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Steven Forbes deSoule – Raku with lush hues


red ballard-vista-vessel - steven-forbes

Ballard Vista – Steven Forbes-deSoule




‘Blue Salmon Space Rock’ globe – Steven Forbes-deSoule



Exotic raku master


Gazing at the free form patterns and natural colours of a raku pottery finish is like looking at the colourful atmosphere of a mysterious world. Steven Forbes deSoule raku pieces are no exception and present exotic vistas that invite wonderful intrigue. He introduces more green and blue hues, in addition to the typical earthy reds and orange raku colours, in the reduction process to enhance the colour diversity. He uses the raku standard of a steel rubbish bin for a reduction chamber, which I always view as a fantastic irony, relative to the glorious outcomes from raku firing.
Steven Forbes deSoule has been a successful raku pottery artist for over 37 years, creating unique, hand made vessels and sculptures, while finding endless ways to manipulate the oxygen, gases and glazes during the raku reduction technique, to achieve a myriad of attractive outcomes. His intricate firing process and use of his own glazes and underglazes, with multiple firings, leads to ‘one of a kind pieces’ displaying beautiful enriched colours and textures. “The one constant with my work throughout the years has been transformation. I find it fun and challenging to try new things, and I especially enjoy developing new glazes. I started firing exclusively using the raku process in 1982 and found the element of serendipity and surprise to be invigorating.”



Steven Forbes ovoid raku vessel

Steven Forbes-deSoule

After resigning from his corporate position in 1975 and returning to study at the Georgia State University, on a whim he took a pottery class, which blossomed into a Masters of Visual Art and Ceramics.
He set up a home studio at Atlanta in the 80‘s and has been creating pots and sculptures ever since. In 1992, Steven and his wife Lynn, built a new home and studio outside of Weaverville in the mountains of western North Carolina. The entire ground floor of their home is a studio. “ I am truly blessed to awaken every morning surrounded by Natures’ beauty and feeling excited about going to work! (downstairs)


Steven Forbes-deSoule Website




Globe – Steven Forbes-deSoule



apple-raku-vessel-Steven Forbes-deSoule

Steven Forbes-deSoule




Removing the raku pottery from the hot kiln



creurblue-dolphin-cremation-urn by Steven Forbes-deSoule

Cre Ur blue dolphin cremation urn – Steven Forbes-deSoule





Raku Urn – Steven Forbes-deSoule




chasm-series-ikebana-h10inches Steven Forbes-deSoule

Crimson ikebana vessel – Steven Forbes-deSoule





Earth & Sky — Raku Pottery by Steven Forbes-deSoule




Steven Forbes-deSoule




grande pear12_wx

‘Grande Pear’ – Steven Forbes-deSoule

Height 24 inches



nebulae-from-hubble-steven-forbes raku ceramic panel

‘Nebulae from Hubble’ -Steven Forbes-deSoule





Winged Vessel  Steven Forbes-deSoule




Steven Forbes-deSoule



raku-ceramics-by-steven-forbes-desoule Ikebana vessel

Log Ikebana 2 With Cup Kenzan (Frog)




raku-ceramics-by-steven-forbes-desoule Wavy bowl with torn rim

‘Wavy bowl with torn rim’ – Steven Forbes-deSoule




Raku globe – Steven Forbes-deSoule





‘Space Rock Monolith’ – Steven Forbes



winged-vessel-2 Steven Forbes-deSoule

‘Winged Vessel 2’ –  Steven Forbes-deSoule





‘Space Rock Globe 2’ – Steven Forbes-deSoule




 Steven Forbes-deSoule-squat-globe ceramic-vessel in salmon pink and sky blue

Salmon pink raku globe –  Steven Forbes-deSoule




steven-forbes raku platter

Raku platter –  Steven Forbes-deSoule




Green space-rock-with-ripples - Steven Forbes-deSoule

‘Space rock with ripples’ –  Steven Forbes-deSoule




forbes-desoule-cosmos ceramic urn globular

‘Cosmos’ – Steven Forbes-deSoule





‘Landscape Platter’ – Steven Forbes-deSoule





Raku lamp base – Steven Forbes-deSoule




steven-forbes-desoule-long neck globular vessel

Jade globular vessel with narrow neck -Steven Forbes-deSoule




Tiled raku wall art and globe vessel – Steven Forbes-deSoule




steven-forbes-desoule_raku vessel wild-hope-art-gallery

Steven Forbes-deSoule





Tiled raku wall art – Steven Forbes-deSoule



steven-forbes-de-soule lidded ceramic vessel

Lidded raku vessel – Steven Forbes-deSoule



teabowl- Steven Forbes-deSoule

Tea Bowl  – Steven Forbes-deSoule





Mountain sunset raku – Steven Forbes-deSoule






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