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Ceramics – subdued palette, matt surface




shio-kusaka--vase striped

Shio Kusaka




Tomita Hiroyuki





Rosenthal Art Deco vase, Germany



Tones of neutrality


Interior designs and decor of the fifties and sixties were furnished with bold, bright, primary colours, lush textures, trippy colour combos, striking patterns and forays into the futuristic, which created styles with a vivid presence that demanded attention. The glossy, high contrast, edgy imagery was incisive, provocative and revolutionary in feel which made it and appropriate  fit for the  the radical decade of the 60’s This continued through the 70’s and even into the 80’s. Muted tones, de-saturated colors, and gentle, low contrast lighting were occasionally used in fashion magazine spreads and this gradually became more prevalent in home decor. The nineties and beyond have seen the trend continue with more understated pastel tones and softer lighting, especially in interior design, but also perpetuated in sites like Instagram. Hipster cool organic textures abound with a relaxed ambience and soothing, subdued color palettes being a popular trend. Conjuring an ethereal passivity and gentle calm, this unobtrusive style has a subtle appeal. However this vague, deconstructed look with overexposed lighting used to diffuse the colours also appears to be self absorbed and leaning towards a sense of inertia, but alluring nonetheless. Maybe this dreamy, aloof aesthetic is reactionary to the online assault of information and immediacy assaulting the senses.
Ceramics have followed a similar trajectory, with the bold, rich glazes and audacious styles of the 50‘s and 60’s giving way to more use of muted tones and textures softening the reflective finish. Highly lusterous glazes have been diluted with the use of more incised surface textures such as with scrafitto decoration. and with slip and raku techniques. Matt and satin finishes also are created using various firing and glazing methods like salt and soda firing and anagama. The following collection is centered around ceramics and decor with pastel shades, subdued color tones and matt surfaces.


Scott_Parady_Tall_Vase_w_Shells anagama wood fired stoneware

Scott Parady wood fired vase, California

Sold by Lacoste Gallery




1001vintage- elegant vase by German porcelain manufacturer Heinrich&Co.

Elegant Mid-Century vase by German porcelain manufacturer Heinrich & Co.






Akirio-Maeta multi faceted ceramic vessel pale blue

Akirio Maeta




Georges-Jouve-white sculptural lamp base and black sculpture

Ceramic sculptures by Georges Jouve




neutral tones decor @ aplaceformyhome.blogspot.com





Tania Rollond Australian ceramics

Tania Rollond ceramic tray – 2012



Toshiko-Takaezu-ovoid ceramic vessel

Toshiko Takaezu






Arakawa Toyozo




Artist and photographer: Dietlind Wolf Set of green ceramic bowls

Pottery art and photography – Dietlind Wolf




Craw-glaze-vase in earth tones---sheffield-pottery

Craw glaze vase — Sheffield Pottery





Contemporary Koro Incense Burner by Matsuzaki Ken




Brother-Thomas pod vessel with crackle glaze

Brother Thomas




Caroline-Barbet handpainted ceramic vessel

Caroline Barbet



Craig Underhill – contemporary ceramic vessel




South-Shore-Decorating-Blog lavender sofa, white room

South Shore Decorating




Diana-Thomas blue lidded ceramic vesse;

Diana Thomas




ceramic contemporary bust - Sarah Saunders

Sarah Saunders ceramics 2011



elephant-ceramics plate

Textured plate – Elephant Ceramics handmade by Michele Michael




Linda-Kliewer wood carved modernist shaped vessel

Linda Kliewer



Interior decor by Kelly Wearstler

Designer: Kelly Wearstler






Neutral tones – Maric Homes, USA




Eric Astoul — ceramic sculptural raku vessels





Georges-JOUVE55 lidded vessel, chanteuse

Georges Jouve, France






Lovegrass III’,  Gregory Roberts — Sculpted honeycomb ceramics, dye, glaze, multiple firings





Gustavo_Perez_Vase 2005

Gustavo Perez Vase





Vicki Hardin raku pottery




Shoko-Teruyama-Flower-Plate with eight sides

Flower Plate – Shoko Teruyama




Shannon-Garso ceramic bowl

Shannon Garso




Spike Sheryl Zacharia-ontemporary-ceramic-bust

‘Spike’ –Sheryl Zacharia





‘Listening to the Waves’ (Chōtō) – Takayuki Sakiyama,





porcelain with ceramic pencil and stains


‘Object 8’Tania Rollond – porcelain with ceramic pencil and stains





Todd-Pletcher-etsy Wood-fired Bourbon Cup

Wood Fired Bourbon Cup – Todd Pletcher






Vase and footed bowl – Katharina Eisenkoeck





Michael Hamlin





Japanese Water-Jar,-Shigaraki,-16th-century

Lidded Water Jar, Shigaraki

16th century



Home-Designing Moroccan decor

Moroccan style decor







Wheel Thrown Lidded Jar

Symmetrical Pottery – etsy




sylviane-perret French ceramic sculpture

Sylviane Perret, France




Malinda Reich, San Francisco






Footed ceramic cup with central disc – Hans Coper






WoodFired Porcelain Sake Cup – Jeff Brown

etsy – jeffbrownpottery






Wood Fired Tumbler Beer Cup by John McCoy Pottery on Etsy





Castle-in-the-air-sm Maria-ten-Kortenaar

‘Castle in the air’ – Maria ten Kortenaar






Ceramic vase with Dutch landscape – Hans de Jong





‘Cylindrical form 2’ – James & Tilla Waters




Jean-Pol-Urbain ceramic pot

Jean Pol Urbain




Kako-Katsumi japan ceramics

Kako Katsumi






Lara Scobie contemporary vessels





Ken Matsuzaki, Japan wood fired vessel

Ken Matsuzaki, Japan





Large and Sculptural Ceramic Lamp base by DaLo





Debbie Little pottery





‘Listening to Waves’ vase – Sakiyama Takayuki




mayumi-yamashita---olive green ceramic vessel

Mayumi Yamashita





Michael Cleff sculptural form

Michael Cleff , Germany

Cowans Auctions




Michele-Fabbricatore trojan horse

Michele Fabbricatore, Italy





Monumental stoneware, pitted blue and white fllowing glaze vase – Lucie Rie

1980 –  21 inches Height




Morgan Peck planter




Nancy-Selvin ceramic vase

Nancy Selvin, USA





Oscar Bucher – Modernist Pottery Wall Plaque – Davis and Taft




Peter-Pincus--baluster vase

Peter Pincus




Pieter Stockmans





Pippin Drysdale, Australia




Planters by Popandscott-•-Instagram-

Planters – popandscott





Massachusetts, contemporary home Katice Helinski's design

Katice Helinski design – contemporary home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts





Jewel Porcelain tall bottle-shaped vase painted by Lorinda Epply with blue and green blossoms under thick ivory butterfat glaze

Rockwood, 1928.



contemporary-living-room-design by NDA

Fresh House designed by NDA





Fossil Vessel – Sarah Perry





‘Rentola’ by Ryoma Eri – Japan – This twin chair is purposefully shaped like a voluptuous seashell, enveloping the sitter in its sensuous curves






Ovoid raku vase, parched landscape colours – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Sandy-Kinzie vessel with textural surface decoration

Sandy Kinzie




Japanese Hiroshi-SAKAI---Mino-Ware---shino

Hiroshi Sakai




thrown_altered_handbuilt_stoneware_Matthew-Allison - landscape textures

Lidded pot – thrown, altered, handbuilt, stoneware by Matthew Allison




shio-kusaka-pottery vessel

Shio Kusaka, Japan



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