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AMOCA – 10 year anniversary


American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, California


In August 2014, AMOCA had its 10th anniversary. Over this time it has grown from 3,800 square feet to 51,000 square feet and now has 7000 pieces in its permanent collection.

AMOCA preserves and collects significant ceramic achievements of the world’s cultures from ancient times to the present. Their permanent collection, is currently divided into four categories:-  American Studio Pottery, Sculpture, World Ceramics and British Ceramics. The museum has large collections of international and Native American ceramics, including Mettlach, Royal Worcester, Mata Ortiz and Acoma Pueblo. A selection of these will be featured in an upcoming 2015 Spring exhibition, along with works from many celebrated artists, such as mid-20th century California ceramists William Manker, Laura Andreson, Gertrude and Otto Natzler, and Rupert Deese. In addition a  number of sculptural works from Paul Soldner, John Mason and Jennifer McCurdy will also featured, as well as many contemporary local artists, including Glenn Grishkoff, Biliana Popova, and Ricky Maldonado. Below are some images from the AMOCA flickr photostream of their permanent collection. See here 


Current Exhibition – Chris Gustin Masterworks in Clay

November 8, 2014- February 8, 2015


Chris Gustin teapot Amoca exhibition

Chris Gustin teapot





Chris Gustin Masterworks in Clay – opening reception at Amoca



Opening Reception,-Chris Gustin -- Masterworks in Clay

 Chris Gustin – Amoca


British Ceramics



Ann James-Vase,-2003;-Collection-of-Bill-Burke-2009

Ann James Vase,


AMOCA – Collection of Bill Burke





Coil built Vase,-1982;-Gift of Jo Lauria & Michael Fargo-BettyBlandino

Betty Blandino coil built vase, 1982

AMOCA –  Gift of Jo Lauria & Michael Fargo



Duncan Ross-Vase, c. 2000; wheel-thrown, terra sigillata, slip, wax

Duncan Ross vase – terra sigillata, slip, wax

AMOCA – Collection of Bill Burke




Geoffrey Swindell Vase, c. 2000; porcelain, rust and robin's egg blue; Collection of Bill Burke 2009

Geoffrey Swindell contemporary vessel

AMOCA – Collection of Bill Burke 2009




Ann James-Vase,-2003;-Collection-of-Bill-Burke-2009

 Ann James -2003

 AMOCA – Collection of Bill Burke


 World Ceramics



earthenware pot Amando Silverio

Amando Silverio

Gift of Frieda Bradsher





Naimi constructed eating bowl -Kwam, c.1986






Japanese Edo Nabeshima Ware Platter, 1830

 AMOCA – Gift of James and Jackie Voell




Michael-Wisner Untitled, n.d. earthenware; Gift of Frieda Bradsher 2007

Michael Wisner earthenware pot

Gift of Frieda Bradsher 2007

Ming-Celadon-Vase China

 Ming Celadon Vase

 AMOCA – Gift of James and Jackie Voell




Paul Soldner ceramic sculpture AMOCA

 Paul Soldner





Rooted-Home,-2000;-made-in-Huntington,-West-Virginia-2004-Kathleen Kneafsey

Kathleen Kneafsey, Huntington,West Virginia – ‘Rooted Home’

AMOCA – American Ceramic Society Collection






Olin Russum-  High fired Sculptural Vessel – 1980

AMOCA – Gift of James and Jackie Voell






Untitled glazed ceramic figure,- c. 1970s – Joan Rappaport, California

AMOCA –  Collection of Bill Burke, 2009






Untitled stoneware sculpture, 1959 – Hal Fromhold, California


AMOCA – American Ceramic Society Collection





Blue Heron  – Betty Davenport Ford

Gift of the Artist, 2005



Sabino-Villalba Untitled effigy, n.d.; eartheware , 2007

Sabino Villalba Untitled effigy eartheware , 2007





American Studio Pottery:



AyshaPeltz-1998;-purchased-in-Shrewsbury,-Massachusetts;-porcelain,-orange-yellow vase

Aysha Peltz – Shrewsbury, Massachusetts;- porcelain orange vase





Ben Owen III vase,-1992;-Gift of Jan Korfmacher

Ben Owen III vase


AMOCA – Gift of Jan Korfmacher






Gwen Heffner porcelain bowl –  Berea, Kentucky






Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor---teapot

Bunny lid teapot – Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor




Carol Wedemeyer-teacup,-2002;-made-in-California;-earthenware-red-clay,-stain,-glaze

 Red clay earthenware, stain, glaze teacup – Carol Wedemeyer, California


 AMOCA – Gift of Bill Burke





Crispin Gonzalez1985;-stoneware,-airbrushing,-colorants,-cone-3,-reduction

Crispin Gonzalez, stoneware vase with airbrushing, colorants, cone 3 reduction

AMOCA – Gift of MAW




Susan-Peterson Untitled bottle, c. 1979; Gift of John Collins

Susan Peterson 1979

AMOCA – Gift of John Collins



Dorothy Hafner platter,-1980;-purchased-in-New-York-porcelain

Dorothy Hafner platter, New-York


AMOCA – Gift of American Ceramic Society Collection





Doug Blechner-jar AMOCA

 Lidded Jar – Doug Blechner







Untitled stoneware bottle, Frank Colson, Florida


AMOCA – Gift of American Ceramic Society Collection




1989; purchased in Yellow Springs, Ohio; porcelain; 2004EveFleck

Porcelain folded vase -Eve Fleck, Yellow Springs, Ohio


AMOCA –  Gift of American Ceramic Society Collection



Frieda-Bradsher 2007 AMOCA

Frieda Bradsher – 2007






Gina Lawson Egan-Blue-and-Purple-Dog-Teapot

Gina Lawson Egan – Blue and Purple Dog Teapot





Harrison McIntosh display ---Flickr--AMOCA

Harrison McIntosh ceramic display at Common Ground, ACOMA

HM100: A Century through the Life of Harrison McIntosh is currently running from 13th September to October 26 2014 . ACOMA celebrated the 100th birthday of Hamish Mcintosh on the 13th September 2014.

The mural in the background along one wall of the main gallery is by famous Southern Californian artist Millard Sheets titled “Panorama of Pomona Valley” (1956)





Harvey Sadow Raku-Vessel,-1980

Raku Vessel – Harvey Sadow


AMOCA – Gift of Karen and Philip Selwyn





Helen Watson mid-century sculpture 1959

Helen Watson mid-century sculpture 1959






Jane-Peiser ceramic vessel 1978

Jane Peiser – 1978






Jeff-Whyman vase 2000

 Jeff Whyman – 2000






Joy DeMarcocup, –  porcelain, sgraffito markings, black slip, semi matt clear glaze vessel

c. 2000

AMOCA – Gift of Frieda Bradshe





Karen-Massaro1980-90 yellow bowl AMOCA

 Karen Massaro bowl –  1980-90





Gift-of-Frieda-Bradsher-Taylor-Buxton AMOCA

Vase by Taylor Buxton

AMOCA – Gift of Frieda Bradsher





Larry White Untitled-figurative-vessel,-1979;-made-in-California;-stoneware-raku

 Stoneware raku figurative vessel, Larry White, California






Michael-Coffey jar AMOCA

 Micheal Coffey





AMOCA, Gertrude and Otto Natzler ceramics

Gertrude and Otto Natzler – Common Ground exhibition





Otto Heino---Flickr--AMOCA

Otto Heino display at AMOCA Common Ground

lien – flickr





Patrick Crabb AMOCA California--2008

Patrick Crabb Bottle, California – 2008





People-Pot,-1993 Jude Odell

People Pot, – Jude Odell







Ricky Maldonado platter-Gift Of Artist

 Ricky Maldonado platter

AMOCA Gift Of Artist





Rose Cabat-Feelie --1979

‘Feelie’ by Rose Cabat  – 1979

“A vase can hold flowers, but can’t it just be a spot of beauty?” – Rose Cabat







Scott Parady – Untitled woodfired stoneware vessel, California


AMOCA – Gift of Bill Burke





Sunflower---Desert-Series,-2009 Lee-Middleman AMOCA

Sunflower -Desert Series, Lee Middleman

AMOCA 2009




Tom Coleman stoneware,-carbon-trap-shino,-orange-crackle,-red-dot,-carbon-trap,-reduction

Shino stoneware cup, carbon trap, orange crackle, red dot – Tom Coleman

AMOCA – Gift of Frieda Bradsher






Eric-Kao-bottle AMOCA flickr

 Eric Kao

AMOCA – flickr





Olin Russum Distorted Bowl, 1980; stoneware

Olin Russum – Distorted Stoneware Bowl, 1980

Gift of James W. and Jackie Voell




Large-Curly-Vessel,-2007-Nicholas Bernard

 Large Curly Vessel, Nicholas Bernard – 2007





Ken&Pat Larson,-1988;-purchased-in-Sturgeon-Lake,-Minnesota;-stoneware

 Stoneware sculpture by Ken & Pat Larson, 1988

  Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

AMOCA – Gift of American Ceramic Society Collection



Mettlach Collection

This vast collection was made possible by Robert D. and Colette D. Wilson, who accumulated a huge number of Mettlach pieces over a 30-year period. AMOCA now houses their entire 3,000 piece Mettlach Collection, the largest collection of German Mettlach wares (dating from c. 1840-1915) in the world.



Mettlach knight plate ACOMA

 Mettlach plate, Germany



Mettlach-Beer-Stein Acoma

 Mettlach Beer Stein





Mettlach, Art Nouveau Vases,-1911

Long neck Art Nouveau vases – Mettlach




Mettlach-plate - kinght riding horse

Handpainted Metttlach plate





Mettlach vase ACOMA

 Mettlach Art Nouveau floral vase



 Mettlach twin handled vase



Mettlach butterfly woman vase

 Mettlach vase, Germany





 Twin handled jardiniere – Mettlach




 German Mettlach beer steins

AMOCA website HERE



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