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Susan Musi Claywork

Spirited Vessels Susan Musi

Susan Musi’s most recent work is “Spirited Vessals” (see above).      

” Vessals/boats represent a journey in life. In some cultures the vessal/boat is to travel between the earthly and the spiritual world, between life and death. This image may also represent exploration, of the self, of the natural world…. physical, spiritual…  I am also exploring the shape itself.”

Susan Musialowski is both a ceramic artist and a painter, and works from the Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC and from a   summer studio in Big Bay, MI, located in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The impressionistic,textural quality of her ceramics are clearly influenced by her observations of the natural world.

Her statement : All of my claywork is handbuilt and one of a kind, using a variety of surface finishes, including ceramic stains and washes/glazes, smoke fired,  or painted, or a combination.  The clay at times includes paper, or other texturing material. Paintings are acrylic on cradled hardboard or birch wood panels.

The following piece is from Susan’s  ” Totem and Landscapes ” series

Sanding Still Susan Musi

Standing Still

A soul of their own “….. series

Pure of Heart Susuan Musi

Pure Of Heart

A Song To Sing Susan Musi

A Song To Sing

Seeking Peace Susan Musi

Seeking Peace

Earth Forms :

Fire and Ice Susuan Musi

Fire and Ice


Awanata Suan Musi


Figures :

Three Nudes Susan Musi

Three Nudes


Golden "girl"

Golden “Girl”

Les Fleurs ( to Georgia )

Fluer ( pink )

Fluer ( pink )

Fluer ( rosy Pink )

fluer (Rosy Pink )

Other Works :

Mountain Spring Mountain Spring series

Circle of Life series

Circle of Life series

Circle of Life ( wall piece )

Circle of Life ( wall piece )

Wisteria ( mountain spring ) Susan Musi

Wisteria ( mountain spring )

Susam Musi

Susan Musi

Rhythym of Life

…..It was a cloudy day

Rhythm of Life paintings series


CLAY ART Susan Musi

Totem No.4

Low fire white clay, painted surface, stacked “stones”.

CLAY ART   Susan Musi   Totems and Landscapes

The Sun Sweeps Across The Earth

CLAY ART Susan Musi

In Time

( ” In and out of time ” series )

Spring Thaw

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