Terri Smart – riding the waves

Butting through the channel


Surrey Ceramicist Terri Smart :

UK based Terri Smart has a secluded pottery studio in Surrey overlooking a garden and fields, and she likes to interact with the natural world for inspiration. Her evolving sculpture trail winds through fruit trees and a wild flower meadow. ” I am influenced by natural elements such as wind and water and I like to emphasise the contrasts between nature and man. ”  For over 20 years now she has remained fascinated by the feel of the clay, the delight in making a structured piece out of a formless lump, the adventure of experimentation with new techniques and the excitement of taking the finished article out of the kiln.

Although her studio is not near the sea, a regular feature of her current output has been boats traversing the waves and seas. These are hand built from clay using the slab building method and matt glazes to produce soft forms that are inspired by the rise and fall of waves. Most of her work is hand-built in textured stoneware clays, and decorated with coloured slips, oxides and glazes before firing to 1220C. ” Sometimes ideas come fully formed into my head, sometimes I develop a piece directly in clay. At the moment most of my work is handbuilt; I enjoy the slower, more thoughtful pace of the process as opposed to working on the wheel. “

Having been influenced by her artist father, Terri took up a career in architecture and interior design, working in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Paris, and Hong Kong. It was during her time in Hong Kong she took up the study of ceramics at  ” The Fringe ” under the guidance of Liz Cameron. This was followed by the establishment of a studio in Singapore before returning to her current studio in East Clandon in 1994.





The Hastings Sea Stumps © 2009 – 2010 Andrew Poder and Terri Smart

terrxvpzvqxcutnguflsjslnaut – Terri Smart

Spring Growth

Surrey Sculpture Society Trail

Big Pom

Green Goddess

Big Elm Seed – ceramic sculpture in a Surrey field

Maasai with red ochre cloth

Striped Pitcher


Apostrophe Jar with lid

Jade Princess

Masai Handmaiden

Treasure Chest

Striped Teapot

Pit fired flames

Come Hither Heather

Seed Pod – ceramic vessel

Art Deco scent bottle


Pit fired Ancient Totem II

White Lama


Blue Lidded Jar

Tall Bearded Barley


Bouncy Tug

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