Ghost Gum Gone and Vintage Australian Ceramics


Lost ghost gum tree

Ghost gum magnificence


When I would take my dog for a stroll, the first thing that would confront me when ascending the steep hill near my home, was this magnificent old Ghost Gum tree. Situated in a commanding position like a guardian overlooking the valley below, it was a vision of grace, endurance and power. Some have a lifespan of over 500 years, so I was dismayed to see it being removed with chainsaws recently.  A vision not to behold ! Apparently a branch was diseased but overall the tree looked healthy to me.

These iconic Australian trees  don’t occur naturally in prolific  numbers and have the status of being sacred according to the indigenous Australians. Its long and smooth branches have a serpent like quality. This Ghost Gum was over 50 feet in height. The only place it will exist now is in Google maps which is where I grabbed this image from.




This majestic Ghost Gum is also in the neighbourhood and has the twisting, weaving, undulating branches that are similar to one of  its sacred cousins, the Oak Tree. This one is on private property, so it hopefully won’t fall to a similar fate.


 Some other Aussie Ghost Gums 




Heritage listed Ghost Gum

 ( )






Koala on a Ghost Gum


Australian Ghost Gumtree

The curvaceous lines really make it the Goddess of the Gumtrees

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Ghost Gum in Ormiston Gorge, West MacDonnell National Park (© Vilis Nams)




Trephina gorge Ghost Gum

‘ Gorgeous ‘ – Trephina Gorge Ghost Gums

( Island Home – Flickr )






Centralian Ghost Gum (Corymbia aparrerinja), just south of Alice Springs, Central Australia.

 ( Michael J. Barritt – flickr )





Ghost Gum (Corymbia aparrerinja) at Simpsons Gap, part of the West MacDonnell National Park , Central Australia

 ( Michael J. Barritt – flickr )






“Twin Ghosts” by Albert Namatjira.

 The Ghost Gum tree features in aboriginal Dreamtime stories and gained prominence with the wider public in the 20th century through the paintings of aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira.





 Trephina gorge » The largest Ghost Gum in the Centre

( photo – Johan Douma )





A Ghost Gum couldn’t grow a straight branch if  it tried. Just like in feng shui, the curvy shapes of the branches represent inclusiveness, compassion and  flexibility.

( photo –  Brolga Healing Journeys )




Outback Ghost Gum

Graham Gercken – deviant art




GhostGum Bark

This piece of bark has a thickness of nearly 1 inch, taken from a branch of the lost Ghost Gum.





Standley Chasm ghost gum

Stanley Chasm ghost gum

Alice Springs, Australia






Ghost gum eucalyptus

 Alice Springs, Australia





Ceramic sculpture  by Val Mark   –  Ghost Gum

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Vintage Australian Pottery :


Gum leaves, gum nuts and gum flowers were a regular feature on Australian vintage pottery. So its not hard to find pottery with representation of the Gumtree.

HARRY WHYTE Gunda pottery jug

Vintage Harry Whyte Gunda pottery jug

MELROSE Pottery 1930s VASE

MELROSE Pottery 1930’s Vase

MERIDIAN Fruit dish with gumtree flowers

Fruit dish with gumtree flowers – Carltonware ( UK )

Vivid red gumtree flowers

Vivid red gumtree flowers

 ( )

Mary Gibbs decorative plate

Decorative plate with a Mary Gibbs illustration

Aboriginal art bowl J.MADEI STUDIO ANNA

Aboriginal art bowl  – J.Madei – Studio Anna

Studio Anna Vintage Salt Pepper Shakers

Studio Anna Vintage Salt n Pepper Shakers

Vintage Margot Laurie Drip Glaze Vase

Vintage Margot Laurie Australian Drip Glaze Vase

Royal Doulton Gum leaf Vase

Florenz ( Florence Williams ) Gumleaf and Gumnuts Jug

Royal Doulton Gumtree Vase

Royal Doulton ( UK ) Gumtree Vase – 1934

( )

Slat and Pepper Shakers Ellis

Slat and Pepper Shakers – Ellis

Florenz Pottery Vase

Florenz Pottery Vessel

FLORENZ Pottery -1950s-Gumleaf Wall Pocket

FLORENZ Pottery  – 1950s  Gumleaf  Wall Pocket

Studio Anna Vase

Studio Anna – Vintage Aboriginal Art Vase


Elfreda Finlay – Australian Landscape Vase


Remued Pottery – Cream & Green Drip Glaze Jug

Diana Pottery Gum Leaf Wall Pocket Vase

Diana Pottery Gum Leaf Wall Pocket Vase

Large Wendy Gumleaf Vase

Large Wendy Gumleaf Vase

AMB Pottery Neil Douglas Bush scene dish

AMB Pottery – Neil Douglas Bush scene dish

Bjorn Schie Pottery Vase

Bjorn Schie Pottery Vase

Guy Boyd Handpainted Bowl

Guy Boyd Handpainted Kangaroo Bowl




Gum leaf decoration tri sided planter





Waisted vase with gum leaf decoration – Jaree Pottery





Yarrabar Pottery vessel




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