Jugs, pitchers and 2 coffee pots



The oldest example of functional pottery would have to be the water vessel, due to it being essential to primitive survival, and from this you could claim that the “jug” is probably the original  fuctional ware.  The word jug was first recorded in the late 15th century as jugge or jubbe. It is of unknown origin, but perhaps comes from jug, a familiar name used to describe  a maidservant at this time.The jug as a musical instrument reached its height of popularity in the 1920s, when jug bands, were popular. It could also be considered as the original wind bass instrument.



Red/brown glaze Denbac Pitcher Liqueur Flask

Denbac Pitcher Liqueur Flask





Two Purple/Blue floral wrapped jugs - Jane Bygrave

Blue floral wrapped jugs – Jane Bygrave


Charan Sachar turquoise and black ceramic pitcher - Creative With Clay

Charan Sachar


Green Denbac Curved Pitcher - French art pottery Denbac curved pitcher with ribbed design. - Terra Mare Antiques

Denbac Curved Pitcher

Terra Mare Antiques




Large handpainted Ruscha jug by Kurt Tschörner and Cilli Wörsdörfer, Germany



Daniel Slack - tall green pitcher - carved stoneware decorated with metallic oxide stains

Ceramic pitcher Wheel-thrown and carved stoneware decorated with metallic oxide stains brushed over a base glaze – Daniel Slack






Daum Pate De Verre Frosted Glass Mythologie Pitcher




Red VALLAURIS-ceramic-jug--free-form--pitcher--design

Rich red glaze Vallauris ceramic jug





French pitcher – Edmond  Lachenal


Burnt orange Jug with a dancing Aboriginal motif - Florenz pottery, Australia 1970

Florenz pottery, NSW,  Australia

circa 1970



Forest-L.-Middleton jug

Coffee Pot  – Forest L. Middleton

Pattern created with silkscreen and embossment transfers



Butter-Bell-Green Antique-Pitcher

Butter Bell Antique Pitcher


BlackTree Studio Pottery Sculpted Functional Stoneware Jug

BlackTree Studio Pottery Sculpted Functional Stoneware Jug




Jug Rock is a natural geological formation located outside of Shoals, Indiana, in the valley of the East Fork of the White River.

Named as such for obvious reasons.




Martina Lantin jug with botanical decoartion

Martina Lantin jug


Claire Prenton-ceramic-pitcher with branch handle and botanical decoration

Claire Prenton Céramiques



Harvest-jug, Barnstaple with incised decoration of a unicorn

Harvest-jug, Barnstaple  ( The Chipstone Collection )

This jug has the following rhyme placed beneath the handle :

Now I am come for to supply
Your workmen when in harvest dry
When they do labour hard and sweat
Good drink is better fare then meat
Also in winter when tis cold
I like wise then good drink can hold
Both Seasons do the same require
Also most men do good drink desire
John Hockin

Bruce Johnson brown glazed jug

Bruce Johnson



Masons-green-glazed jug

Masons green glazed jug with Hydra Chartreuse pattern





Dorothy Hafner Rosenthal Studio Line ‘Flash’ Juice Jug-Pitcher




Kaj Franck Sunflower Enamel Pitcher – Arabia Finland.


Gold eosin Zsolnay jug

Zsolnay Jug ( The Zsolnay Store )



Hoffmans Pottery jug with wavey top edge

Hoffmans Pottery



French Art Nouveau pitcher - Lucien Gaillard

Art Nouveau pitcher with silver filigree decoration – Lucien Gaillard

Glatigny 19o5




60s Arthur Wood orange ceramic Art Deco jug with geometric handle

Vintage British 60s Arthur Wood ceramic Art Deco jug

( The Art Deco Store )



Masons Old Fenton octagonal jug with floral patterns

Masons Old Fenton octagonal jug




Masons Hydra Chinoiserie jug

Masons Hydra Chinoiserie



Posey Bacopoulos, NY

Posey Bacopoulos, NY



Sue Tirrell jug with large red hare motif

Sue Tirrell jug



Sylvac-style-brown-glazed mottled texture jug

Sylvac style brown glazed floral jug



Art Deco jug in green, black and white

Art Deco Jug –  ( the art deco store )



Amber antique ceramic puzzle jug

Puzzle Jug – only by closing a certain combination of holes can the contents be extracted.

Popular in homes and taverns, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries.



Wade Heath lidded Coffee Pot in blue and white

Vintage Wade Heath Coffee Pot


” Jug with attitude ” – Lilach Lotan pottery



Ceres Goddess jug from 1797, Bideford in red and yellow

A Ceres Goddess jug from 1797, Bideford, UK



Julia Galloway elegant ceramic Jug

Julia Galloway



Wade Sylvac Carltonware Art Deco jug

Wade Sylvac Carltonware



Tall and slender Del-Genio crackle pitcher

A Del-Genio crackle pitcher



Antique French jug in pale green glass

Antique French jug

Corinthian Jug - “animal frieze” style, ca. 580 BC.

Corinthian Jug – “animal frieze” style, ca. 580 BC.

Sarah Dunstan Pitcher with swallow motifs

Sarah Dunstan




Jug in “Inglaze Blue Cat” design by Heron Cross Pottery.



Ceramic-Ewer-Pitcher-by-Fantoni-for-Raymor,-1961 with man riding a horse

Ceramic Ewer Pitcher by Fantoni for Raymor



Large Scale Earthenware Pitcher by Marcello Fantoni – Donzella, NY

1956  Height – 25inches



David-Allnatt blue pitcher

David Allnatt






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