Gallery Cruising – Ceramic Art


Nuestros Silencios by Rivelino in Brussels Louise


Mindy Solomon Gallery – SOFA NEW YORK 2012


Michikawa Shozo – Erskine Hall & Coe



Motohiko Odani

His unique style has won this artist acclaim both in Japan and abroad, and in 2003 he was selected as one of the artists to represent Japan at the Venice Biennale.

“Right now I have this strong Futurist interest in how to capture the concepts of movement and transformation, dynamism and speed in sculpture,” Odani said.

Sunny Harnett 1953

Gallery shoot with Sunny Harnett 1953

( photo Clifford Collins )


Natasha Dikareva   – Babylonian Underground

Gallery 5

Hans and Bernadette Te Wier

Hans and Bernadette Te Wier

Hamburg water woman sculpture

Oliver Voss sculpture – Alster Lake, Hamburg, Germany

Anselm Reyle exhibition

Anselm Reyle exhibition

Saatchi Gallery

Westbourne Sports College student ceramic exhibit

Pitcher with ” popart” motif – Westbourne Sports College student ceramic exhibit.

Akio Takamori ceramic sculpture

Akio Takamori ceramic sculpture

V.A Museum


Alberto Giacometti

Art Institute Chicago

( chicago-outdoor-sculptures.blogspot )

Greek Gallery MET

Greek Gallery – MET, NY

Grenada Sculpture

“Vicissitudes” – Jason De Caires Taylor

Grenada Sculpture

Making History Exhibition

Making History Exhibition

Viola Frey

Viola Frey

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Stoneware pot.

One of the hand-built stoneware pots by Julian King-Salter, Johanna Qualmann, Juliette Maher, Tim McDonald and Ariel Cameron
at the Sports for Pottery Exhibition ( students who elected to do pottery instead of sport )
Serpentine Gallery NSW
Recycled art by Sayaka Ganz
Recycled art by Sayaka Ganz
Barachou, Guissény
Barachou, Guissény
Barbro Åberg Grimmerhus Muse
Barbro Åberg – Grimmerhus Museum
BRANCUSI studio in Paris
 BRANCUSI studio in Paris Galerie Besson Exhibition
Galerie Besson Exhibition
mfa scholars rock exhibition
mfa scholars rock exhibition
Peter Hayes, own studio, UK
 Peter Hayes, own studio, UK
 Unique stoneware vessel with creased surface and matte white glaze, 1990
Yegi Barian
Yegi Barian
VeniceBiennele.jpg-475px-633px The Encyclopedic Palace – 55th Venice Biennale
Motohi Koodani
Motohi Koodani
Shona sculpture  at  Johannesburg Exhibition
Santa Maria Dello Spasimo
Vanessa Beecroft – Chiesa dello Spasimo, Palermo, 2008
Sculpture by Karen Grigoria
 Sculpture by Karen Grigorian
Healing winds of time
 ‘Healing Winds of Time’ – Mary Van Cline
Collection of the Kanazawa Museum, Kanazawa, Japan
Growing Up No
 Growing Up No.2 – Caroline Fawkes
Leach - Tree of Life-bowl V&A
Leach – Tree of Life bowl
Mother and Child
‘Mother and Child’ sculpture by  Han Meilin
Fujikasa Satoko
Fujikasa Satoko
Thunder Struck - BrianChristen
‘Thunder Struck’ – Brian Christensen
Adam Buik
Adam Buik
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