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Rometti ceramica maison


Rometti black and white vase with abstract motifs

Tesoro pedestal vase – Rometti


Rometti black and white geometric logo


The Ceramiche Rometti maison (house) has been active in Umbertide, Italy since 1927. Rometti was one of the first in Italy, in the early thirties, to move away from the traditional figurative neo-Renaissance and late Italian Liberty style to pursue the innovative ideas of avant-garde art and international design. Founders Settimio and Aspromonte Rometti guided the venture to successfully implement some of the finest components of contemporary design, creating products that combined research and creativity.


Plate with conentric circles and silohette of a man sowing seedThe-Sower---Corrado-Cagli

‘The Sower’ — Corrado Cagli


Today, constant experimentation is a hallmark of the Rometti workshops, in which complex and sophisticated production techniques are adapted to the specific characteristics of their earthenware, stoneware or porcelain products. As regards to majolica, for example, Rometti has always used an age old method: objects shaped by hand on the wheel are painted and “frescoed” before being baked ; a special plaster bringing out the colours and giving depth to the decorations. A mixture of the purest raw materials is used to create extremely fine porcelain. Natural clay is taken from a local quarry, whose origins date back to Roman times. The various production phases in the workshops require highly specialized manual operations such as moulding, shaping, casting, enamelling by immersion or spray, and painting. These high quality products are exclusively hand-made and are never exactly alike.


Dante-Baldelli-Ceramic-inverted cone Vase

Dante Baldelli Vase for Rometti

Umbertide, circa 1930


During its early conception Rometti attracted the talents of futurist artists such as Fortunato Depero, and Giacomo Balla. Also works of stylized figuration, sometimes visionary, playful and bizarre were created by artists of the caliber of Corrado Cagli and Dante Baldelli. Other prestigious collaborators that contributed to Rometti were painter and sculptor Giovanni Ciangottini and Leoncillo Leonardi in the forties. Today , Rometti has a team of contemporary designers that collaborate with the company including Monica Poggia, Liliane Lijn, Ambrogio Pozzi, Chantel Thomas and Jean Christoph Clair.
Rometti has been in continual production now for 90 years and has imbibed a diversity of ceramic influences including the genres of Art Deco, Futurism, Bauhaus and Modernist, all infused with the unique and distinctive Rometti interpretation. Its contemporary creations continue their rich tradition of innovation and visionary flair.





Rometti dish with triangular base

Bowl Doppiapresenza trigono – Rometti



Rometti vases 2017

Rometti ceramic vases




Rometti Collection

Rometti Display




Ceramic bottles with horizontal stripes - Jean-Christoph-Clair

Jean Christoph Clair — ‘Eau De Terre’ – Rometti




Four kings Ceramic liqueur-Set-Rometti

Ceramic liqueur set – Rometti



tesoro_Rometti white sgraffito on black footed vase

‘Tesoro’ sgraffito vase – Rometti



Ceramic Cilindro-Lamp-Monica-Poggia

‘Cilindro Lampada’ – Monica Poggia





Rometti  teapot



omeetti vase chess board decoration

‘Scacchi’ – Dante Baldelli , Rometti chess vase





Rometti factory Umbertide, Italy



Huntsmen vase Rometti-Corrado-Cagli Slightly flattened oval-shaped vase, with low funnel mouth, decorated with black hunting scene with green, yellow and brown horizontal bands on white background, majolica-glazed terracotta, Rometti manufacture, Umbertide, Italy, 20th century

Horse riding hunters vase – Corrado Cagli, Rometti




Rometti_2017_vaso_tartaruga_nero turtle shell pattern in black and white

Rometti – ‘Tartaruga Nero Vase’ – Jean Christoph Clair

Presenza Sciamana  (Shaman Presence) series



Corrado Cagli-Dante Baldelli The March on Rome ceramic ovoid vase

Corrado Cagli- ‘The March on Rome’ ceramic vase





Rometti-Tangerine ceramic Liqueur-set

Rometti – Tangerine ceramic Liqueur set




Rometti-ceramiche-vase-antilopi ovoid vase with orange, white, green, yellow bands with blacl antelope motifs

Antelopi ovoid vase – Rometti



Rometti ceramic artist in studio

Rometti ceramic artist



ceramic sculpture art deco bust - female with extended straight neck

‘Sfere Cosmos’– Jean Christoph Clair



Rometti-Umbertide-red vase with gold bands

Red vase with gold bands – Rometti



Rometti_2017_vaso_tartaruga_bianco( White Turtle Vase)

Rometti ‘Vaso Tartaruga Bianco’ (White Turtle Vase) ) – Jean Christoph Clair




retia_vase black with white chequered pattern Rometti

Rometti Retia vase



Primitivo-Rometti-black and white abstract pattern plate and ffooted tumbler

‘Primitivo’ set -Rometti



Abstract head vase - Rometti

‘Presenza’ head vase – Rometti



Black ceramic accordion player

Desktop accordion player pen stand – Rometti



Ceramic vase with fishermen motifs

Pescatori ‘Fishermen’ – Corrado Cagli – Rometti




‘Medusa’ – Dante Baldelli



Corrado Cagli, Dante Baldelli, Ceramic plate - March on Rome , 1929-1930,


Corrado Cagli, Dante Baldelli, Ceramic plate – ‘March on Rome’ 




Hunters vase by Rometti

Ovoid s ‘Hunters’ vase – Rometti




Dante Baldelli Futurist Vase – Rometti, 30’s



Ceramic female head busts and high heel boots - Jean Christoph Clair

Jean Christoph Clair – ‘Sfere Kosmos’ – Rometti



Black and White labirinto-vase-Rometti

 ‘Labirinto’ vase – Rometti




Le Arti' ceramic vase - Rometti - naked femal motif

‘Le Arti’ vase – Rometti



Ceramiche-Rometti-liqueur vessel

Ceramic liqueur pourer – Rometti



Black and White futuro_vase-Rometti

Black and white Futuro Vase



Foret-2---Cedric-Ragot lime green and white vases

‘Foret 2 ‘  – Cedric Ragot




Rometti-Pucci-Umbertide-ceramic-carafe bottle-with-stopper

Rometti ceramic carafe bottle with stopper




Black vase with orange bands and sliver female motif - Rometti

Rometti vase




Dante Baldelli Ceramic Vase



Damier contemporary vase by Rometti

‘Damier’ – Rometti




corrado-cagli-'Umbrian-Landscape',-1930 Green on yellow and white bands

Corrado Cagli – ‘Umbrian Landscape’





Corrado Cagli plate, 1930’s



Corrado-Cagli-mermaids-and-fish-plate in blue and black

Corrado Cagli mermaids and fish plate



Rometti-factory ceramic jewellry box




Carlos ceramic table in black and white

‘Carlos’ ceramic table – Rometti



Umbria landscape cache pot - Rometti Blue black and white bands with silhouette landscape

Umbria landscape cache pot – Corrado Cagli, Rometti




Ecaille---Jean-Christoph-Clair Incised blue plate and matching bottle

‘Ecaille’ —Jean Christoph Clair



Il Calciatore  Cache Pot – Rometti



Diabolo--vase -Jean-Christoph-Clair--

‘Diabolo’ – Jean Christoph Clair




‘Konas’ – Liliale Lijn




Rometti-liqueur-set green and black gazing

Rometti liqueur set




Vaso-Marin---Rometti red vase with white bands

Vaso ‘Marin’ — Rometti


Sergio Fiorentino— ‘Tuffatore’ footed floral motif campote -Rometti



Rose Vase Volupté-lacets-noires-pour-Chantal-Thomass-Rometti

‘Rose Vase Volupté’ – Chantal Thomass for Rometti



Sergio-Fiorentino---Tuffatore-footed vase with floral motif-Rometti

Sergio Fiorentino— ‘Tuffatore’ footed floral motif vase -Rometti



‘Totem’ – Jean Christoph Clair




Rometti-twin-handled-vase-Greek classical motif in black on white




Jean-Christoph-Clair ceramic arts for Rometti

‘Cocteau’ series for Rometti – Jean Christoph Clair




Il lavoro dei campi



Rometti ceramicists



Vase with stylized-horses,-majolica-glazed-terracotta,-Rometti

‘Cavalli’ vase decorated with stylized horses by Dante Balldeli for Rometti

Majolica glazed terracotta, 1938





Fisherman-ceramic plate Corrado-Cagli


‘Fisherman’ ceramic plate – Corrado Cagli



Allegoria footed vase with standing naked female from, the back

Allegoria – Rometti



Corrado-Cagli-abstract art

‘Arancia E Vasellame’ by Corrado Cagli




rometti-footed vase with man working in the fields motif in black

Rometti footed vase –  ‘Working in the fields’


Rometti Ceramiche Website 








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