Modern Ceramic Planters



Atelier Vierkant Belgium

Atelier Vierkant planters – Belgium


Indoor planters are a pragmatic and creative vehicle for infusing a space with a new spirit and reviving the existing context. A convenient means to clear stagnant Chi and uplift the dynamic and import freshness into static areas.. They also introduce a semblance of permanence to the transient lifestyles many of us pursue and have a grounding influence, especially for those living in high rise dwellings. For work environments filled with lots of electronic equipment they are also excellent for  balancing the extra concentration of positive ions. Introducing a natural, breathing landscape into spaces of modern architecture create an excellent polarity. They also have countless applications for patios, balconies and in the garden.


 Atelier Vierkant modern planters :


Atelier Vierkant is a versatile producer of handmade clay planters and pots, based in Bruge in Belgium. Liaising worldwide with architects and designers on numerous custom projects, they have developed a very innovative collection of  planters. The family company is currently run by the two brothers , Dries and Ward Janssen. They encourage an adherence to original, contemporary, organic and minimalistic designs.

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zermatt-switzerland-hot-tub outdoors

Ceramic hot tub at Zermatt, Switzerland

Atelier Vierkant RR Pot – Hydroplant

( Photo – Claudia Luperto )



Atelier Vierkant - three planters on pedestals

Atelier Vierkant planters




Atelier Vierkant - tall garden planters

AHE garden planters – Atelier Vierkant

Archie Expo booth



Atelier Vierkant indoor planters with horizontal bands

Atelier Vierkant indoor MF planters




Atelier Vierkant showroom with huge planters

AHS Planters – Atelier Vierkan

Up to 86 inches in height and weighing 661 lbs




Eco Friendly and Unique planters by Atelier Vierkant

Eco Friendly and Unique planters by Atelier Vierkant




Gold Medal winning Chelsea display Atelier Vierkant planters

Gold Medal winning and Best in Show at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010, Atelier Vierkant planters.





Atelier Vierkant K Series clay pebble seating modules

Lux Restaurant,  Antwerp, Belgium




Gruppo Unipol - Bologna tall slender square garden planters by Atelier Vierkant

Four tall planters – Atelier Vierkant

Gruppo Unipol – Bologna





Ceramic sitting stones – Atelier Vierkant

KMPG Budapest



Loft design in the Parioli, Rome with Atelier Vierkant tall planters

Large AHP Pots –  Atelier Vierkant

Loft design in the Parioli, Rome




MUA-I-MHA-by-Atelier-Vierkant large tapered square planters

MUA I MHA planters by Atelier Vierkant




New Zebra Housing Project.with Atelier-Vierkant monumental planters

New Zebra Housing Project.

( Photo – Bart  Van Leuven )



Atelier-Vierkant - folded ceramic pots

Folded Pots – Atelier Vierkant





Large Atelier Vierkant planters – Kings Cross, London

Townshend Landscape



atelier vierkant ceramic pots

Atelier Vierkant textured LP planters – 65cm and 80 cm diameter




Atelier Vierkant large pot

AUB180 Planter – Height 70.8 inches




Atelier Vierkant ceramic columns  — V Palm Springs Hotel

Surface Design inc. landscaping

photo-Undine Dahl




Modern planter ‘AUS’  with anthracite and grey tones – Atelier Vierkant

Erste Group Bank




Atelier Vierkant ‘mf series’ planters

private residence NZ



indoor planters by Atelier-Vierkant

Indoor planters – Atelier Vierkant




garden-pots--atelier vierkant ribbed planters

Ribbed Pots – Atelier Vierkant

contemporary ceramic pot plant by Atelier-Vierkant

Contemporary ceramic pot – Atelier Vierkant

AHS planters

Atelier Vierkant planters



Balcony planter garden with Atelier-Vierkant pots

Balcony garden with Atelier Vierkant planters




Atelier Vierkant workshop

Removing moulds and finishing at the Atelier Vierkant workshop



Hotel-Marignan Atelier Vierkant large planters at the street entrance

Hotel Marignan, Paris – Monumental  Atelier Vierkant planters



Kings-Plaza---Brooklyn with pots by Atelier-Vierkant

Aus planters –  King Plaza




UF-Series-Decorate-the-Heydar-Aliyev-Center-in-Baku-designed-by-Zaha-Hadid for Atelier Vierkant

Atelier Vierkant UF Series planters

Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku designed by Zaha Hadid




Atelier Vierkant showroom, San Francisco, USA




atelier-vierkant pot-sfera-building-japan

Large indoor plant in Atelier Vierkant ceramic pot

Sfera building, Japan




Contemporary palm-springs-residence-design-wiseman-group

 Contemporary Palm Springs residence – garden design by Wiseman Group

Biennale-Interieur-October-2014 Atelier Vierkant

 Atelier Vierkant seating modules

Atelier Vierkant website




 A collection of other planter creators.



Urban Nature planters USA

Urban Nature planters – Los Angeles




Urban nature planters for the outdoor gardens

Urban Nature planters





Domani woodstock planters

Vanhie Domani  ” Woodstock “ planters




Vanhie Domani planter in blue

Vanhie Domani planter




bkbceramics large modern planter

bkbceramics large modern planter





Modern planter by bkbceramics

 Modern planter- large footed bowl with vertical stripes.





Agave-Groove-Pots white ribbed planters with cacti

‘Groove Pots’ – Agave




Tall rustic modern planter with zig zag design on buff clay body- bkbceramics

Tall rustic modern planter with zig zag design on buff clay body- bkbceramics



Antique French urn in garden

Antique French urn decorated with scenes from classical mythology in an Atlanta terrace.



modern planter with horizontal ribbing by bkbceramics

Rustic modern medium planter- horizontal white glazed striped over dark clay body.





Eliot by De Castelli bottle shape floor vase

Eliot by De Castelli




Exeter-concrete outdoor Planter

Exeter concrete moulded Planter





Hand thrown stoneware planter in sky blue modernist design

  Blue Okura Planter by Jonathan Adler

A hand thrown stoneware planter in Mid – Century retro style.




Koloman Moser planter with art nouveau mosaic decoration

Koloman Moser large Art Nouveau planter

Secession Building in Vienna.

( thebluelantern.blogspot )




Kornegay Design planters nutshell style

‘Nutshell’ Planter- Kornegay Design




Ming Tree Planter

Ming Tree Planter




modern bedroom with plant

Modern bedroom with planter

( I-Paradox – deviantart )




Rex Goode Pig Planter

Rex Goode designed Pig Planter – 1949

( )



Rock Textured Planter by Atelier-Vierkant

Rock Textured Planter – West Elm

( muse-decor )




Red glaze Rosenthal Netter planter

Rosenthal Netter planter




Horizontally ribbed Terracotta pots - Francesco Del Re

Ribbed Terracotta Planters – Francesco Del Re




Balcony planters - Lushome

Module balcony planters – Lushome





Mineo Mizuno - Japan Water-drop-pebble like large ceramic form

 Water-drop-pebble like large ceramic form, covered in small holes in which mosses are planted.

Mineo Mizuno,  Los angeles, CA.


Red Garden Planter UE--Atelier-Verkant

Garden Planter UE – Atelier Verkant

Obbligato Mosaic planters in blue, turquoise and white

Obbligato Mosaic planters

Garden Planter UF - Atelier Verkant

Outdoor Garden Planter UF – Atelier Vierkant

Obbligato Red Heart vases and planters

Obbligato Heart vases and planters, ZA

Yacht mosaic garden planter

Yacht motif mosaic planter

Pair of Mid Century Black Brutalist Bullet Planters

Pair of Brutalist Bullet Planters

Planter OV - Atelier Verkant

Planter OV – Atelier Verkant

Modern pottery planter

Modern stoneware planter

( Letsgetmuddy Etsy )

Vintage Mid Century McCoy Planter

Vintage Mid Century Burnt Orange McCoy Planter

Castro design studio outdoor planter

Large outdoor planter

( Castro design studio )garden planter in pastel blues

Garden Planter – Letsgetmuddy, California

( Letsgetmuddy Etsy



Update- – 29/6/2015


Botanica-Planter-S-3-Campania - light blue planter with raised flower motifs

Botanica Planter – Campania



Rustic Cadiz-Jar Campania

Cadiz Jar – Campania




Letsgetmuddy--rich tan glaze planter

Tan glaze planter – Letsgetmuddy, Etsy





‘Sisal Weave’ planter – Campania




Catinat-Jar-Fountain Campania

Catinat Jar Fountain – Birdsall & Co





Haeger orange glaze ribbed planter





Rustic Gulf Planter – Campania




HalfLightHoneyStudio Etsy - sgraffito-planter with succulants

 Sgraffito planter with succulents

HalfLightHoneyStudio Etsy



LandMstudio etsy modern sculptural planter

Ceramic sculptural planter – LandMstudio, etsy





Mid-Century-Danish Modern planter




Chantal-Planter Campania - ceramic red glaze with gold stripes

‘Chantal Planter’ – Campania




Mid-Century-Modern-PlanterTripod with ribbed surface wand olive on white drip glaze

Mid Century tripod planter




Montes-Planter Campania


‘Montes Planter’ – Campania





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