Porcelains and mixed media – Sally Cleary


mixed media sculpture Sally Cleary

Wood and fungus – Land and Identity  —  Sally Cleary


Sally Cleary likes to create mixed media landscapes that combine hand made organic forms with natural and man-made found objects transposed through mixed-media sculpture, art installations and photography. These range from large scale installations or more compact 3D collages . Her hybrid creations attempt to re-examine and reinterpret the genre of still life in the 21st century with particular emphasis on the mechanisms and mixed art categories reflecting changes in our natural environment. Symbolic objects are introduced as metaphors for the fragility and vulnerability of our natural ecological balance. Since 2016 she has also been developing a new range of porcelain ceramics, focusing on organic vessel forms that can be utilised for vases, lighting and tableware.
Sally always new she would pursue art as a career and began with a Diploma in Visual Arts followed by an MA and a PhD in Fine Art. She worked for 2 years at the National Gallery of Australia aand 15 years as a teacher in ceramics and sculpture at the RMIT University . She is currently living in Paris where she gives workshops in the porcelain arts and also shares a large studio on the outskirts of Paris with a group of artists.


Sally Cleary website



the Unswept Floor series-by-Sally-Cleary wall art

the Unswept Floor series by Sally Cleary



Porcelain vessels by Sally Cleary

Sally Cleary porcelain ware



slab constructed porcelain vessel by Sally Cleary

Slab construct porcelain vessel – Sally Cleary



Sally Cleary---works on-paper sculpture

Sally Cleary — works on paper



Sally Cleary----white paper-sculpture

Sally Cleary — works on paper




Caught in the forest -- Sally Cleary Mimesis nature collage

‘Caught in the forest’ — Sally Cleary

Mimesis series


Of life and love-Sally Cleary - mixed medias collage

‘Of life and love’  – Sally Cleary


This work connects to a Roman Mosaic, The Unswept Floor , by Heracleitus, 2nd cent. AD. Mosaic variant of a 2nd-century BC Greek mosaic by Sosos of Pergamon.




Sally Cleary--slab built vases in black and white

Sally Cleary–slab built porcelain vases


slab built porcelain vases by Sally Cleary

Slab built porcelain vases by Sally Cleary


dry-dam-collage sculpture-Sally-Cleary

Sally Cleary



Dry-riverbed-Sally-Cleary--mixed media art

‘Dry riverbed’  – Sally Cleary



porcelain-footed-cone-vessel with candle by -Sally-Cleary

Porcelain footed cone vessel with candle  -Sally Cleary




escarpment-sculpture-Sally-Cleary - Land and Identity series 2008

‘Escarpment’ —  Sally Cleary



Textural porcelain vases slab built by Sally Cleary

Textural porcelain vases by Sally Cleary




2 porcelain vases by Sally Cleary

Porcelain vases by Sally Cleary



Sally Cleary black on white porcelain vase



Porcelain cup, saucer,plate and spoon - Sally Cleary

Sally Cleary



Porcelain leaves by Sally Cleary

Sally Cleary white porcelain leaves



Two hand made cylinder slab vases - Sally Cleary

Two hand made cylinder slab vases – Sally Cleary



Incised porcelain vase - Sally Cleary

Incised porcelain vase – Sally Cleary


Sally-Cleary-three sculptural-porcelains

Porcelain sculpture – Sally Cleary



Cone shaped cup  —  Sally Cleary



‘Silent Night’  —  Sally Cleary

This artwork introduces a bird, The Barking Owl, sitting on chair in the middle of a dry riverbed. This owl, once a visitor to my farm, could often be heard barking or screaming at night, and is now on the extinct species list of animals in the south-eastern forests of Victoria, due to habitat removal.



Sally  Cleary with her Silent Night exhibition




 mixed media collage

‘Silver bower’ – Sally Cleary


Sally Cleary



Swirling around--Sally Cleary 3D collage

‘Swirling around’ — Sally Cleary



Unfurling Mimesis,-2008---Sally-Cleary

‘Unfurling Mimesis’ – Sally-Cleary




‘Winter Landscape’ by Sally Cleary


Sally Cleary website




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