Ceramic alchemicist Josh De Weese

The unpredictability and randomness of different glazing techniques can naturally lend itself to organic forms of abstract expressionism. The ceramic artist has to rely on blind faith and improvisation to a degree and also ” zone” the application of some of the elements to achieve a desired outcome.  Josh De Weese likes to explore these possibilities where the introduction of some chaos and spontaneity into his glazes is a conscious desicion : ”  I have developed a passion for painting with ceramic materials. I enjoy the phenomenon of the melt and the element of gravity that enters the image through running glaze. The loss of control is important, blurring the lines made with the hand, and introducing a sense of alchemy. The viscosity and movement of the glaze becomes an important element in the final image.  I am interested in translating what I see in front of me, whatever it may be. Many of the drawings are sketches of my studio or the view out the window. Images of pottery in my studio often dance across the forms I am glazing. Virtually any view may serve as a still life to respond to. The drawings often disappear among the layers of information that become the final surface, creating a sense of depth and curiosity.”


” I’m drawn to the beauty and mystery of high temperature melting and the element of chance that occurs in atmospheric firings. Woodfiring and salt/soda firing are processes where extreme surfaces can be achieved, in the subtle qualities of raw clays and the vibrant depths of a running glaze. I enjoy using this extremity in an appropriate way for making pottery and in bringing the wonder of alchemy and the natural environment to objects we use in our daily lives. “

Josh de Weese ceramic vessel.


Josh claims that he has been influenced by Asian ceramics, specifically Korean Puncheong Ware, Japanese Oribe and Shino Ware. Although Josh’s pieces in some instances are highly stylized, they still maintain their functionality.” I am interested in how pots can be used every day to bring art into our lives, enhancing our experience with food, adorning our homes, and providing a necessary ritual to nourish our soul and mind as well as our bodies. I try to make pottery that is successful in several ways; comfortable to use, enjoyable to look at, and interesting to think about.”




Wall Slab

DeWeese basket


Stoneware Teabowl

Josh De Weese Jar

Wood Fired Stoneware Jar

Pitcher with Spout – 2008


Liquor Set Wood Soda Fired Porcelain


Stoneware Cup

Stoneware, salt and soda-fired

Liquor Set, 2008

Covered Jar

Serving Bowl  -2012

Jar 2010

Josh De Weese Pitcher

Wood Fired Stoneware Jar

Josh De Weese Teapot

Two Tumblers

Tumbler – 2006

Wood Soda Fired Porcelain Liquor  Set

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    I really enjoyed reading about your ceramic sensibilities, glazing aesthetic and viewing your beautiful work. Your website is great! Keep the wheel turning and the fire burning.

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