Ceramic decor designs

Futuristic white home, with faceted geometric outside surface

The clean lines of the ” Wave House ” designed by Gunes Peksen .



Nancy Train Smith- "Migration" outdoor water sculpture, orange fish swimming sculptures

Nancy Train Smith-   “Migration” outdoor water sculpture

Fuller Craft Museum

Monumental porcelaneous stoneware clay bottles by Marietta - blueroompottery - etsy

” I throw these bottles on the wheel up to 26″ or 65cm high, (as tall as my present kilns can fit to fire) and give workshops and demonstrations on bottle making. Many people have difficulty believing that I don’t use an extruder or a mold to make them until they watch me on the wheel. It is indeed a very difficult form to throw! “

” They are made from a porcelaneous stoneware clay, & have my silicon carbide Lava Textured Glaze on the outside, and my BLUE crackle luster glaze on the lips.”

( Marietta – blueroompottery – etsy )


Ute Grossman mosaic vase

Australian yellow & black Gunda pottery

Yellow black lava Gunda pottery

Peter Layton black and whit spherical ceramic vessel

Peter Layton

Ann-Wilson-Ceramics - pair of ceramic vessels with abstract motif in black on a rusty orange

Ann Wilson Ceramics


‘Theo’ Lamp – Theo Van Doesburg,

 Each piece of the lamp base is hand cast in high tech GFRC concrete that has been specially formulated and hand tinted using polystyrene foam for a mold.

Pegada contemporary ceramics


Botanical Building Blocks, earthenware and fused glass - Meagan Chaney

Botanical Building Blocks wall panel, earthenware and fused glass – Meagan Chaney

mood modern lamp - Twist

Twist  – Moodmodernlamps

Terry Hagiwara black & white vessel

Terry Hagiwara black & white geometric vessel

Alain Douillard design

Alain Douillard, Round Table, Metal, brass and glass top, 1987

( Magen Gallery )

Bocci lighting - Design - Omer Arbel

 Contemporary Bocci Series 21 Standard pendant

Porcelain pendant chandelier lighting –  Design: Omer Arbel

Ceramic Wall Art by Kelly Jean Ohl

Ceramic Wall Art Created by Kelly Jean Ohl

Coupe - Saint Paul

Coupe – Saint Paul

Hitomi Hosono - white porcelain sculpture

Hitomi Hosono – Carved porcelain sculpture

Jean Austruy-60s,-ceramic vessel

Jean Austruy – 60s,ceramic vessel,  ceramic, baluster form, incised geometric elements sienna color on a beige background, red speckled decor

( Cornershop Design )

Jean Besnard Table Lamp

Jean Besnard Table Lamp

Maitland Smith modern coffee table

Maitland Smith coffee table



SICIS---Colibri-Calant ceramic and glass mosaic mural

SICIS — Colibri-Calant mosaic mural

More SICIS design here 

Pierre Charpin white contemporary vase with red stripe ribbon decoration

Pierre Charpin –  Nouvelle forms for Serves

Siglo Moderno Netherlands hanging lamp

Siglo Moderno Dutch Ceramic Pendant Light

Gilbert Valentin's pitcher in yellow and black ceramic glaze

Gilbert Valentins pitcher

Helen Rondell raku vessel

Helen Rondell

Plate by Ann Mallory lack motif on white

Plate by Ann Mallory

Vintage California porcelain plate was made between 1986-1989 from the Sumi Line featuring the  “Joy ” symbol.

( Bingbangzero – Etsy )

Masahiro Minami- shigaraki - Biwako ceramic basin

Masahiro Minami- Biwako ceramic basin

Peter Biddulph - Tripod Flask in white

Peter Biddulph – Tripod Flask


Matthew Grimes pottery

Matthew Grimes

Tina Vlassopulos contemporary blue vase

Tina Vlassopulos

Hold Fast-II - Ahna Iredale swimming squid decoration

Hold Fast-II  sgraffito squid plate – Ahna Iredale

Peter Biddulph ceramic lamps with optic fibre lights and LED's

Peter Biddulph  – ceramic lamps with optic fibre lights and LED’s from the ‘vol_Luminous’ series


Annette Bugansky wool textured mugs

Annette Bugansky – textured ceramic mugs

Proto Yueh pottery vase with small lug handles

Proto Yueh pottery vase

Chinese turquoise blue vase

Chinese turquoise blue vase

Giles Bettison glass ovoid vessel

Chroma 13 #3  – Giles Bettison  Murrini glass ovoid vessel

Nanking Ceramic Pottery Seats - blue botanical decoration on white

Nanking Ceramic Pottery Seats

( Canonbury Antiques )

Little Joseph Candle Holder-mrassociates

Little Joseph Ceramic Candle Holder

( mrassociates )

white ceramic-speakers

Ceramic speakers, designed by John Caswell, look like they’re singing (or wailing) your music to you.

Ceramic wood burning stove DECÒ LA CASTELLAMONTE Stufe di Ceramica

  Ceramic traditional wood burning stove  – DECÒ   LA CASTELLAMONTE Stufe di Ceramica

Villeroy and Boch, 60's vase with vertical stripes in orange and sage green

Villeroy and Boch, 60’s vase

André Borderie ceramic lamp with circle cut outs

André Borderie ceramic lamp

Emogayu ceramic volcanoes

Emogayu ceramic volcanoes

ceramic-wood-burning-stove DECÒ LA CASTELLAMONTE Stufe di Ceramica

Ceramic traditional wood burning stove  – DECÒ   LA CASTELLAMONTE Stufe di Ceramica

ceramic teal oblong bowl

Ceramic teal oblong bowl – Miasorella

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    Hello., I’m living in Iran for three years and I’ve started pottery. (Working Wheels). Things you are very beautiful and turning me into ecstasy., And I want to do really beautiful work and your day better I want to help … thank Snoopy

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    It’s a beautiful page that offers creative ideas that help me gain different ideas. Thank you. If you invite me abroad, I come.
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