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Ceramic decor designs


A collection of ceramic innovations and ideas for consideration in the field of interior decorating.

Contemporary Porcelain sculpture- Cheryl Ann Thomas

Porcelain sculpture-  Cheryl Ann Thomas



Rupert Spira three cylindrical vessels

Rupert Spira





Cone lamp base made from gypsum cement that’s been pigmented, layered, and topped with a spun-copper shade.





Chloe Peytermann



sicis-flower-power-mosaic bathroom panel

SICIS – ‘Flower Power’ mosaic panel




Jane Perrymann contemporary ceramics

Conversation jp93 – contemporary pottery

Jane Perryman



Three textured surface ceramic vases by Millie

 Millie Vases


Pair of ceramic bookends with Chinese boy figures

Blue and white Chinese ceramic bookends

( Kyo )




Simple homeware range made from recycled marble dust by-Francesca Gattello




Simple homeware range made from recycled marble dust by-Francesca Gattello




Porcelain hug cups – Eszter Imre

Eszter Imre is a designer and ceramist from Hungary, living in Sweden. Hug-cups are special tea cups in which the handle allows you to hug the cup with your hand while still feeling the comfort of a handle.




Ifat Shterenberg ceramic furniture : 

 Ifat uses slab rolled clay combined with various textiles and metals and uses both industrial and handmade techniques to achieve her art personified functional furniture. In 2011 she debuted at the ” 100%design ” exhibition in London . Ifat studied at Tel Aviv in Israel where she gained a BA in business administration and an MA in communication, then went on to study pottery, sculpture and glazing. In 2006 she established her own company where she pursued her dream of creating aesthetically pleasing and functional ceramic sculpted furniture. One of her objectives has been to  develop techniques that maintain structural strength while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Ceramic contructed seat, side table and coffee table base by Ifat Shterenberg

Ceramic seat, side table and coffee table base.


Ifat-Shterenberg-ceramic-outdoor furniture

Ifat Shterenberg outdoor ceramic seating


Ifat-Shterenberg-ceramic-indoor contemporary furniture

Ceramic coffee table and seats

ifat shterenberg ceramic footrest

Ceramic Footrest

ceramic-furnishing - Ifat Shterenberg

Ifat Shterenberg ceramic decor furniture

French Antique Jarre Biot garden pot

French Antique Jarre Biot

Antic Store



Ceramic pendant lamp ‘Dent’

Manufacturer Miniforms design by Skrivo




Marsotto Edizioni :

Marsotto Edizioni contemporary furnitue

Marsotto Edizioni



Marsotto Edizioni - contemporary chair made from marble

Marsotto Edizioni



Marsotto Edizioni minimalist marble side table

Marsotto Edizioni – minimalist side table




ceramic Totems-by-Marsha-Karagheusian

Ceramic ‘Totems’ by Marsha Karagheusian


Brazilian artist Suzy Carvalho ceramic sculpture -"Ames"

Suzy Carvalho ceramic sculpture -“Ames”




Davis Vachon raku lidded vessel

Davis Vachon

Handmade raku fired ceramic

Sicis mosaic pool tiles, Italy

Mosaic Pool Tiles ( Sicis )

river-stone-circle-sculpture by Tom Stogdon

Tom Stogdon Sculpture


Ceramic bathtub 'Charme' by Nuvist white ceramic folded bathtub

Ceramic bathtub Charme by Nuvist.

Ergonomically designed to provide support for arms, back and legs.

Large Darcy Badiali ceramic planter

Monumental ceramic vessels by Darcy Badiali. These pots are nearly 2.5 feet tall and feature a black volcanic glaze with incredible texture and thin clay body. ( originally I thought this had been achieved with Photoshop wizardry )

jade money plant in ceramic planter

Gropius Jade – the feng shui freindly succulent plant.




Stig Lindberg and Saxbo ceramics - mid-century modern bowl and bottle

Stig Lindberg and Saxbo ceramics

( Decoblog )


green-contemporary-ceramic-vessel by Bencher

Olive Green contemporary vase – Bencher



Twin bath pods with a view for the living room.

Contemporary twin bath pods with a view for the living room.



acquaefuoco-Italian-design Bio ethanol triangular fire sculpture

Bio ethanol fire sculpture – Apricena



Karen Burk - Fish on a rectangular platter: White orchids on gray porcelain with underglaze decoration

Fish on a rectangular platter: White orchids on gray
porcelain with underglaze decoration

Karen Burk

Two contemporary ceramic vases by Petra Bittl

Two contemporary vases by Petra Bittl

Monica van den Berg ceramic sculpture bust

Monica van den Berg ceramic sculpture

South Africa

Harrison Macintosh pottery USA

Harrison Macintosh

Jesper Packness ceramic store in Copenhagen

Jesper Packness ceramic store


Flower mosaic bathtub by Mosaic Sweden - floral designs on white mosaic

Flower mosaic bathtub by Mosaic Sweden




Tall contemporary ceramic vases

Tall white ceramic bottles

Ceramic lamps - Szilvia Gyorgy

Ceramic lamp –  Szilvia Gyorgy



Larry Halvorsen - Balloon Blade Ceramic Vessel with sgraffito decoration

Larry Halvorsen – Balloon Blade Ceramic Vessel




amy-kline-spirit-bottle-and-cups ceramic decanter and three cups

Amy Kline – Spirit bottle and cups



Vintage McCoy Pottery Harmony Mid Century Modern Planter Tangerine

Vintage McCoy Pottery –  Mid Century Modern Planter Tangerine



bio futuristic fireplace with clean rectangular design

bio futuristic fireplace

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