Inaugural NGV triennial


 Muholi Buzani–South African photographer and ‘visual activist’ self portrait



Victoria Amazonica at the NGV Triennial 2017, a collaboration between Yarrenyty Altere artists in Alice Springs, the Campana brothers in Sweden and Elliat Rich. Photograph John Gollings

‘Victoria Amazonica’ at the NGV Triennial 2017, a collaboration between Yarrenyty Altere artists in Alice Springs, the Campana brothers in Sweden and Elliat Rich.

Photograph John Gollings



‘Victoria Amazonica’

Estudio Campana (Brazil), Yarrenyty Arltere Artists (Australia) and Elliat Rich (France); an important collaboration that draws upon the shared cultural motifs of the artists to create a brightly coloured upholstered dome, to be used as a meeting point and welcoming entrance to the NGV Triennial exhibition


NGV Trinnial 

15 DEC 2017 – 15 APR 2018
 Free Entry


The NGV is the oldest and most visited Australian art gallery. It occupies two locations: NGV International and NGV Australia, which are in close proximity to each other.
The 2017 NGV Triennial is one of the most ambitious Summer exhibitions that has been staged by the Melbourne gallery. Featuring the works of over 100 artists and designers from a spread of 32 countries, this huge event is occupying all 4 levels of the NGV International. This is the National Gallery of Victoria {NGV) first international Triennial of contemporary art and design and will showcase artistic brilliance and technical virtuosity in the fields of architecture, animation, performance, film, painting, drawing, fashion design, tapestry and sculpture.
The entrance will display a a seven-metre-wide steel dome structure clad in a universe of embroidered soft panels. A 15 foot long reclining Buddha sculpture, graced with the presence of white Roman Greco, Renaissance and Neoclassical statues, in a symbiosis of East and West, will reside in the NGV forecourt.



interactive and fully immersive digital installation is being created by TeamLab

‘Moving creates vortices and vortices’ – Toshiyuki Inoko

An interactive and fully immersive digital installation created by TeamLab. NGV 2017


Twenty new works have been commissioned for the Triennial, from artists including Chinese couture artist Guo Pei, Japanese collective teamLab, Polish performance artist Paulina Olowska, Canadian Sascha Braunig, South African photographer Zanele Muholi, Chinese sculptor and installation artist Xu Zhen, and Argentian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou – who will create a 100m2 topographical carpet landscape. Local artists will include Ben Quilty, Brodie Neill, Büro North, the Yarrenyty Arltere Artists, Louisa Bufardeci, the Bula’bula Artists, Reko Rennie, Riley Payne, Ron Mueck, Sean O’Connell, and Tom Crago.



Xu Zhen - Eternity sculpture

Xu Zhen – ‘Eternity’ sculpture, Beijing



Reclining-Buddha-statue NGV

‘Eternity Buddha in Nirvana’…2016-17  —   depicts the traditional reclining Buddha draped with replicas of Greco-Roman, Renaissance and Neoclassical statues. The 18 metres long, 15 tonnes giant sculpture by Chinese contemporary artist XuZhen, is being installed at the NGV forecourt.  ‘I have always been curious about the differences between cultures and the alienation between them. And yet, misconceptions can be the beginning of awareness and understanding.’ Xu uses the colossal form of a reclining Buddha dating from the High Tang dynasty (705–781 CE). Tthe original was built into a manmade grotto, the Nirvana Cave near the Chinese city of Dunhuang,



Topographical Rug -Alexandra Kehayoglou---photo Ben Swinnerton

Alexandra Kehayoglou, NGV Triennial. 2017

photo Ben Swinnerton



Alexandra Kehayoglou with her work ‘No Longer Creek’, 2016

Woven topographical rug

Photograph – Wayne Taylor



Mass-by-Ron-Mueck-----NGV-2017 - large skull

‘Mass’ by Ron Mueck—–NGV 2017



NGV Garden Wall 2017- Retalack Thompson and architects and Henry Moore sculpture

NGV Garden Wall 2017 – Retallack Thompson and architects



Saccades-Sascha-Braunig contemporary art

‘Saccades’ – Sascha Braunig



Sascha Braunig, 'Hilt', 2015 oil on linen over panel contemporary art

Sascha Braunig, ‘Hilt’, 2015 oil on linen over panel

To form the basis for her paintings, Braunig fashions rudimentary forms from clay, sometimes draped with cloth and sequins, and then illuminates them with dramatically colored directional lighting. Immaculately rendered in luminous palettes, they project a distinct visual language informed by the legacies of Op-Art and Surrealism.



Sascha Braunig – ‘Troll’





Dutch design and art collective We Make Carpets

Dutch design and art collective ‘We Make Carpets’

The Dutch design and art collective is known for recognising the possibilities found in familiar household and everyday items – plastic forks, chalk, paper clips, dry pasta, wooden toothpicks – to be transformed into new and surprising installations



Domingos S. Kamulemba Tipo Pass – EdisonChagas


Guo Pei Legend collection,from her 2017-spring summer-Couture-show in Paris

Guo Pei Legend collection,from her 2017-spring summer Couture show in Paris



Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei with her 2017 Legend Collection

Guo Pei with her 2017 Legend Collection

Photo Eugene Hyland



Guo Pei - Haute Couture a model in aredgown

Guo Pei – Haute Couture

Chinese born fashion designer Guo Pei’s elaborate couture constructions reflect on the tradition of China in the contemporary age.




Guo Pei —  Legend Collection, Spring 2017

photo – Rose Studio



Golden-Goddess-Guo-Pei-(metallic fabric, silk, embroidery, crystals)-Tim-O’Connor-National-Gallery-of-Victoria-NGV -

‘Golden Goddess’  — Guo Pei (metallic fabric, silk, embroidery, crystals)-

Photo – Tim O’Connor – NGV 2017



Shilpa-Gupta-large rock like sculpture

Shilpa Gupta’s black ambiguous mass sculpture fuses thousands of microphones accompanied by a multi-channel choral and spoken-word recording




2017 NGV Triennial, @formafantasma presents Ore Streams, an ambitious investigation into the recycling of precious electronic waste

2017 NGV Triennial, @formafantasma presents Ore Streams, an ambitious investigation into the recycling of precious electronic waste




Ephrem Solomon Tegegn — ‘Adam and Eve’



est living art_ngv_triennial_Nendo-Manga-chairs

Nendo Manga chairs (detail) 2015 | Courtesy Nendo and Friedman Benda, New York

Photo: Kenichi Sonehara


Ben Quilty's 'High Tide Mark' at NGV Triennial orange life jacket

Ben Quilty’s ‘High Tide Mark’ at NGV Triennial




Fairy Bower Rorschach’ (2012) by Ben Quilty


Crystallization water dress by Iris van Herpen--Photo - Daphne Guiness and Nick Knight

Crystallization water dress by Iris van Herpen

Photo – Daphne Guiness and Nick Knight

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen’s garments embody possibilities for the future of fashion. A pioneer in 3D printed garments, her theatrical designs merge the digital with traditional couturier craftsmanship.



Iris Van Herpen futuristic Dress-2011 on display at NGV Triennial 2017---photo Tom Ross

Iris Van Herpen futuristic Dress 2011 on display at NGV Triennial 2017

photo Tom Ross


Haegue Yang, South Korea





Large tree portrait  — Myoung Ho Lee




PET Lamp Ramingining NGV 2017 by PET Lamp and Bula’Bula Artists



Riley Payne  --  'Try to do the right thing (pizza)' contemporary art

Riley Payne  —  ‘Try to do the right thing (pizza)’



Uji-Handoko-Eko-Saputro-sculpture green head

Uji Handoko Eko Saputro – sculpture

Hahan creates dynamic and colourful paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints that combine the aesthetics of traditional Javanese mythology with popular youth culture and underground comics.



Uji (Hahan) Handoko Eko Saputro’s work on display in NGV Triennial consists of paintings held up by life-size sculptures

Uji (Hahan) Handoko Eko Saputro’s work on display in NGV Triennial consists of paintings supported by life-size sculptures



Mei Yamanaka performing in “Slavic Goddesses — A Wreath of Ceremonies

Mei Yamanaka performing in “Slavic Goddesses — A Wreath of Ceremonies,” by Paulina Olowska, NY

 Ołowska has worked across performance, sculpture, painting, neon and fashion to reappraise history and bring recognition to (female) artists.

Credit – Andrea Mohin/The New York Times




Yayoi Kusama


Tala Madan--Dripping Flowers---2016i

Tala Madan, Iran — ‘Dripping Flowers’


Rich in narrative and heavy in irony, Tala Madani’s incisive paintings depict darkly comic and often theatrical mise en scénes in which bald, middle-aged men engage in absurd scenarios that fuse playfulness with violence and perversity.



Del Kathryn Barton-The Highway is a Disco

Del Kathryn Barton – ‘The Highway is a Disco’  

— showing at NGV Australia, Melbourne, until 12 March 2018



Art permanently located at NGV International




Alexander Archipenko —  ‘Silhoeutte’




Golden mirror carousel---Carsten Holler---2014 NGV

‘Golden mirror carousel’  —Carsten Holler




Gareth Sansom — ‘Transformer’ – expressionistic tapestry



Alessandro-ALGARDI---Flageellation-group-figure sculptures

Alessandro Algardu — ‘Flageellation group’



Benjamin-Robert-HAYDON--Marcus-Curtius painting

Benjamin Robert Haydon — ‘Marcus Curtius’




Alfred-Gilbert-Icarus---c1889 bronze male figure statue

Alfred Gilbert  —  ‘Icarus’

c. 1889


Ariadne - kneeling nude female sculpture --Harold-Parker--1919

‘Ariadne’ —  Harold Parker



Jean Paul Gaultier+NGV Lei Lady Lei sculpture couture

Jean Paul Gaultier –  ‘Lei Lady Lei’



Barbara Hepworth —  ‘Eidos’




Barbara Hepworth – ‘Figure 9 Oread’



Greg_Semu1The Raft of the Tagata Pasifika


Greg Semu photo  — ‘The Raft of the Tagata Pasifika’



Botanical figure-II---Fiona Murphy--1994---stoneware vase

‘Botanical figure II’ — Fiona Murphy

1994—stoneware vase




‘Cain and Abel’, double spouted Italian majolica ewer


Wood carved panel Buddhist deity holding lotus Chinese Ming-dynasty-1368-1644


Buddhist deity holding lotus – relief panel

Chinese Ming dynasty  –  1368 1644





‘Ecstasy’ (Extase) —  Andre Masson




Evidence-of-origin-Elwin-Dennis1971 red abstract sculpture

‘Evidence of origin  – Elwin Dennis



'Flower dancer' - Inge King abstract biomorphic sculpture

‘Flower dancer’ – Inge King



Fukurokuju (God of wisdom) Meiji period-1868-1912 Figurine of porcelain,-enamel,-gilt

‘Fukurokuju’ (God of wisdom) —  porcelian, enamel and gilt figurine

Meiji period 1– 1868-1912



Galuma Maymuru  --- 'Nyapilingu' - carved wooden standing figure

Galuma Maymuru  — ‘Nyapilingu’



Ganesha on a throne of cobras---Nepal(17th-century) bronze cast statue

‘Ganesha’ on a throne of cobras — Nepal





‘Gorilla carrying off a woman’ — (Gorille enlevant une femme)  —  Emmanuel Fremet



Half figure Henry Moore-1933 marble sculpture

‘Half figure’ –  Henry Moore, UK




Hippolyta-and-the-Amazons-defeating-Theseus---Jean-Broome-Norton 1933-Australian sculpture

‘Hippolyta and the Amazons defeating Theseus’ — Jean Broome Norton

1933 Australia



Joseph-BROWN---The Cave--1970 abstract contemporary sculpture

Joseph Brown  —  ‘The Cave’




Jean-Broome-Norton-Abundance-1934 Art Deco sculpture

Jean Broome Norton – ‘Abundance’




Joseph-Csaky-1919---cast-1960 Cubist head sculpture

Joseph Csaky 1919—cast 1960 Cubist sculpture



Keeley Halswelle-Green robed senators-c.1880-National-Gallery-of-Victoria,-Melbourne

Keeley Halswelle  —  ‘Green Robed Senators’




Kikim-Kerker-Maizab-Kaur-Ad-Bami---Ago Anson,Norah Gada-Sailor,Colina Sailor,Ina Pilot,Ruth Pau,May Stephen-1996

‘Kikim Kerker Maizab Kaur Ad Bami’  — Ago Anson, Norah Gada Sailor, Colina Sailor, Ina Pilot, Ruth Pau, May Stephen




(Couronne-de-Bourgeons-II)-Crown-of-Buds-II---Jean-Arp-1936 biomorphic sculpture

‘(Couronnede Bourgeons II) Crown of Buds II’ —  Jean Arp




Medusa---Barbara Tribe-1931-Australian naked female and snake sculpture

‘Medusa’  —  Barbara Trib

1931, Australia




‘Koku’ (Void)  —  Sugura Noriyoshi




Lewis John Godfrey - 'Lyrebird' carved wood sculpture wall art

Lewis John Godfrey – ‘Lyrebird’




Lucy Irvine---Before the after-2013

Lucy Irvine — ‘Before the after’



'Magram le op' - (The face of Magram) --- Ricardo Idagi - indiginous art

‘Magram le op’ – (The face of Magram) — Ricardo Idagi



Margaret Preston’s Strelitzia-(1925)-on-display-at-NGV-Australia

Margaret Preston’s ‘Strelitzia’ (1925)



Michael Parekowhai---Cosmo McMurtry---2006

Michael Parekowhai — ‘Cosmo McMurtry’  





Michael Zurn II  —  ‘Madonna and Child’




Morigami Jin-Big-Wave-2014

Morigami Jin  –  ‘Big Wave’




Moses and the tablets-Karl Duldig-1956-Earthenware

‘Moses and the tablets‘  – Karl Duldig



Figures,--Henry-Moore-----1932 wood block carving print

Figures,–Henry Moore



Northern Qi-dynasty-550-CE-577-CE-Mythical Animal relief sculpture

‘Mythical Animal’

Northern Qi dynasty

550 CE – 577 CE


People in a wind---Kenneth-Armitage---1950

‘People in a wind’ — Kenneth Armitage



Reclining-figure-Henry-Moore nude female sculpture

‘Reclining figure No 7’  –  Henry Moore




Rings of Jupiter-(3)-Inge King---2006

‘Rings of Jupiter’ – Inge King




SENOI people---Air Spirit-1965-75

SENOI people   —  ‘Air Spirit’




St Bartholemew---Lutz Presser---1980-81

‘St. Bartholemew’ — Lutz Presser




St-Catherine-Spain-Catalan-1350 full size female sculpture

‘St. Catherine’

Spain, Catalan 1350



St. Elizabeth of Hungary---Alfred Gilbert-1900-01

‘St. Elizabeth of Hungary’ — Alfred Gilbert




Tapio Wirkkala’s Kantarelli,-vase-(Chanterelle),-1946-(designed)-NGV

Tapio Wirkkala’s Kantarelli, vase (Chanterelle)

1946 (designed)





‘The confession of the Giaour’  –  Eugene Delacroix

France  1825-40




‘The fallen idol’  —  Alfred Gilbert



The vintage festival-Lawrence Alma Tadema--1871 a festive procession

‘The vintage festival’ –  Lawrence Alma Tadema  {2nd half below}




'The vintage festival' -  Lawrence Alma Tadema  a celebaration procession

‘The vintage festival’ –  Lawrence Alma Tadema



Tree goddess,-Shalabhanjika---1150-1200 Indian intricately carved statue

Indian ‘Tree Goddess, Shalabhanjika’




Tree of life--Pino Conte-1961

‘Tree of life’ — Pino Conte




Vincas-Jomantas-Blue Bird-1957-Australia

Vincas Jomantas – ‘Blue Bird’

1957, Australia



Windows in the water---David Wlison---1986

‘Windows in the water’ — David Wilson



Clive Travers Stephen---Garden-sculpture---!940 ArtDeco

Clive Travers Stephen—Art Deco sculpture




NGV Collection




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