Gallery Cruising – Ceramic Art

Galerie Besson
Pedra Oberta, 2003
Galerie Besson
Tony Cragg sculpture- London Frieze Art Fair 2011
What Seems To Be The Problem
‘What Seems To Be The Problem?’  – Jon Gariepy ceramic ship.
2D or not 2D
2D or not 2D
Saatchi gallery - Dick Evans
 British artist Dick Evans with his sculpture Black Grape at the Saatchi Gallery exhibition.
 ‘Walking Man-II’ [1960] by Alberto Giacometti
and staffer Anthony Woods  at the The Art Instiute Of Chicago
Tarra Wilson Randy Johnston
 Tarra Wilson & Randy Johnston
Gypsy cylinders Vinny Maio
 Gypsy cylinders – Vinny Maio
Cynthia Bringle
Cynthia Bringle
Picassos-tete-de-femme ( Jacqueline ) painting
 Picassos-tete-de-femme ( Jacqueline )
Raynor Hoff - Sacrifice
Raynor Hoff  – ‘Sacrifice’ – 1934
Sydney’s Anzac War Memorial
Moses sculpture
The Moses is a sculpture by the Italian High Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome
 (c. 1513–1515)
 Harumi Nakashima
( )
Emmanuelle Camus - DisSection
Emmanuelle Camus – ‘DisSection’
Foreign groom in a tributaryForeign groom in a tributary
Natacha Brosset - poterie
Natacha Brosset – French
Inger Rokkjaer
Inger Rokkjaer
‘The Fighters’ – Finnish artist Muno Ottinen
Bearnard Leach- leaping-fish
Bernard Leach – York Art Gallery
"OPUS", Pierre Nocca
“OPUS”, Pierre Nocca
Stirrup Vessel with Texture
Stirrup Vessel with Texture – Pre-Columbian pottery in the Art Institute of Chicago
Sabin Howard Sculpture
Sabin Howard Sculpture
CArved Ceramic pottery-475x423
Carved Egyptian pot – Met
Ugo Riva
Ugo Riva
Pysanka Egg located in Vegreville, Alberta  designed by Ron Resch
William Staite Murray
William Staite Murray
V & A
Figure of a musician
 Figure of a musician of the Dogon people of Mali, Africa.
Werner Forman Archive
Mac McClain sculpture
Mac McClain sculpture
Tall Mid Century vessel
Angel David Hickey
 ‘Angel’ – David Hickey
Jaume Plensa---Spanish
Jaume Plensa—Spanish sculptor
Barbro Åberg sculpture
 Barbro Åberg sculpture
Unique-LA - Alison Iwamoto
 Unique LA – Alison Iwamoto
MET_ceramics Art Nouveau
 Art Nouveau ceramics at the Met
Sarah Purvey
Sarah Purvey
jason wason
 Jason Wason
Toots Zynsky – ‘Lucente’
( RISD Museum )
The European Fine Art Fair
Steven Branfman
Steven Branfman ceramics
st-nicholas-italian staute wood carving
St Nicholas, Italy
Tebby George–USA
Tiffany Schmierer
Tiffany Schmierer
Tony Cragg Sculpture
 Tony Cragg Sculpture
Picasso Ceramics
Picasso Madoura sale – Christies
Simon Carroll ceramic vase
Simon Carroll ceramic vase
( extra-minty Flickr )
Ado Chale - Sculptor of Time
 Belgian sculptor Ado Chale
“Clock Tower,” and “The Bird I Saw,” Installation  – A Class of Birds 2010 – Jane Rosen
Sears-Peyton Gallery in New York
Contained Impressions - Simon Fraser
Contained Impressions exhibition – Simon Fraser
Narek Gallery
 Jesper Packness store – Copenhagen
Fujian Folk Museum
Chinese warrior – Fujian Folk Museum
Athlete wrestling a python, white marble sculpture_by Frederic, Lord Leighton,_1888-1891
An athlete wrestling a python, white marble sculpture by Frederic Lord Leighton,_1888-1891
( Tate )
Beth Cavener Stichter by noosedkitty on Flickr
Beth Cavener Stichter deer sculpture
( noosedkitty on Flickr )
Spanish artist Claudi Casanovas. sculpture
‘Curved form’, 1990 Spanish artist Claudi Casanovas.
Galerie Besson )
In-the-clouds-Osmosis-Emman - Emmanuel Peccatte
In the clouds Osmosis Emman – Emmanuel Peccatte
John Balistreri - Clayglazepots-Flickr
John Balistreri – sculpture
Sculpture of Zeus or Poseidon National Archaeological Museum
Huge bronze sculpture of Zeus or Poseidon
National Archaeological Museum, Greece
 Sculpture by Disma Tumminella – 1973
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