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Jan Bilek porcepain teal striped bottle

Teal Striped Bottle – Jan Bilek

My pottery is wheel-thrown and altered porcelain.  In order to create a balance between form and surface, I have utilized multiple layers of flowing glazes to express a sense of movement and dimension that is organic in nature. The fluidity of the glaze enhances the expression of the vessel form and inspires a body of work that explores the theme of nature and growth. “

Vilmos Zsolnay

Swedish Vase, geometric styled leaves.

Beverly Marusa Teapot

The juxtaposition of soft color transitions and  twining roots against the textural surfaces found in geologic formations fascinates me. It so readily illustrates the struggles of life forms adapting to the ever changing influences of our ecosystems by both natural causes and the effects of human activity. I strive to convey this struggle in my work by using soft glaze transitions and adding natural elements in the forms of clinging roots, vines, and leaves.

Satsuma Vessel

Large turquoise serving/fruit bowl  – Pietsch Pottery

Yu Gwang-yeol, Korean ceramic master

Porcelain cat Anya Stasenko and Slava LeontyevPorcelain Cat

Painted Porcelain Cats – Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev

” arlequin with guitar ” –  Giulio Pedrana – 2011

Red Dragon Paperweight – Royal Crown Derby




Ceramic Mural Nancy McCroskey

Large Ceramic Mural – Aerial Rhythm 1991 – Nancy McCroskey   ( 6ft x 12ft )

( Whetstone ES )

Jane Peiser Landscape Vase

Jane Peiser ( Glass Artist ) – Night/Sky/Land – Landscape Vase

Billet – Giles Bettison  ( Glass Artist ) 2009

Sabbia Gallery

Lidded Shino Jar with Finger Wipes, 2012   – Warren Mckenzie

( lacoste gallery )

Garden Ceramic Firepot

Austrian Amphora Vase

Nick Joerling

Barbro Aberg

Barbro Aberg Ceramic Vessels – Sweden

Puls Gallery

Ancient Greek Amphora

 In the Panathenaic Games, amphora vessels containing oil were used for prizes for victors. (560 BC)

Garry Shead

( Vicki Grima – flickr )

Thomas Fetter Modernist Studio Art Pottery

( Trocadero )

Lawrence Namoki

( Two Ravens pottery )

” Small Bouquet ” – Kochevet Bendavid

Amphora Clock – Austria

Vase by Legras

Meghan Stewart – BULB VESSEL (large)
porcelain – thrown and hand built
under glaze wash and drawings non-functional.

( Gallery 78 )

Patch glazed pitcher vase.

Anita Harris fairydust lustre skittle vase

( Barewall )

Red Owl Cookie Jar – Anthropologie

Flora Danica dinner set – Denmark


Siiri Silpala Doan carved tree plate.

Satsuma Porcelain Bottle

One of the most famous Japanese cities for producing porcelain wares is Satsuma, which is located in the prefecture of Kagoshima.

1950s Italian ceramic Tri Colour shoulder vase by Marcello Fantoni for Raymor.

Small Ceramic Platter   ”  Reclining Woman  “

” The female form is a recurring inspiration and seems to lend itself beautifully to decorating the curves of platters and dishes. This platter was made of pressed raku clay, fired and then painted with layers of acrylic colour. I’m reminded of a pottery teacher who once remarked on my fondness for depicting ‘declining nudes’! Henri Matisse’s paintings provided the inspiration. “

– Jill Milne

Yoshiro Ikeda  – Abstract Ceramic Sculpture

Picassoesque sculpture by French ceramicist Roger Capron.

Galle Vase   1918 – 1931

Italian ceramic Lama Vase – Fratelli Fanciullacci

Ceramic Amphora bowl four handled with colourful slip painted design

( Treadway Toomey Galleries )

Cloisonne and foil design vase

Earthenware cooking pot from South Vietnam

( Freer/Sackler Gallery )

Kai Futamono

Ash glazed pottery bowls – Ema Hiroshi

Green has become thicker every rainfall.
Exhibition of works by sending gotten fired for 10 days continued to put fire to the kiln.
This work but it’s also 72 different, something that can be introduced in three days or after a few more points ·. Still would like to see the real thing. In light of the morning I would Implied blue, the color of the evening  do not know any better.Not available over-the-counter and not a glossy color when moistened with water!

And pumped out in less Shimawa cup, coffee cup, so use items normally · · ·

( the Google Japanese translation for the details of  these bowls had me stumped )

Jane Perryman Raku Vessel

” Struggling form ”   –  Harumi Naka

Ando Jubei  – Japanese Cloisonne Moriage circa 1900

( The end of history shop )

Simone Fraser

Demonstrating at the Australian Ceramics Triennial

Ardmore Platter

( Ardmore Australia )

Michael Schael – Drip glaze vase – Rock Eagle Pottery


Layne Rowe – Scarify Series

Handpainted antique French porcelain mantle clock

Baroque Rococco revival style signed Felix

Chinese porcelain vase

Terry Wright

Terry trained as a sculptor and potter in South Africa before going  to Australia to work as a teacher.

One of her enduring interests is low fired ceramics, a reference to the influence of traditional African ceramics.

Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain Plate in stylized Art Nouveau Purple Iris

Signed  Haviland Limoges France 1893-1930

( Rubylane )

Fong Choo

Allamakee Wood Fired Pottery

Tall  Italian Art Pottery Vase with Sgraffito Lines and Gold Bands

Tang-Dynasty- Rare Miniatur Chinese Pottery

Roman 1st Century glass bowl

 Detroit Institute of Arts

Lutz metal overlay vase

Original Bizarre Clarice Cliff  Vase – 1928

more Clarice here


 Moser Bohemian Art Glass Vase  c: 1885

( Ruby Lane )

A Nazca/Wari transitional stirrup jar – pre AD1000



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    Some time ago I came across a show catalogue on a potter whose pots were mostly large slab rectangles that looked like boxes with large multiple chimneys coming out of the top. I think it was a retrospective show. Would love to find this artist again. I know it was a male with a western name. Thanks for any help you can give.

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