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Époque Kangxi (1662-1722); Verseuse surprise en forme de pêche de longévité en porcelaine émaillée bleu turquoise

Chinese glazed porcelain blue turquoise teapot in the shape of the longevity peach.

Kangxi period 1662 – 1722

Wonderful teapots ….. but can they make a cuppa ?


I have been trying to fathom for ages what makes ceramicists succumb to quirky fits of madcap creativity and bold innovation when they become  immersed in the creation of a teapot.

Ever since Sheng Nun sipped his first cuppa and extolled its virtues, the Chinese have held the beverage in high esteem and produced very refined teapots as a sign of respect.. The Japanese turned tea drinking into a religion, but I think that was more to escape their strict Zen masters and their beatings. A Geisha girl was nowhere near as threatening. The Indians emulated the British Rule and took up tea consumption, but abandoned the teapot in favour of throwing everything into an aluminium pot, tea leaves, milk and every spice under the sun, to whip up a chai brew.

The Americans held a mild disdain for the habit, preferring the sharper caffeine hit of coffee. So to them a teapot wasn’t really that useful, and any functional practicality went out the studio window in favour of adventurous decorative designs. Maybe that’s why you rarely see quirky, zany coffee pots. They revere the brew too much. The Italians love their coffee, they need the caffeine to sustain their rapid hand gestures. Tea drinking isn’t really their cup of tea. The Aussies were predominately tea drinkers till coffee crept into use due to the social preference for the latte and their cute froth patterns. The English still love their tea, but are also known to create odd looking teapots, but maybe that’s more because of their eccentric leanings. As far as New Zealand goes in the beverage stakes, I have no idea what their preference might be, but I’m featuring some wonderful contemporary teapots by New Zealander Rick Rudd.  Even though I have already done an instalment on teapots , I have seen a lot more curious and fascinating designs this year so I’m including a new post of artistic tempest in teapot creations.

Nz Rick Rudd ceramic teapot

Contemporary teapot – Rick Rudd

Rick Rudd

Turquoise Teapot – Rick Rudd   NZ

Rick Rudd NZ

Black ceramic teapot – Rick Rudd


Contemporary styled teapot – Rick Rudd

Rick Rudd sculpture      A teapot with sleek modernist lines

Rick Rudd ceramics

Rick Rudd

Teapot Rick Rudd

Rick Rudd teapot

Rick Rudd’s site here

Richard Bresnahan

Black gourd teapot  – Richard BresnahanMatt Wilt teapot and cup set

Matt Wilt teapot and cups

fong-choo ceramic teapot

Fong Choo green teapot

Gerard Ferrari robotic  teapot

Hydroplaning Robotic Beatle Teapot

Made by Gerard Ferrari

Barbara-Chadwick ceramics

Teapot – Barbara Chadwick


Batton Clayworkscracked clay teapot

Teapot by Cracked Clay

Handmade teapot from “stressed” slabs of stoneware clay and porcelain. It was fired in May 2009 in a wood fired anagama kiln in Minnesota!



Digital artwork

Dotty Teapot Mark daley

Dotty Teapot-Mark Dally


Fong Choo teapot


Teapot –    Leopold Foulem

il_570xN.389528300_ajxuNancy Gardiner

Irina Zaytceva

Irina Zaytceva art teapot

James Diem

James Diem


James Lawton

Kris Nelson wood  fired teapot

Kris Nelson wood  fired teapot


Dog Romance -Kurt Weiser

Teapot     Kurt Weiser-USA

( a lidless teapot )

Nefta Tompkins  Winter Sun

Winter Sun   –  Nefta Tompkins

Ode to Night Circus-Wanda-designs

Ode to Night Circus  – Wanda designs

Rena Hamilton

Rena Hamilton


 Passion Red Hearts – Functional Tea Pot by Patrica Paquin of Artists Loft



Louie Louie – Rimas Vis Girda


Rocket 4 teapot –  Tim Story

Rosie Wynkoop coffee pot

Rosie Wynkoop coffee pot

Sam chung

Teapot – Sam Chung

Teapot Date18th- century.jpg

Chinese Jade teapot – 18th Century

( the Met NY )

Teapots by Cary Joseph  woodfired pottery

Wood fired teapot – Cary Joseph


Sandy Terry

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  1. parvaneh
    Posted January 2, 2013 at 4:11 pm | Permalink


  2. Sally Simpson
    Posted September 21, 2013 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    I absolutely LOVE, each and every one of these teapots! and I do not collect them, but I think I could be persuaded!! The more quirky the better! Just say’n

  3. Dana Paredes
    Posted September 28, 2013 at 3:20 am | Permalink

    Great selection of tea pots! I think even the shape of the simplest tea pot is amazing. It’s already a natural jumping off point for even more creativity.

  4. Ramona Wallis
    Posted November 1, 2014 at 5:53 pm | Permalink

    I’ve purchased at an estate sale the quirkiest ‘sea life’ teapot I’ve ever seen. My eye caught it, and I thought “this is not the work of an amature!” Lobster like handle, long swiled shell type spout, sea creature/snail lid handle. every inch is detailed and polked w/tiny little indents and swill type design. With what appears to be a ’41’ drawn into the clay on bottom before fired in a clear/milky glaze. Any ideas of maker?

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