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Pablo Picasso Ceramics: The Madoura Collection

Picasso and Suzanne Ramie at the Madoura Atelier


Pablo Picasso was undoubtedly an extraordinary 20th century painter but  I also feel that in the  field of Abstract Impressionism his ceramics were also remarkable. All of Picasso’s ceramics were produced at the Madoura pottery run by the Ramie family in Vallauris in the south of France. Whilst on holiday in Golfe Juan with Françoise Gilot in 1946, Picasso visited the annual pottery exhibition of local crafts in Vallauris, where he met Suzanne Ramié, who invited him to visit her atelier, which she had restored from one of the town’s old abandoned potteries. The same day Picasso produced several pieces of pottery there. He went on to create more than 3,500 plates, vases, pitchers and other forms – hundreds of which were turned into edition pieces.. Edition Picasso ceramics were made in multiples of 25 to 500.

You don’t have to have deep pockets or be a founding partner of Google to pick up your own Picasso. Ceramics by the artist can be bought for as little as £600 to £1200. At the recent Picasso Ceramics: The Madoura Collection auction at Christie’s on 25-26 June, 543 Lots were on offer and the whole collection was sold. Many ceramics which had remained untouched since they were created were on offer and  pre – sale expectations were exceeded by up to four times during the auction. I dropped a video to highlight the size of some of the pieces followed by some  images of items that were sold.


Picasso Ceramics: The Madoura Collection auction at Christie’s





Ceramic plate by Picasso, with flowers in a vase

‘Bouquet’  by Pablo Picasso



Picasso Ceramic Pitcher Canard pique-fleurs ceramic pitcher with face motif

‘Canard pique-fleurs’ – Pablo Picasso



Large vase - Grand vase aux femmes voilées - Pablo Picasso

‘Grand vase aux femmes voilées’ — Pablo Picasso



Pichet-espagnol Pablo Picasso

‘Pichet-espagnol’   — Pablo Picasso



Personnages et têtes Pablo Picasso cylindrical vases with full naked figure motifs

‘Personnages et têtes’   — Pablo Picasso



Personnages et têtes charger with seven black figures

Picasso – ‘Personnages et têtes’ 1956

White Enamel with 7 figures in black


Colombe-brillante ovoid platter with dove motif

‘Colombe brillante’ by Pablo Picasso

Estimate – $4000 – 6000

Realized – $34,850


Picasso - Abstract cubist face with matador hat

Abstract cubist ‘Grande tête de femme au chapeau orné’ by Pablo Picasso

( Large Woman’s Head with Ornate Hat ) – 1964



Neptune abstract ceramic plaque by Picasso

Ceramic plaque – ‘Neptune’

This was one of the more inexpensive pieces that went for $3700



Visage de femme - square ceramic plaque by Picasso

‘Visage de femme’ – Pablo Picasso


Mustard ovoid plate with bull motif by Picasso

Ovoid plate with bull motif – ‘Taureau gravé’ – Picasso



two ceramic pitchers in teal green, and black on white by Picasso

Pair of ‘Femme’ pitchers

 Madoura turned pitchers of white earthenware clay with decoration in engobes; glazed inside.



Picasso La Danse

‘La-danse’ – Pablo Picasso



Picasoo abstract face on a ceramic terracotta plaque

‘Femme au Chapeau a Fleurs’, (Woman with Flowery Hat)


 Red earthenware clay rectangular plaque


White ceramic plate with relief decoration of a man with a spear riding a horsse

‘Cavalier Faun’, 1956

A ceramic round dish of white earthenware clay relief depicting a faun on horseback surrounded by a relief border of smiling, circular faces.



Square plaque with large face motif - --Picasso

Terracotta plaque – ‘Visage-aux-cheveux-bouclés’ by Picasso




Visage Bowl - Pablo Picasso - red, white,black and blue with four suns and abstract face motif

‘Visage No 59’ – Pablo Picasso



Vase-au-bouquet white plate with flower in vase motif by Picasso

‘Vase au bouquet’ – Picasso



terracotta clay plate with black and white owl - Pablo Picasso

‘Hibou blanc sur fond rouge’ -(Owl white on red background) — Pablo Picasso



Pablo Picasso terracotta ceramic bird sculpture with painted face motif

‘Hibou’ – Pablo Picasso



two pitchers and a small dish by Pablo Picasso

‘Pichet aux arums’ – Pablo Picasso



Ceramic Picasso owl figure

‘Gros oiseau visage noir’ ( Big bird black face) – Pablo Picasso



Picasso ceramic late in black and white

‘Paysage’  – Pablo Picasso



Picasso plate with large goat head in brown, black and white

‘Tête de chèvre de profil’ (profile goat head) – Picasso



Madoura-Ovoid plate with fish motif by Picasso

‘Poisson bleu’ – Pablo Picasso



Square red clay plaque by Picasso with large face motif

‘Visage d’homme’ – Picasso




Owl brown, black – Picasso


Pablo Picasso ceramic vessel with bullfight motifs

Large handled vase with bull fight – Picasso





Arena’ – Picasso



picasso-twin-handled-vase - Valleuris

Picasso vase



white plate with face motif of Jacqueline in black lines

‘Jacqueline’s Profile’, Pablo Picasso


Somewhat hieroglyphic in nature, this depiction of Picasso’s second wife Jacqueline conveys her as strikingly beautiful; with decorative hair, large eyes, and triangular nose, she brings to mind an Egyptian pharaoh. Picasso’s dark brown lines pop against the glossy ivory background, further highlighting Jacqueline’s iconic profile.

Some other Pablo Picasso works :

Blue glass Dove Of Peace decorative plaque - Pablo Picasso

‘Colombe de paix’ -(Dove of Peace) – Picasso

A glass work by  Picasso evoking both the symbolism and imagery of peace through this brilliantly crafted dove relief. Its bright, Lapis Lazuli Blue coupled with its glimmering luminescence when held to the light, allows this bird to truly take flight.



Picasso painting The Wait

‘L’Attente’ (The Wait), Picasso


 This work is typical of the early Parisian subjects that contributed to Picasso’s paintings.

( Masterworks Fine Art )


Picasso abstract painting - Marie Therese

‘Portrait of Marie Therese’  – Picasso


Pablo Picasso painting a charger in his Vallauris studio

Pablo Picasso, Vallauris


( Photo – Edward Quinn )