The Clay Artists at St. Kates Art Fair

Artists’ Circle is a non-profit art organization of fine craft artists who live and work in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Annually they produce an  Art Fair at the College of St.Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. The show is orga­nized and run by artists for artists. The art fair show­cases local artists from the upper Midwest.  Artists’ Circle serves as an educational advocate for fine crafts; plus it promotes venues for the exhibition and sale of work by local professional fine craft and fine art artists. Originality, craftsmanship, creativity, skillful use of materials, as well as presentation and sale-ability are the professional criteria considered.
Art at St. Kate’s fea­tures qual­ity work by over 90 juried artists who cre­ate and sell fine crafts includ­ing bas­ketry, clay, fiber, glass, leather, jew­elry (gold, sil­ver, pewter, stone, beaded), metal, paper, wood, mixed media, as well as fine arts includ­ing paint­ing, water­color, pho­tog­ra­phy, print­mak­ing, and sculp­ture.

Below are the clayartists that were represented in July 2012.



Chad Jerzak





Nick Davies

Large Green and White Pitcher

Square Sugar Jar




Peder Hegland




Lee Love



Natasha Poppe

Soda fired bowl

Soda fired tea pot

Diana Meier

Kevin Caulfield

Ceramic cups

Copperstroke Zapp plate



Chris and Sue Holmquist

Jedd Peters 

Wood fired large flair vase

Shino Glaze Bottle Vase

Jedd Peters Clay Booth

Monica Rudquist

Winged Bowl

Winged Black Bowl


 Colleen Riley

Turquoise Vase

( Watery turquoise and green layered glazes )

Blue Serving Bowl

Ceramic Jar

 Peter Jadoonath

Lee Persell

Dawn Makarios

Open air pottery booth

Jo Severson 

Stoneware Vase

Jo uses stoneware clay and glazes fired to 2300 degrees in a gas reduction kiln.

Bob & Cheryl Husby

Kate Daly

Amber Rice Bowl

Cobalt Blue Serving Bowl

Amber Sugar Bowl

 ” I work with white stoneware clay and fire to mid range temperatures in electric oxidation firing. I love to experiment with the interactions between slips, stains and glazes. More recently I’m exploring Asian brushwork and imagery on the surfaces of my work. ”  —  Kate Daly

Amy Sabrina

Amy Sabrina plate with botanical decorations

Amy Sabrina botanical decor vase

Amy Sabrina black and white fish motif pot

Amy Sabrina




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