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Gallery Cruising – Ceramic Art





 Brancusi’s “Bird in Space” sculpture, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 1939


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Looking at ceramic art online is sometimes deceptive because the pieces are generally photographed on a plain background and the dimensionality can’t easily be ascertained  to get an idea of the  the actual size. Even when you know the dimensions it’s still a challenge to conceptualize. Depending on the image editing, the texture can also be difficult to judge. Visiting a gallery has a distinct advantage in this regard. The upside with galleries online is you get to scope places that you might never get to see.

Pottery and ceramics are a good fit with galleries because they are generally compact and are usually not dependant on walls for display and can be featured in narrow spaces. The pottery shapes respond favourably to good lighting , and can be highlighted to enhance their styles and colours. I’ve assembled some  images from various galleries.





Emile Gallé glass vases, Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy




Urs Fischer - MoCA USA

Urs Fischer – MoCA



Urchin Bonnechance Basket

Urchin Bonnechance Basket – Laura Donefer

2009 –  Duane Reed Gallery




475px-315px-Sasha Wardell ceramic vessels

Sasha Wardell ceramic vessels

Ceramic Art London fair,  presented by the Craft Potters Association (CPA),

photo: Mark Lawrence






British Museum Great Court





Susan Hails – Ceramic Gallery V & A

( Pinchpots )




Gillian Lowndes V&A-Ceramic Gallery

Gillian Lowndes V&A-Ceramic Gallery

( Pinchpots )





Stoneware Jar inlaid celadon

Stoneware Jar inlaid celadon

National Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institute





Standing Figure of an Ibis

Standing Figure of an Ibis

Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry

Brooklyn Museum




'Sleepy-Head' sculpture

‘Sleepy-Head’ sculpture – Peter Fitzgerald

Sculpt Gallery




Michael LuceroTeapot

Michael Lucero Teapot

Represented by Donna Schneier Fine Arts,  SOFA expo




Mycenaean-Pottery ClairH Flickr

Mycenaean pottery

( ClairH Flickr )




The Existential Void – Grayson Perry

Victoria Miro Gallery

via Pinchpots




pASHion - Adil Writer

pASHion -ash-glazed ceramics from the anagama of Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, India

Adil Writer





Purdue University Galleries

Performative Objects – Christyl Boger and Anne Drew Potter

Purdue University Galleries





Richard Notkin Teapots from the 1980s, and behind it, Philip Cornelius

Richard Notkin teapot from the 1980’s, and behind it, a Philip Cornelius teapot.

V&A-Ceramic Gallery

( Pinchpots )




Open Arms Jane Burton

Open Arms – Jane Burton

CFA Gallery

Gunhild Aaberg Contemporary Ceramics

Gunhild Aaberg Contemporary Ceramic

Ann Linnemann Studio Gallery, Denmark




Ceramic wall sculpture – Steve Allen

SFMOMA Artists Gallery – Wondrous Strange – A Twenty-first Century Cabinet of Curiosities.

San Fransisco via artbusiness.com





Michael Dennis States of Being

Michael Dennis – States of Being

Diane Farris Gallery in Vancouver,





Matt Wedel

LA Louver Gallery- USA





M. Pineteaux Limoges enamelled vase.

Height 12″ ( Antique Place )




Louvre – salle des caryatides





Artemis: Virgin Goddess of the Hunt. Goddess of the Untamed  Wilderness &  Beasts





Kang Hyo Lee - Mindy Solomon gallery

Korean Kang Hyo Lee – Mindy Solomon gallery


Jane Sauer Gallery

“TEXTILE 07 #10”  – Giles Bettison

Jane Sauer Gallery




‘Diva’ – Jane Burton

CFA Gallery

Contemporary Fine Arts  – California




Israel petals Susannah Israel

Israel petals – Susannah Israel

Pence Gallery



Jude Jelfs- Odalisque

Jude Jelfs – ‘Odalisque’

Sculpt Gallery




Figures Walking Artery Gallery

‘Figures Walking’ – Artery Gallery




Garden Sculpture ''Big-Yawn'

Garden Sculpture ‘Big-Yawn’ – Peter Fitzgerald

Unique stoneware suitable for outdoor sitting  – Sculpt Gallery





Happenings at Vineyard art

Happenings at Vineyard art galleries



Heather Whiteside Urban Art

Heather Whiteside Urban Art – Knoxville



Henrique Oliveira 2011

Henrique Oliveira 2011

Bololo, 2011, Smithsonian Museum of African Art.

Henrique Oliveira uses old plywood, fencing and PVC as his medium. Recycled from dumpsters and landfills from his home city, São Paulo, Oliveira shapes plywood around PVC forms.




Morikami Jin, Kenichi Nagakura exhibited by the TAI Gallery of Santa Fe

SOFA New York –  2012





Egyptian Hippo- Brooklyn Museum


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