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The Art Of Convo



Christophe Charbonnel-Eurydice-III---Bronze sculpture bust

‘Eurydice III ‘ – Christophe Charbonnel


Conversation Art pieces


This is the second installment on art for conversation. All good art is worthy of conversation and aside from decoration or investment, collectors are drawn to art for this reason. Provocative and grotesque art can be chosen for this purpose too, even if it solicits a derisive reaction. Desirable collections ideally stimulate intrigue and discourse. Art pieces of charm that capture a second glance. With an extra mention to the visionary, expressive, quirky, audacious, dark, light, original, riveting and subtle. This pretty much covers all bases, so if there is still no interest aroused after your decor efforts, then you might need to change your acquaintances when it comes to sharing your love of art. Or you can resort to decor pieces of a larger dimension, both physically and audaciously, that command attention, like the huge Ocumicho Mexican Diablo piece shown below or the Tony Merrithew ‘Fatguy II ‘ sculpture featured below. If that doesn’t jolt some interest, you might have to fall back on the holiday photo album. Or invest more time into your aesthetic choices or simply employ the services of an interior decorator. The last thing you want is for your guest to withdraw and avoid encroaching on the subject.

On a more serious note, I find that when I view art, I tend to initially scan it intuitively, with very little intellectual analysis coming into play. Intuition, in its mercurial way, decides whether it hits the zone or it doesn’t, in a span of a few seconds. Much more efficient and avoids the mental gyrations of intellectual choice. If my interest is piqued, I then might study the balance of form and colour, texture, spontaneity, uniqueness and if it’s uplifting or topical. Or sometimes, I just go straight to admiring the art wholistically for the beauty and genius of its creation. For reasons similar to this, some art connoisseurs might dislike a piece immediately and no amount of persuasion will lead to any further enlightenment.

Concentrating on the one theme for a room, can boost the wow factor, and have the impact of transporting you to another time. Always good for breaking down any convo barriers. I once saw a room decorated with an Orientalist style that had this effect. I have also seen numerous rooms that have been completely done out in Mid Century decor or Art Deco. They are always a source of wonder and admiration for the art and the effort involved. Conversely, having an antique or vintage piece juxtaposed against modern decor also has impact, but usually only a few pieces work in this context.

Presentation, lighting and placement also helps if your want to draw attention to an art piece. Try to avoid clutter, this has a tendency to overwhelm. Above all, find art you really love, your attraction to a piece can be just as appealing as the piece itself. After all the time and effort that can go into the acquisition of a piece of art, why shouldn’t you highlight and share its brilliance.




‘Teardrop’ – Gundi

14 x 13 x 30 inches





‘Flask with Beast’  – Ian Godfrey




KAREN-MORGAN-CERAMIST contemporary sculpture

Karen Morgan




Clouds pot - Kristina-Bogdanov--Delaware-Ohio

‘Clouds’ – Kristina Bogdanov





French Art Nouveau gilt figural  planter




Marc-Chagall stone sculpture - 'Couple'

‘Couple’ – Marc Chagall

Camard & Associés




Mark- Chatterley-ceramic-figurative-sculpture-sculpturesite-gallery

‘Fairy Dance’ – Mark Chatterley


Sculpturesite Gallery





Succulent---casey-hochhalter - Convolutions series ceramic sculptures

‘Succulent’ – Casey Hochhalter – Convolutions series





Randy-O'Brien red textured ceramic vessel

Randy O’brien





Huge-Ocumicho-Mexican-Diablo-Art-Pottery - TwoGuysAndADog - etsy

Huge Ocumicho Mexican Diablo Art Pottery

height 18 inches

TwoGuysAndADog – etsy




Carole A Feuerman - Double Diver, 2013-2014 bronze public sculpture

 ‘Double Diver –  Carole A Feuerman





Conversation Vase Lladro-(Manufacturer),-Jaime-Hayon-(Designer)

‘Conversation Vase’ by Jamie Hayon for  Lladro





Abstract bronze sculpture – Rubino

Woodbury Auctions



Sandra-Byers - Tu Comprehendes

 ‘Tu Comprehendes’ – Sandra Byers





‘Nest with Eggs III’ – Suzanne Stumpf

2011, 10″w x 2.5″h,

Altered wheelthrown with handbuilt components; porcelain and porcelain paperclay; oxidation fired to cone 10






‘The Bird Of My Country’ wool tapestry- -Senegalese Decorative Arts





Large French Art Deco Cameo glass floor vase with cut leaping gazelles





Futurist hair creation by Antoine of Paris

Photo by George Brassai, 1930





French Sarreguemines Vase

19th Century




Calvin Ma





A break on the set of Marie Anoinette – Sofia Coppola’s 2006 movie




Peter_Purves_Smith_-_New_York,_1936 - surrealism

‘New York’ – Peter Purves Smith





Paul Bogatay Figural Ceramic Sculpture

USA  1930s

Alan Moss, NY





Modernist copper sculpture – Paul Evans


Rago Arts and Auction




‘Buste de Femme d’apres Cranach le Jeune – Pablo Picasso

1958 linoleum cut

Galerie Louise Leiris





‘Mermaid’ – Victor Bertolotti ex Lenci Artist






‘Achat’ – Pauline Ulrich





Bohemian Amphora Art Nouveau jug



Suzy-Birstein-Zsa Zsa harlequin-family

‘Zsa Zsa’ – Suzy Birstein, Vancouver




Totem-with-snake-by-Ernst- Neizvestny-from-barbarian-art-gallery

‘Totem With Snake’  –  Ernst Neizvestny




Cris Pereby sculptures-_-Belgium-

Cris Pereby, Belgium




Elaine-Brewer-White seated female scupture

Elaine Brewer White



Enno-Jäkel two ceramic vessels

Enno Jäkel, Germany



Blown-in-the-wind-series-raku female figure iby Corrie-Ariens

Blown in the wind series – Corrie Ariens raku figure





Vintage flat slender bud vase with abstract wavy decor

CorneliasVintage – etsy



fatguy2 Character-sculpture-from-the-movie-Coraline

‘Fatguy II ‘ – Tony Merrithew

Character sculpture from the movie Coraline




Teresa Girones- chien 2




Ballerina-Tamara-Karsavina ceramic figurine---Lomonosov-Makassar-Gallery

Figurine of Russian ballerina Tamara Karsavina from Lomonosov

Makassar Gallery



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