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Barcelona Ceramicist Lidia Serra

Whimsy, spontaneity and exuberance are terms I would apply to the famous Barcelonian architecture.  I see this reflected in the works of Lidia Serra. She lives and works with her partner Jose Davila in the small village of  Sant Pere de Ribes, in the south of  Barcelona. Studying at the Ceràmica  a  la  Escola  Massana for 5 years from 1982, she has been a professional ceramicist for 30 years. Her artistic statement :  ” My work responds to a need to express and communicate my vision and particularly of what happens around me.I do not usually use complicated or sophisticated handling of my materials, as it does not seem necessary for my purpose. I feel comfortable using a traditional process. I like to integrate  natural elements that I find into my work such as wood. I enjoy my work.”

Lidia Serra in her studio

Lidia and Jose display and sell their work through fine art and craft galleries and fine art and craft shows around Spain and Europe.



Lidia Serra Plate Plato

Lidia Serra Vessel

Pieze Gr4

 Ventana Semilla

Lidia Srra Branch Vessel Branch Vessel

Lidia Serra Cacharro VaseCacharro Vase

Esculturra  Esculturra



Placa Alagarda Placa Alargarda

Ventana Azul Blue Window 1  ( stoneware and porcelain slips )

 Abuela Cleta

Lidia Serra plate

 Shields ( stoneware,slips and seeds )

Lidia Serra Disco

Disk (stoneware.slips and straw )

 Dos Asas