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Mid-century modern interior decor design



Bitossi bull sculpture - lime green glaze

Bitossi ceramic bull sculpture



Phenomenon of Mid Century design


The development of Mid Century design was the result of a convergence of numerous artistic influences that began at the turn of the 2oth century. The shifting visual narrative included Brancusi’s brilliant streamlined sculptures, Alexander Archipenko’s constructivist forms and abstract sculptures from Henri Laurens, Jacques Lipchitz, and Osip Zadkine. All of these influential artists, who were working from Paris at this time, fed the evolving perception of how artistic forms could be presented and how realism could be re-interpreted. Picasso’s work with Braque on omni perspective cubist abstractions also contributed greatly to this perceptual re-adaption. Add to this the original surrealist works from Max Ernst, Paul Klee and Jean Arp and the refined designs of Bauhaus and Le Corbusier and you had a creative landscape that presented a plethora of possibilities. This heady mix of adventurist artistic styles paved the way and forced the hand of designers to be more daring. The ornate opulence of neo-classicism, rococo and other remnants of the renaissance was replaced with a re-modelled, simplified artistic reality that conveniently blended with the development of the industrial processes that allowed the evolution of mass production that was essential for the post war consumerism.


Fantoni red abstract vase with figure motif

Marcello Fantoni

Shapiro Auctions


Isamu Noguchi, Ray Eames, Gio Ponti, Guido Gambone and Carlo Mollino were some of the prominent designers that emerged from this era. Their designs featured clean lines that utilized the new production materials and were well conceived and highly innovative. The postwar gloom was lightened up with products featuring bold shapes and vivid colours to match the optimistic spirit of recovery and reconstruction. The modern look had a natural symbiosis with the contemporary architecture and decors that emerged in the 50’s and 60’s. Originally, the accepted design concept was for artistic products to be accessible to more people and to cater for smaller dwellings and to be lightweight and mobile, which translated well for the mobility of the emerging modern workforce. These timeless styles still look relevant today and is why the trend has endured. Many current contemporary designs can be associated with the innovations and aesthetics of this era. The inspiring bold designs of the Mid Century are a continual source of fascination and it’s easy to appreciate their desirability with collectors.




Brutalist ‘Argente’ wardrobe, 1968 – Paul Evans

Welded, painted, sculpted and polished aluminium, slate, painted wood, welded and patinated steel.





Italian vintage ceramic set – red sail yacht motif




Mid-Century-Portofino-Abstract-Fisherman-Vase by Santi

Mid Century Portofino Abstract Fisherman Vase Signed Santi, Italy




Mid century large vase with handle




Sakuhin A, Vintage Sculpture by Takiguchi Kazen

Sakuhin A, Ceramic Vintage Sculpture vessel by Takiguchi Kazen




Yellow, green and red vases - Porcelain Factory AS Ćmielów

Porcelain Factory AS Ćmielów




Bertil Vallien (Swedish, 1938), Glass Bowl with Sand Blasted Decoration

Bertil Vallien Glass Bowl with Sand Blasted Decoration

Swedish, 1938


Patchwork-sculpture-Paul-Evans metal abstract sculpture

Patchwork copper sculpture – Paul Evans






Harveys-on-Beverly-12.5inches-vintage-vase with face motif

Vintage 60’s vase

Harveys on Beverly -12.5 inches height




mid-century decor

Mid Century design



U-Keramik-vase,-1950s space age style

Sputnik space age U Keramik vase





Vintage 60-70's Titano San Marino Vase Pitcher Italian Pottery Art Fat Lava

 Vintage Italian Titano San Marino Vase Pitcher

10 inch height – 60-70’s





Bitossi for Raymor Bull's Eye Vase vintage

Bitossi for Raymor Bull’s Eye Vase


Elspeth Cohen hand Painted Ceramic Vase for Lapid,

Elspeth Cohen hand Painted Ceramic Vase for Lapid




Anna-Maria-Consadori ARTE Antiquaraito DESIGN-Vicchi-vase

Anna Maria Consadori Arte Antiquariato Design Vicchi vase




Ceramic crow produced by the Ćmielów Porcelain Tableware Factory, 1961, collections of the National Museum in Warsaw




Bertil Vallien (Swedish), Kosta Boda, Janus glass sculpture

Bertil Vallien (Swedish), Kosta Boda, Janus sand blast glass sculpture



Bitossi vase, 'Rocchetto' line by Ettore Sottsass

Bitossi vase, ‘Rocchetto’ line by Ettore Sottsass




Birthe Weggerby-abstract-plate turquoise and black

Birthe Weggerby



Lars Bergsten? – Mid Century Wall Plaque




Italy-San-Marino plate

Mid Century Italian San Marino plate



Bowl, designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg, Sweden. with striped interior

Bowl, designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg





Bozo puppet marionet Fish



Mid Century Carstens-Tönnieshof waisted vase

Carstens Tönnieshof waisted vase



Roger-capron_ceramic-fish sculpture

Roger Capron




Retro-futurist Bug Chair By Isak




Carstens-West-German-Pottery vase

Carstens West German Pottery vase





Chalvignac Wall Panel

1960’s Canada



Coffee service 'Prometheus'-(mold design Danuta Duszniak-1959)

Coffee service ‘Prometheus’– (mold design Danuta Duszniak, 1959)




Chase Modern Lounge Chairs by Engelbrechts---Crimson Plateau chair

Crimson Plateau chair  by Engelbrechts, designed by Erik Magnussen




Danish Vase Zeuthen Keramik

Two Danish Vases by Zeuthen Keramik



Ceramic catproduced by the Ćmielów Porcelain Tableware Factory

Ceramic black cat produced by the Ćmielów Porcelain Tableware Factory




 Porcelain bird figurine – Fabryka Porcelany AS Ćmielów



Easy chair PK-20 designed by Poul Kjaerholm

Easy chair PK-20 designed by Poul Kjaerholm



Edvin Öhrström Ariel Glass Vase,-circa 1958-glass vase with blue nude lady

Edvin Öhrström Ariel Nude Figure Glass Vase

circa 1958




Edwin and Mary Scheier

Large footed vessel incised and relief decorated with figures in blue, copper, and brown glazed and textured surfaces

13.5 inches height ca. 1972, Skinner



Ettore-Sottsass-ceramic-vessels in black and white

Ettore Sottsass ceramic vessels




Carstens red luxus range handled vase reptile design by Dieter Peter ca 1970

Carstens luxus range handled vase  reptile design by Dieter Peter

 ca 1970




Exercice-de-Style-Han-Meilin bronze horse sculpture

Exercice de Style – Han Meilin



brutalist mid century bronze sculpture

Brutalist mid century bronze sculpture



Fratelli Fanciullacci---italian-vintage-pitcher

Italian Mid Century pitcher – Fratelli Fanciullacci



Fratelli Fanciullacci cylindrical horse motif vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci



Gilbert Valentin abstract motif black vase

Gilbert Valentin




Lidded jar – Fratelli Fanciullacci



German Ahr-Keramik Venedig Venice 50s art pottery vase WGP mid-century ceramicDesignclassics24

 Ahr Keramik Venedig Venice 50s art pottery vase WGP mid-century ceramic






Alexandre Kostanda Vallauris vintage vase

Alexandre Kostanda, Vallauris





Guido-Gambone--ceramic bottle

Guido Gambone–bottle




Guido-Gambone-vintage-vase - tall

Tall, slender ceramic bottle – Guido Gambone




vintage ashtray Guido-Gambone-

Guido Gambone




Gunnar-Nylund,-Rörstrand black and white ceramic fish

Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand



mid century ikebana ceramic vessels

Small ceramic planters collection



Italian-mid-century-ceramic leaf motif bottle

Italian mid-century ceramic bottle




Georges Jouve red glaze bottle

Georges Jouve red glaze bottle




Georges Jouve ceramic female figure

Georges Jouve. France




ES-Keramik-70s-West-German-lava glaze vessel

ES Keramik 70’s West German lava glaze vessel





Krösselbach ovoid vase




Lady with Flowers-André Minaux-1970

‘Lady with Flowers’ – André Minaux





Large Ceramic Lamp 'Sirène' by-Signed-French-Ceramist-Dalo

Large Ceramic Lamp ‘Sirène’  by French Ceramist Dalo




Sixties Italian vase

Vintage Italian vase




Michel-Anase bronze abstract insect sculpture

Michel Anasse bronze abstract insect sculpture




Marcello-fantoni wall plaque with horse riding warriors

Marcello Fantoni wall plaque




'The Warriors' ( Os Guerreiros ), known as Os Candangos by Bruno Giorgi

‘The Warriors’ ( Os Guerreiros ), known as Os Candangos by Bruno Giorgi

1959 – Square of the Three Powers, Brasilia



Pablo Picasso twin handles baluster vase

Pablo Picasso vase – Madoura





Vintage 60-70' Scheurich-18 Lora Fat Lava Vase West German Pottery

Scheurich-18 Lora Fat Lava Vase West German Pottery

Vintage 60-70’s



Turquoise Peel chair from Varier Furniture

Scandinavian contemporary  ‘Peel’ chair and ottoman from Varier Furniture



Penguins,-project-porcelain--figurines in black and white

Penguins – Porcelany AS Ćmielów




Philippe-Laberterie-Abstrakte-Komposition painting

Philippe Laberterie



Pierre-Vandel,-1970 white leather contemporary chair

Pierre Vandel, 1970



Marcello-Fantoni ceramic vase

Marcello Fantoni




Pol Chambost




Ruscha-vintage-plate with abstract motif

Rusch vintage mottled texture plate




Poul Volther orange segmented seat and back take their inspiration from the phases of a solar eclipse.

Produced by Erik Jorgenen in Denmark





Sascha Brastoff Abstract Series tri  legged bowl,




Rare Swedish Mid Century Mari Simmulson for Upsala-Ekeby Pottery Plaque

Swedish Mid Century Pottery Plaque by Mari Simmulson for Upsala-Ekeby





Mid-century modern ceramic vase – design Ferdinand Langenbacher





Stig Lindberg -Swedish Stoneware horse





Schiavon – Italian vintage sculpture




Stig-Lindberg incised vase

Stig Lindberg



Thierry Martenon-modernist-sculptures

Thierry Martenon





Mid century Accolay vase



Vintage AK Alfred Klein Ceramic Vase German Pottery

Vintage AK (Alfred Klein) Ceramic Vase






Vintage Bitossi Italian Carved pottery Vase




vintage-Ikebana-planters collection

Vintage Ikebana planters



Vintage Mid Century Danish Modern Abstract Bronze Bird Duck Sculpture

Mid Century Danish Modern Abstract Bronze Bird Sculpture



Vintage studio Fischer biomorphic vase - with white spiral motifs on brown matt glaze

Vintage Studio Fischer biomorphic vase




Carstens-Tönnieshof-Fat-Lava-Vase red glaze

Carstens Tönnieshof Fat Lava Vase






Heinz Siery—1965







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