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I was contacted by email and asked to  look at the ceramics of the Clayhouse Gallery artists and was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I know very little about Kazakhstan other then it’s the largest landlocked country in the world. Anyway art is a universal language and its always great to see fine creativity manifesting in a distant culture. Clay House Gallery is situated in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan and features contemporary art with a specific focus on ceramics alongside paintings and jewellery. The gallery supports local artists in developing their work and its mission is to promote Kazakh contemporary art. The gallery features a fully equipped studio, where daily master classes are offered with instruction from a professional artist for both adults and children.




contemporary-ceramic-Elena Grigoryan - Angel Wing

‘Angel Wing’   –  Elena Grigoryan




Aleksandar-Candlestick Balance

‘Candlestick Balance’ –  Aleksandar




Aleksandar- 'Navi Settings'

‘Navi Settings’  – Aleksandar

Ceramic mural  38″ x 44 “




Anna Margatskaya-Broochn Woman

 Anna Margatskaya- ‘Brooch Woman’




Figurine - Askar Esdaulet - Victory

 Askar Esdaulet – ‘Victory’




Eduard Ghazaryan--'Bird'-dish-2013

‘Bird’– platter — Eduard Ghazaryan





Kazakhstan artist - Eduard Ghazaryan - Lovers

  Eduard Ghazaryan – ‘Lovers’



Eduard Ghazaryan-'On-The-Walk'

 Eduard Ghazaryan-‘On-The-Walk’




Elena Grigoryan- 'Chalice' -2013

Ceramic dish by Elena Grigoryan – ‘Chalice’ 





Gabo - Fried Dish

 Fried Dish – Gabo – ( Galya and Botha Kusainova )




Gabo - Mermaid-2014

 ‘Mermaid’ dish – Gabo  ( Galya and Botha Kusainova )





Gabo- Orange vase

 Striped ‘Orange’ vase – Gabo




Irina Kozhakhmetova -I would be a Butterfly

‘I would be a Butterfly’  – Irina Kozhakhmetova



Clayhouse artist - Isabelle Vershuren ceramic vessels

 Isabelle Vershuren




Kuralaj - ceramic bell

Ceramic Bell – Kuralaj





Clayhouse artist - Isabelle Vershuren Pebbles

‘Pebbles’  – Isabelle Vershuren


Isabelle-Vershuren-'Roshanara' - Copy

Isabelle Vershuren – ‘Roshanara’

Kuralaj -'Argali'-2014

‘Argali’ – Kuralaj





Kuralaj -'Bell'

Kuralaj – Bell with face





 ‘Wineglass’ – Kralaj



Natalia Lepikhin - Penarina

 Natalia Lepikhin  – ‘Penarina’  ceramic doll




Natalia Tsvyrova-Dove-4x12x11

 Natalia Tsvyrova – ‘Dove’

4′ x 12′ x 11′




kazakhstan artist - Natalia Tsvyrova - Horse

 Natalia Tsvyrova  – ‘Horse’





 Natalia Tsvyrova  – ‘Peacock’



Relax with a cup of tea' - Irina Kozhakhmetova-faience-glaze-2013

 ‘Relax with a cup of tea’ –  Irina Kozhakhmetova




Reşat Kozhahmetov -'Azure'-vessel

Azure’ vessel  – Reşat Kozhahmetov




 Candlestick Balance Reşat Kozhahmetov

‘Candlestick Balance’  — Reşat Kozhahmetov




Reşat Kozhahmetov - Decorative Vessel drip glaze contemporary

 Reşat Kozhahmetov – Decorative Vessel




Reşat Kozhahmet - 'Flight' 2009

‘Flight’ – Reşat Kozhahmetov



Contemporary-ceramics - Reşat Kozhahmetov--The Seabed Vessel 2012

 Reşat Kozhahmetov–  The Seabed Vessel’




Reşat Kozhahmetov The Vessel 'Self Awareness'

 Reşat Kozhahmetov –  The Vessel ‘Self Awareness’ 




Reşat Kozhahmetov - Torso-2009

 Reşat Kozhahmetov – ‘Torso’





Reşat Kozhahmetov - Underwater-2012 Landscape vessel

 Reşat Kozhahmetov  – ‘Underwater’

2012 Landscape vessel series




Reşat Kozhahmetov-Vase-From A Series Of Landscapes

 Reşat Kozhahmetov Vase – landscape series



Reşat Kozhahmetov-Vase Form A Series Of Patches-2013

 Reşat Kozhahmetov- ‘Vase Form A Series Of Patches’




Malhaz Shvelidze - Pharaoh-2013

 Malhaz Shvelidze – ‘Pharaoh’ 




Sergei Ledyaev - Sve-2014

 Sergei Ledyaev – ‘Sve’





Serik Rysbekov - silver, carnelian, turquoise pendant

 Serik Rysbekov





Vladimir Grigoryan




Vladimir Grigoryan -'Flamenco Dancer'

Kazakhstan artist  Vladimir Grigoryan – ‘Flamenco Dancer’



Kazakhstan-ceramics - Vladimir Grigoryan - Rhino

 Vladimir Grigoryan  – ‘Rhino’




 Some of the Clayhouse Gallery artists :


Anna Margatskaya--Kazakhstan artist

 Anna Margatskaya



Clayhouse Gallery artist Askar Esdaulet

 Askar Esdaulet



Ceramic artist Eduard Ghazaryan

 Eduard Ghazaryan



Gabo Kusainova

 Gabo  ( Twin sisters Galya and Botha Kusainova )



Sergei Ledyaev--clayartist

 Sergei Ledyaev



Clayhouse Gallery - Svetla on Plotnikov

 Svetla on Plotnikov



Kazakhstan artist Vladimir-Grigoryan

 Vladimir Grigoryan



Gigisha Pachkoria

 Gigisha Pachkoria



pottery artist Elena Grigoryan

Elena Grigoryan

More information on the artists and their works can be viewed  HERE



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