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Mid Century aesthetic – atomic, minimal, kitsch, space-age



Vintage 60's Space Age desk clock chrome sphere

Vintage 70’s Space Age Howard Miller eye clock



Design convergence in the Mid Century


Mid Century design from the post WW2 era possessed a bold and audacious aesthetic that grew from the fusion of many intrepid design concepts. It represented the critical mass of the merging of numerous design influences including biomorphic curves, orbiting atoms, fractured cubist forms, brutalist abstractions, lava glazes and streamlined minimalist forms.

The desire to bring futuristic styles into the mainstream, reflecting the thrust of the space age and the atomic age inventions, came into fruition. These provided iconic imagery that was very adaptable to the minimal streamlined industrial designs that had emerged in architecture and furniture from gifted designers like Le Corbusier, Ray Eames, Gio Ponti,  Isamu Noguchi and Walter Gropius. The public were eager to embrace modern design concepts, possibly to distance themselves from the recent WW global conflicts and their escapist desires were adequately provided by decor objects that exuded fantasy, glamour, modernism, humour and the future.

Designs embracing a fun-factor, kitchiness and sense of the future were ubiquitous and covered a vast array of decorative objects that included figurines, lamps, planters, clocks and vases.  Polynesian, Aztec, Tiki and African themes were popular, along with other kitsch diversions all combining with modernist, abstract features.

The inventive styles ranging from the quirky to the sophisticated, have proved to have a timeless appeal and can still be harmonious with contemporary modern decor designs. Due to their excellent craftsmanship that embraced new materials,, tasteful simplicity and adventurous innovation, they are still being admired and collected over half a century later. Their brilliant originality has endured the journey and contributed to their ongoing collectability and appeal.


Aaron Bohrod figure sketche and ceramic vase

Aaron Bohrod figure sketches and ceramic vase




_Ü Übelacker Keramik West German Pottery-Modern-Mid-20-Century-Vintage-Retro-Red

Ü Übelacker Keramik West German Pottery



Ettienne-Pirot-sculpture figures in turquoise - @Tutt'Art

Etienne Pirot sculpture figures – turquoise and gold – @Tutt’Art



Peter and Denise Orlando, Ceramic-Dish-on-Base-Galerie-Riveria, Saint-Quen

Peter and Denise Orlando, Ceramic Dish on Base




Peter and Denise Orlando vase




Bay ceramic pitcher — ‘Istanbul’ designed by Bodo Mans




Daniel-Rhodes mid century ceramic pottery

Daniel Rhodes, USA



Sascha Brastoff Gilded Wire Abstract Peacock Sculpture from-Early California Antiques

Sascha Brastoff Gilded Wire Abstract Peacock Sculpture

Early California Antiques



Designed-in 1958 by Karl Heinz-Schultz-Koln,for Arabia-of-Finland-in-1963

Vase by Karl Heinz Schultz Koln – Arabia of Finland




Vallauris-pitcher with large handle

Vallauris pitcher




Ronald Schmitt,-Knutt-Hesterberg Germania-1964-65

Atomic coffee table – Ronald Schmitt, Knutt, Hesterberg

Germany, 1964-65



Riccardo Dolker, Peacock Pitcher,-ICS,-Vietri-sul-Mare,-in-1927

Riccardo Dolker  Peacock Pitcher




Vase öpfermeister series by Bodo Mans

13 inches height



Hawaii-Mid-Century-Modern--Cloak Figure-by-Claude-Horan

Mid Century Modern — Cloaked sculpture figure – Claude Horan




Stig Lindberg mustard glazed-ceramic Vase for Gustavsberg

Stig Lindberg mustard glazed ceramic vintage vase for Gustavsberg



Ted Faiers---Space Machine wall hanging,-1955

Ted Faiers — ‘Space Machine’ wall hanging,




Valentine-Schlegel Mid Century vase

Valentine-Schlegel Mid Century vase




Vintage California Style Ceramic Pottery Boomarang Ash Tray

Vintage California Style Ceramic Pottery Boomarang Ash Tray



Washington Jesdesma_vase with nude female motif

Washington Jesdesma




Penny Dhaemers Mid-Century pottery



El-Gato-Gomez--1950 atomic art

El Gato Gomez




Retro Ceramic lamp by Marcello Fantoni

Ceramic lamp by Marcello Fantoni




Accolay Ceramique Lampe



1968-Huber avocado Lounge Chairs

 Huber avocado lounge chairs




Silberdistel vase Fat Lava Wadersloh-flickr

Silberdistel vase

Fat Lava Wadersloh-flickr



Vintage-California Pottery USA-3-pc-Console Set Ashtray Bird Figurines in Orange and Gold

Vintage California Pottery USA 3 pc Console Set Ashtray Bird Figurines in Orange and Gold



ackerman modernA-monochromatic-Warrior-King-in-sand-cast-aluminum-is-enlivened-by-bold-texture-and-form--

 Warrior King in sand cast aluminum enlivened with bold-texture and form – Evelyn and  Jerome Ackerman

Ackerman Modern





Reglor of California chalkware hula girl lamp with coolie lamp shade




Hedi-schoop-wall-plaque dancers

Hedi Schoop wall plaque masked dancers




Guido Gambone Large Ceramic Vase

1951  —    height 15 inches





Zaha Hadid tea and coffee set




Large Aldo Londi-Bitossi-Raymor Figural Elephant, 1960’s




George Barsony African-Figurines---Flickr-7--Photo-Sharing

George Barsony African Figurines




Alvar-Aalto---Beehive-lamp-53-54 in white

Alvar Aalto—Beehive lamp




Space-Age-Furniture -- pod style in red and white

Pod style Space Age Furniture in red and white





 ‘Spatial construction in the 3rd and 4th dimensions’ – Antoine Pevsner, 1961

National Museum of Modern Ar t— Georges Pompidou Center, Paris



Atomic-Orb-lidded and footed ceramic ovoid vessel --Sascha-Brastoff

Atomic Orb – lidded and footed ceramic ovoid vessel –Sascha Brastoff




Art Smith’s-“Modern Cuff”-Bracelet -circa-1948

Art Smith’s-“Modern Cuff” bracelet  circa-1948



Mid Century lamp with sputnik base

Mid Century lamp



Rafael Martinez




Mid-Century California Contempora Boomerang Jawbone-Serving Dish by Metlox Poppytrail




Dancers sculpture-by-Kostas-Dikefalos

Dancers sculpture by Kostas Dikefalos



Continental-Art-Company Mid Century showgirl Lamp

Continental Art Company Mid Century showgirl Lamp




Modern-Artemis-Bronze-Sculpture by GReek sculptor Yiannis-Nanouris

Modern Artemis bronze sculpture by Yiannis Nanouris



vintage-mid-century-modern-lighting--with dance figures

Vintage tango couple Mid Century modern lighting



Designs West Stoneware Art Pottery Flared Vase Mid Century Vintage California

Designs West Stoneware Art Pottery Flared Vase Mid Century Vintage California



Dora De Larios California Studio Pottery-Mid-Century

Dora De Larios California Studio vintage Pottery




Erhard Goschala Meuselwitz Art Pottery Vase Midcentury Modern East German




French Modernist Ceramic Handled Vase by Marius Bessone

Vallauris, France




German Art Pottery Ceramic Pitcher by Roman Elsold, 1958

Modern Design Connection




Guido Gambone – Glazed ceramic vase

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)





Modernist Polished Brass Sculpture by Alain Chervet



Ior  Maria Martins (1894-1973), ‘The Impossible III’

 Rio de Janeiro  Museum of Modern Art



Tile Mural by artist Jay Rivkin , California




Helmut Schaffenacker Ulm vintage portal vase



Jetson-Coco-Tropical-Hawaiian-Fabric Mid Century

Jetson Coco Tropical Hawaiian Fabric




James-Bearden-black brutalist Sculpture,-'Rex'WEINBERG-MODERN

James Bearden – black brutalist sculpture – ‘Rex’

Weinberg Modern



Joel-Edwards-Abstract-Modern-Stoneware-Lamp with native Australian plant motif

Joel Edwards Abstract Modern Stoneware Lamp




Jonathan-Adler-Pair-Minimalist-Tall-White vases

Pair minimalist tall white ceramic vases – Jonathan Adler




Large 1950s Modernist Japanese Porcelain Vase in brown and gold

Large 1950s Modernist Japanese Porcelain Vase



Kitschy 1950s Polynesian - Belly Dancer Chalkware Lamp by TikiTiger,

Kitschy Polynesian – Belly Dancer Chalkware Lamp by TikiTiger




Vintage-barsony kneelin Balinese lady figurine

Vintage Barsony kneeling Javanese lady figurine





Large Lava and Blue Glaze Italian Mid Century vase



Laurel Mid-Century 50's Atomic Sputnik vtg lamp

Laurel Mid-Century 50’s Atomic Sputnik vintage lamp



Marc-Bellaire-mid-century-modern-California-10inch-plate---Balinese figure

Marc Bellaire mid century modern  Balinese dancer plate

10 inch Dia. – California



Mid_Century_Modern_Ceramic_Lamp naked torso

Mid-Century Modern Naked Torso ceramic lamp




Mid-Century carved ceramic flared vase

Mid-Century carved ceramic flared lip vase




California Original Mid-Century Orange Boomerang Atomic Ashtray



Mid-Century-Modern-drip-lava glaze pottery-table-lamp-&-fiberglass-shade

Mid-Century drip lava glaze pottery table lamp & fiberglass shade




Mid-Century Atomic Sputnik Pendant Lamp-Chandelier by Sartatti





Mid-Century teak Danish sideboard cabinet




Mid-Century-Modern-Oval-Planter-with succulents by-DesignPaws-on-Etsy,

Mid-Century Oval Planter with succulents

DesignPaws on Etsy,



Mid-Century-Modern-Raymor-Italy-Ceramic dish

Mid-Century Modern Raymor Italy Ceramic ashtray




Mid Century lamp by Jetsetretro design




Large modernist Perignem vase, decorated by Hans Heinz Goll




Otto West German Modernist Lava glaze Space Age UFO Vase

Height 17cm, 60’s



Peter-Voulkos-ceramic-vase striped

Peter Voulkos ceramic vase, California



Pair-of-Midcentury-Lamps with orange glaze

Pair of Midcentury space-age lamps with orange glaze



Blue Hoenig-of-California-Ceramic-Pottery-Sculpture

Blue Hoenig of California ceramic sculpture






Bay Modernistic Mid-Century red vase

West Germany


Ron-Hitchins-abstract wall panel--MODERN-FORMS

Ron Hitchins abstract ceramic wall panel






Robert and Jean Cloutier; abstract Figure




Tiki mask teal ceramic lighter-Sascha Brastoff

Tiki mask ceramic lighter – Sascha Brastoff



Sascha-BRastoff-ceramic ashtray

Sascha Brastoff vintage ashtray




Sascha Brastoff—- Ceremonial Aztec Priest platter




Modernist Scandinavian tile panel with a warrior figure_

20th century retro



Vintage-1950's-Rose Dodd incised pottery Tray

Vintage 1950’s Rose Dodd incised pottery tray



Vintage American California-art-pottery-Kay-Finch-large-cocker-spaniel-

Vintage California art pottery large Cocker Spaniel by Kay Finch




Vintage Hedi Schoop Lady Console California


Vintage 60’s Hedi Schoop Console Centerpiece



Guido Gambone, squat bottle vase Polychrome-earthenware


Guido Gambone

Height 10 inches  — Cube Art and Vintage, Bern




French fat lava pourer