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Indigenous ethnic potteries – Maghreb and Central America


A diverse collection of tribal ethnic pottery art from Central America (Costa Rica, Panamá, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua) and the North African Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia).


Central America


Costa Rica

The remnant indigenous Chorotega potters of the Guanacaste/Nicoya region of northwest Costa Rica, since the pre-European contact era until present, continue creating their distinctive oven baked and painted (with natural slips) art pottery. Some of these Indian pottery pieces are re-creations of their ancestors’ archeological objects, while other objects are more contemporary, but always informed by their pre-Columbian aesthetic.


ceramic tripod 'chocolatera''pot Costa Rica

Ceramic tripod ‘chocolatera’ pot, Costa Rica

Galeria Namu


Vintage Chorotega Indians pottery handmade vase Costa Rica

Vintage Chorotega Indians pottery handmade vase Costa Rica




chorotega-handmade-pottery-vessel with bird relief figure

Chorotega Indian pottery vessel, Costa Rica

Galeria Namu



Mnkey motif ceramic pot PEFi ceramic

Monkey motif ceramic vase – PEFI Ceramics

Costa Rica



Carved mask with painting by two great artists of the Brunka Tribe don Ismael Gonzalez and his son Melvin Gonzalez.

Carved mask with painting by two  artists of the Brunka Tribe-  Ismael Gonzalez and his son Melvin Gonzalez.

Galeria Namu


Hand decorated, quality eco-tile. Made in Santa Barbara de Heredia,Costa Rica by Patricia Bedoya.

Galeria Namu


Beautiful-figurine-of-Ocelote-carved-in-Tagua nutOcelote figurine carved from Tagua nut



Brunka tribe-This spectacular Coatimundi figure made from balsa wood and the 'jícara' fruit shell. Painting by Paco Lazaro Fernandez and carved by his mother Loli Lazaro Fernandez

Brunka tribe-Carved wood Coatimundi figure with the ‘jícara’ fruit shell.

Painting by Paco Lazaro Fernandez and carved by his mother Loli Lazaro Fernandez

Galeria Namu



Boruca-pottery kiln,-indigenous-tribe of-Costa-Rica

Boruca tribe pottery kiln, Costa Rica




PEFI-Ceramics water jug with fruit decoration

PEFI Ceramics water jug, Costa Rica



Forest Cat mask- Brunka tribe – carved and painted by the artist Melvin Gonzalez.

Galeria Namu



Squat Ceramic-pot-with ancient motifs with contemporary design


Amerindian Pot with ancient motifs and contemporary design

Galeria Namu



Goblet Pair From the PEFI collection by Cecilia Facio de Figueres

Colourful Goblet Pair from the PEFI collection by Cecilia Facio de Figueres



model-of-a-ceremonial-grinding-stone - Chorotega-indigenous-art

Chorotega indigenous art collection –  A model of a jaguar ceremonial grinding stone

Galeria Namu




Costa Rica Pottery Vase w Etched Turtle Design Signed Mauro

Costa Rica Pottery Vase with Etched Turtle Design Signed Mauro



indigenous-Chorotega-pottery using-only-natural-mineral-slips

Indigenous Chorotega pottery figure using only natural mineral slips

Galeria Namu



Cherries cookie-jar-A-splash-of-tropical-colour-for-your-kitchen

Cherries cookie jar – PEFI ceramics



Female ceramic figure sculpture – Noble woman of Nicoya–Guanacaste




Colorful Sushi Plate from PEFI Ceramic collection. By Cecilia Facio





Chorotega indigenous art Jaguar Pot. Hand-made by talented artisans of this native group of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Galeria Namu


Traditional decorative plate by Chorotega Tribe - Costa Rica

Traditional decorative plate by Chorotega Tribe






carved-ivory-nut-hermit-crab hand painted

Wounaan carved ivory nut hermit crab, Panama

Galeria Namu



Hand carved owl sculpture

Hand carved owl



Wounaan handwoven basket features a carved tagua nut hummingbird hovering and feeding on its lid

Wounaan handwoven basket features a carved tagua nut hummingbird hovering and feeding on its lid



French-Angelfish-Figurine-tagua-sculpture Wounaan-tribe-of-Panama

French Angelfish Figurine tagua sculpture Wounaan tribe of Panama



Woven lidded pot with frog handle - Costa Rican Wounaan tribe

Handwoven lidded pot – Panama Wounaan tribe







Chimenea de barro - photo Rudy Giron

Chimenea de barro – Guatemalan Ceramic Garden/Patio Heater

Rudy Giron Photography



Flower motif coffee cup--Guatemala

Flower motif coffee cup–Guatemala



Carved jade sculptural head – Museos de Casa Santo Domingo



Mayan-ceramic-pot replicas-guatemala

Mayan ceramic replica -Guatemala



Terracotta Pottery,-following-old-Mayan-traditions - in Guatemala

Mayan pottery traditions in Guatemala




Guatemalan basket weaver


Guatemalan ceramic platter

Guatemalan ceramic platter





Historically, the country’s most important handicrafts have been in the production of pottery and objects made of twisted, knotted, spun and woven plant fibers, especially ropes, baskets, textiles, and mats. The Mesoamerican peoples that lived in the Honduran territory at the time of the Spanish conquest, the Chortis, Chorotegas and Lencas, developed a highly sophisticated level of pottery, ranging from the simplest products for daily use to the most intricate ceremonial objects. The Lenca pottery arts is a testimony to the pottery tradition of Honduras and its activity is reserved for women in the community, popularly called loceras. The process of creation and painting is done by hand using old techniques where no artificial ingredients are used, the colors used favor organic pigments which are obtained through natural procedures. After a piece is molded, it is left for a few days in the sun and once dry, it is placed in an outdoor adobe oven.




Lenca contemporary pottery Honduras

Acta De Honduras



black and white Lenca pottery

Indigenous Lenca tribe pottery, Honduras

Galeria Namu



Lenca contemporary pottery Honduras



Lenca plate Honduras



Black and white lenca-woman-flower-vase_

Lenca woman flower vase





lenca black and white vase

Lenca black and white vase



Lenca contemporary plate – Alessandra Foletti




Lenca-ceramic-bottle in black and white

Lenca ceramic abstract striped bottle

Galeria Namu



Honduros Lenca pottery adobe kiln

Lenca adobe kiln



lenca-vase black and white

Honduran Lenca lizard motif vase



Orange and black Lenca pottery vessel

Lenca pottery vessel




Honduras-Lenca-Pottery vase

Honduras Lenca Pottery vase




Indigenous Lenca pottery artist Maria Amgadalena

La Arada, Valle in Honduras.






Handmade-Nicaragua Sgraffito fish motif pot Artisan San Juan de Oriente

Sgraffito fish motif pot Artisan San Juan de Oriente

Handmade in Nicaragua



Pottery Vase by Miguel Angel Calero Nicaragua

Pottery Vase by Miguel Angel Calero




Sgraffito turtle  motif pot by San Juan de Oriente





Costa Rican ceramic plate







In North Africa, wheel-thrown pottery made by men dates from the 7th century B.C. when the Phoenicians introduced the potter’s wheel to the Algerian coast. Handbuilt pottery made by women, including those from the Kabyle, an older, probably indigenous tradition, dates back 2000 years before the birth of Christ. Pottery and ceramics are handmade in simple kilns, and then painted using natural-made paints and dyes, applied manually by the fingers of the women who make them. This advanced and meticulous way of “finger-painting” pottery is a prized example of Algerian art made by indigenous artisans and fine craftsmen.


Kabyle (Berber) pottery double vessel from northeastern Algeria19th_century

Kabyle (Berber) pottery double vessel from northeastern Algeria

19th century

By cliff1066 via Wikimedia Commons.



gargoulette poterie kabyle berbère ideqqi algérie kabylie algerian pottery

Kabylie Algerian pottery jug



Berber water vessel, with geometric motif - Kabylie, Algeria

Berber water vessel, Kabylie, Algeria



Kabyle peoples jar – Ceramic and pigment vessel with the head of an animal from Algeria

!9th Century

National Museum of African Art, Washington DC



Algeria,-Kabylia,-Kabyle-pottery in mountains


Algerian Kabylia pottery vessel

Photographer: Jeff Jones




Algerian Kabyle oil lamp




Handpainted Kabyle pot



Kabyle-(Berber)-Pottery-North eastern-Algeria

Kabyle (Berber) Pottery, Algeria



Algerian pottery - The-National-Excellence-Centre-for-Ceramics-in-Tipaza,-Algeria


The National Excellence Centre for Ceramics in Tipaza, Algeria





Women’s pottery from the Rif, a mountainous area of Morocco,  whose roots go back to the Neolithic, is considered part of the World Cultural Heritage, due to its great anthropological artistic value. In the Taounate province, due to the risk of this tradition disappearing, the organisation Innovarte initiated a project aimed at preserving the trading and revival of all the repertoires of their crafts. It also included improving the women’s working conditions and enhancement of production techniques. Also the design of new collections are encouraged along with support for commercialization.



Pottery from the Rif, Taounate





Terracotta pottery vessel from the Rif mountains, Al Hoceima




Women’s-pottery-from-the-Rif,-Taounate Morocco

Women’s pottery from the Rif, Taounate, Morocco




Rif pottery vessel

Rif pottery at Chefchaouen

Photo – David K. Edwards




Women’s pottery vessel  – Rif, Taounate



Women’s-pottery tea pot - Rif,-Taounate

Moroccan hand painted pottery vessels – Rif, Taounate



Female potter-from-the-Rif,-Taounate

Moroccan female potter from the Rif, Taounate




Chefchaouen,-Morocco's-Blue-Pearl - pottery vessel

Chefchaouen blue pottery vessel, Morocco




Lidded pottery jar from-the-Rif,-Taounate

Lidded pottery jar – Rif, Taounate



Rif,-Taounate female potters

Moroccan Rif  Taounate female potters



Moroccan Ceramics-of-the-Rif

Moroccan Ceramics of the Rif



Hand painted Pottery from the Rif in Morocco

Hand painted Moroccan Rif pottery



jade green Moroccan storage jars

Large jade green Moroccan storage jars



rif-alhoceima tea set

Moroccan Rif Al Hoceima tea set





The coastal town of Nabeul is an ancient pottery center in Tunisia.



Large baluster ceramic pots in Nabeul, Tunisia

Large baluster pottery in Nabeul


Traditional tunisian-pottery-dual-handles

Tunisian pot with geometric decoration



Dennis-Jarvis-flickr--Tunisian-pot with twin fishes motif

Tunisian pot with twin fishes and calligraphy motif

Dennis Jarvis – flickr



Vintage Jug-Vase-Nabeul-Tunisia

Vintage Jug-Vase from Nabeul, Tunisia



South-of-Tunisia-Village of Tataouine,-Tunisia

Village of Tataouine, Southern Tunisia



Duel fish motif platter Tunisia

Square twin fish motif platter, Tunisia



Amphora island of Djerba in TunisiaAmphora ovoid vessel, mosaic style twin fish motif

Island of Djerba in Tunisia




Vase-céramique.-Nabeul 1930's

Tunisian geometric design ceramic vase

Nabeul, Tunisia – 1930’s







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