Sevres 5th Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics


Since its conception, Sevres has supported and encouraged the pursuit of innovation and creativity in the ceramic arts. From the 13th to 29th of May in 2016  the 5th Biennial for Contemporary Ceramics is featuring over 37 artists..

47 Grand Rue, Sevres, France






Thierry-Perraud Sevres 5th Biennial Contemporary ceramics

Thierry Perraud




porcelaines-valerie-hermans Sevres 5th Biennial Contemporary ceramics

Valerie Hermans




Philippe-Buraud---Terres-sigillées---Sevres 5th Biennial Contemporary ceramics

Philippe Buraud—Terres sigillées




Michèle-Levy-Letessier ceramique vase

Michèle Levy Letessie




José-Mariscal crystalline glaze globular vessel

José Mariscal




La-porte-du-soleil_Philippe Buraud

Philippe Buraud




Marie-Mora abstract footed ceramic vessel

Marie Mora



Patrick-Buté crystalline glaze ovoid vase

Patrick Buté



Jean-Paul-Azaïs ceramic vessel

Jean Paul Azaïs




Maria-Koortenar slab built cylinder shaped vessel

Maria Koortenar




Bizen tokkuri bottle-Shibuta Toshi



Galerie-Animaux-Lise-Zambelli a line of pemguins

Penguin conga  – Lise Zambelli



Gaëlle-Jamet - abstract ceramic rectangular sculpture

Gaëlle Jamet



Marie Laure Griffe - dossier_de_presse_art-ceram 2016

Marie Laure Griffe





Delphine Dardare




Delphine Dardare




Corinne-Joachim abstract contemporary sculpture

Corinne Joachim



Bizen-Kaki - contemporary ribbed vessel - Shibuta Toshiaki

Shibuta Toshiaki



Andoche-Praudel abstract porcelain sculpture

Andoche Praudel




Christine-Ladeveze--french ceramique sculpture

Christine Ladeveze



Sevres – City of Ceramics 


In 1738, the Manufacture de Vincennes was founded with the support of Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour, to offer competition with the manufactories at Chantilly and Meissen. In 1756, through the influence and patronage of Madame de Pompadour, it moved to Serves where it became the “Royal Porcelain Manufactory.” The factory was under the control of the royal administration and focused on manufacturing luxury porcelain mainly for the royal family, the court, and the aristocracy. Madame de Pompadour encouraged artists of the time, including Francois Boucher and the French Neoclassical sculptor Augustin Pajou to become involved with the artistic direction of the business. In 1755 she commissioned the sculptor Maurice Falconet to do a portrait of her. (see below)



Madame de Pompadour – Etienne Maurice Falconet – 1755


Due to the upheavals of the French Revolution, its financial situation at the beginning of the nineteenth century was dire. As it had lost its status as a royal enterprise, it had also lost most of its clientele, and its funding reflected the perilous state of the French economy. Fortunately it gradually recovered ubder the guidance of Alexandre Brogniart and went on to become a National venture. Towards the end of the nineteenth century historicism lost its grip at Sèvres, and forms inspired by nature and often characterized by asymmetrical styles entered the creative narrative through the upheavals of Art Nouveau.
The Serves Manufactroy produced some of the most exquisitely designed and decorated porcelain ever made including dinner services, ornamental figurines and extravagantly decorated vases embellished with ornate relief designs. A long list of influential ceramicists worked with Serves over the decades to continue its reputation for excellence and ensure its longevity. Louis-Simon Boizot was director between 1774 and 1800; Alexandre Brogniart director between 1800 to 1847; Henri Victor Regnault director beginning in 1854 and Théodore Deck was the director of the manufactory from 1887. Jean Mayodon, Ettore Sottsass, Ernest Chaplet, Clement Massier, Viola Frey, Émile Decoeur and Henri Rapin are also some of the reputable ceramics that have been involved with Serves.
In 2012 it shifted from being a National enterprise to becoming a public organisation, its mission remaining in accordance with its origins of 1740, to produce ceramic works of art using artisanal techniques, including both reproductions of old models and contemporary creations. In addition it produces goods for state needs and commercial sale and being charged with promoting technological and artistic research in ceramics incorporating a wide embrace of diverse decorative styles. Below is a collection exemplifying the breadth and depth of Sevres innovation over many decades.


19th-C-Sevres-candle-holders in turquoise blue with twin figures

Sevres candle holders





Comedia dell’Arte – Jean Debarre




Danseuse à l’écharpe – Agathon Leonard, Sevres

(V&A Museum) 1898




Jordi Guardiola




Manufacture-nationale-de-Sèvres,-R. Sivault et René Crevel

R.Sivault and René Crevel

Height  50cm – 1934




Andre-Plantard-for-Sevres Earthenware-faience-vase-with-glossy-glaze-in-shades-of-blue-and-white,-1931

Geometric decorated earthenware vase  —  Andre Plantard for Sevres





Snake and Egg teapot – Sevres





Jean-Mayodon-charger with man wrestling a python

Jean Mayodon





Sevres-Art-Deco-baluster vase with white nude women on a blue and gold background

Art Deco vase – Sevres





Jean Mayodon





Marcel Prunier figurine for Sevres





Pierre Lardin for Manufacture Nationale de Sevres





Andre Plantard vase for Sevres



cylindrical-vase-with-high-collar-mounted-glazed-porcelain-lamp-depicting-a-boat-scene-in-full-color by Cheriane

Cylindrical vase island scene – Cheriane





Paul Charmagne Jazz Age? porcelain vase – Sevres

Height 43 cm



19th-century-art-nouveau-vase by Sevres

Ornate covered Art Nouveau urn – Sevres

19th Century





Joseph Jordi Guardiola vase – Sevres




Aquatic theme vase – Marcel Prunier for Sevres




Orlandi vase – Sevres




Mintons-'sevres'-lidded vases - turquoise with golden handles

Pair of Minton ‘Sevres’ vases




MP Sevres Bisque Ware and Porcelain Figural Comport Stands

19th Century





Satyr and Pan vase – Paul Charmagne





`Vases Medici’ – pair of gilt bronze mounted Sèvres soft paste porcelain vases




Pinon Heuze design Art Deco gold leaf lidded vase




Andre Marcel and Genevieve Kiefer laces vase



Sevres-and-Ruhlmann-Rare-Bronze-and-Porcelain-Vase,-circa-1931 GALERIE-PLAISANCE

Jacques Émile Ruhlmann designed porcelain Art Deco vase, Sevres

circa 1931

Galerie Plaisance




Andre Plantard porcelain vase





Mid Century Pierre Auguste Gaucher/Sevres vase

Height 37cm – 1966





‘Mayodon 31’ – by Pierre Auguste Gaucher




Sèvres-Faience-Bud Vase

Sèvres-Faience-Bud Vase




Stylized garden motif vase – Adrien Leduc

Height 50cm




Sèvres porcelain, Art Deco figural night light woman wearing an ermine trimmed coat

H -10 2.3 inches – circa 1930




Sevres-Porcelain-Art-Deco-Vase globular vessel

Globular Art Deco vase – Sevres




Peacock-motif-vase-with elephant-handles - Sevres-museum

Baluster vase with peacock motif – Sevres Museum





Elegant pitcher -Sevres





Green Aubert vase with sailing ship motifs







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