes




Glass+stone vase – William Morris




Zsolnay Green Eosin and Copper Glazed Figural Vase

Zsolnay Green Eosin and Copper Glazed Figural Lustre Vase



Jeff Shapiro





Andrea Gill Untitled Vessel Earthenware

height 26 inches

ca 1981




Don Reitz.-1980

Don Reitz



Dylan_Bowen-ceramic vessel 2013

Dylan Bowen, UK





Frank Boyden--'Some Are- Blind'.-1983

Frank Boyden – ‘Some Are Blind’




Marilyn-Wheeler---African-Jar red ceramic vessel with motif of African figures

African Jar by Marilyn Wheeler, NZ



Ginny-Conrow contemporary ceramic vessel

Ginny Conrow

Ceramic Arts Daily




Intangible Bay ceramic cup by Wayne Higby

‘Intangible Bay’ ceramic cup by Wayne Higby




John-Ward-Vase-with-Green-Concentirc Circles-ca1985 England

John Ward-Vase with Green Circles

ca 1985



Michael Anderson & Son cup




Rimas Vis Girda





Susan Folwell



Taxile Doat vase vase with bird motif

Taxile Doat





Timothy Langholz vase





Ciboure vase . Décorateur Richard Le Corrone





Pâte de Verre vase – Henri Cros




 Wood-Fired Ceramic Vessel – Paul Soldner




Milton-Moon lustre glaze vase with matt glaze panel

Milton Moon vase, Australia




Michael LuceroHead with Two Curls Teapot, 2009 The Nevica Project

Head with Two Curls Teapot’ – Michael Lucero

2009  The Nevica Project





Richard Batterham cut-sided stoneware bowl  9” inches diameter

 Durweston, Dorset  2011.




Carolyn-Genders-polychrome vase

Carolyn Genders





Lidded celadon multi faceted vessel  – Ralph Bacerra

2000- height 14 inches




Robin Stark ceramic sculpture one of the -winners-of-2012-Potters-Council-Juried-Show

Robin Stark

Potters Council “Chromatic Edge” exhibition 2012

Robin Stark Studio




Adrian Sandstrom

Potters Council “Chromatic Edge” exhibition 2012



F-Carlton-Ball vase

F Carlton Ball




French Art Nouveau Period Stoneware Vase – Pierrefonds

OR  Gabriel Fourmaintreaux of Desvres (see comments below)

early 1900s



Desvres Gres faience three-handled Art Deco art pottery vase with crystalline metallic luster glaze




Guido Gambone–Mid-Century pitcher, Italy


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  2. Natasha Lee
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    This post has reminded me just why exactly I adore your blog. Not only for your love of pottery, but also because you recognize the hard work and dedication potters give just to complete one piece of art, that may take from a day to years to complete. You recognize renown potters as well as those who are less recognized and that is beautiful.

  3. Sanela K
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    Congratulations on the beautiful composition of this site and insightful comments. The Wahliss vase you feature is especially beautiful for it’s complexity. It is not a Pergamon but a Japonisme piece and has been decorated in the same style over several molds. Keep up the fabulous work & Thank you!

  4. Posted October 1, 2016 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    As a member of the San Francisco Ceramic Circle we have been exposed to great works from many time periods. These pieces hold their own and provide an exciting introductions to the 20th century. These imaginative forms and beautiful glazes fill us with admiration.

  5. Sonja Brzak
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    Dear Sirs,
    For many years we, the artistic ceramics, mainly containers.
    I would like to collaborate with you in terms of sales or presentation.
    I paint and oil paintings and new collection vessel is a combination of pictures, drawings and ceramics.
    Please contact me so I can send photos.
    In anticipation of the answer,
    best regards,
    ak.slik.Sonja Brzak

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    Hands down the most beautiful site I have visited. WOW nice job.

  7. Giles
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    Pierrefonds art nouveau vase is wrong,it’s made by Gabriel fourmaintreaux of desvres.

  8. Giles
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    Pierrefonds art nouveau vase, is made by Gabriel fourmaintreaux of desvres.

  9. Robbie Hood
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    Historical Design claims it was by Olivier de Sorra / Pierrefonds (Count Hallez d’Arros) link Olivier de Sorra / Pierrefonds (Count Hallez d’Arros)-1900 —link http://historicaldesign.com/product/olivier-de-sorra-pierrefonds-count-hallez-darros-french-art-nouveau-six-branch-vase-c-1900/ I’ll credit with both

  10. Rik van Wegen
    Posted November 1, 2018 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

    Dear Mr. Hood, I am so curious if you have any idea of the whereabouts of the Max Läuger Vase you show. Somewhere in the 1970’s my grandmother offered me its ‘brother’ telling me that my grandfather and a friend of his bought the set of two at an auction, this was in Holland, and split the set up between the two of them. The one I have has the same model and colours, but different forms and pattern in the leaves. I I could upload , you would receive an immage. Rik

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