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Innovative Ceramic Manipulation


Knead, bend, roll, throw, twist, pound, bake, beg, weep ….  just a few of the myriad manipulations at one’s disposal to innovate with clay. This amazing substance from the earth is a loyal servant of the ceramic arts. Forever challenging its creator to find the right aesthetic balance and appeal. Sometimes it only takes a slight adjustment to the form for it to transmute from ordinary to brilliant. Great pieces are sometimes born in the conceptual stage, taking shape with a sketch or just a casual idea. Other times it’s not till the final bake that vague concepts crystallize into a rewarding result. Featured below is a collection of pieces from the studio cauldron of coercion, creativity, inspiration, adaption and sublimity; selected for their originality in form, surface and design, with a mixture of both complex and simple styles, past and present.


1882 Royal Crown Derby Vase

 Royal Crown Derby vase – 1882




Designer Tane D'Cruz vase head

Wig Vase by  Designer Tania D’Cruz

Ann Van Hoey---Ceramics-Belgium

Porcelain Cup – Ann Van Hoey, Belgium

 Adrian-Brough,-U.K - twin handled vase with swimming fishes motiftwin handled fishes motif vase – Adrian Brough, UK




Arek Szwed Alezja Pracownia Ceramiczna

 Arek Szwed figurines

Alezja Laboratory of Ceramic Arkadiusz Swede


A wood fired, carved vase by Mark Smalley

 Carved and wood fired vase – Mark Smalley


Art Deco pink, beige, and gilt trimmed square tapered vase with Egyptian floral motifs and 4 open handles at top (signed Noritake, made in Japan)

 Egyptian Revival Art Deco gilt trimmed Vase with Egyptian motif –  Noritake, Japan





 Peacock Vase – 1920’s Art Deco



Banana-flower-vases in black and white by -Jonathon-Adler

 Banana Bud Vases – Jonathon Adler



Beautiful graphite black on black cuadritos, checkered wedding vase by Lydia Ponce

 Checkered wedding vase by Lydia Ponce

Graphite black on black cuadritos



Forestware-with-Lauren-Kaplan - artintheforest.com

Forestware by Lauren Kaplan

Cape Town – South Africa





 Minimalist wheel thrown bottles

Blue Room Pottery, etsy




The Living Art Range tripod planter

 The Living Art Range – tripod planter

Light From Africa Foundation


Lopes-Zablocki coffee pot

 Terre vernissée – Christine Zablocki and Sébastien Lopes




 Candlesticks with carved surface – Muddy Creek Pottery




Ceramic by artist Julia Feld

 Ceramic sculpture – Julia Feld




Ceramic Elephant sculpture from coils by Klaywerk Studio

 Elephant handbuilt with coils – Klaywerk Studio


2005 alien Mardi Gras Ricky Maldonado

 ‘Alien Mardi Gras’ – Ricky Maldonado




Ceramic-Museum-Beret-Storage-Jar made by Helen Frik

 Beret Storage Jar – Helen Frik, Nl

 Steely-Abstraction2-created by Lynn-Adamo

Wall Art Mosaic –  ‘Steely Abstraction – Lynn Adamo

 Mixed media wall panel. Granite, obsidian, basalt, galena, vintage Italian and Mexican smalti, beads, Bullseye glass, aluminum, hand made ceramic coil and wire on handmade tile substrates





Wall Planter by Earth Magic with celtic knot motif

Jonathan Middlemiss geometric bowl

 Jonathan Middlemiss, UK

20 inch height Chinese Cloisonne Bronze Phoenix fung hwang Statue Flower Bottle Vase Zun

Chinese Cloisonne  Phoenix fung hwang Statue

Height 20 “

Urinoir- Urinal (Vineta model) in neo-baroque style mixed with neo-renaissance

Biennale d’architecture 2014, Venice, Italy

  Urinal (Vineta model) in neo-baroque style mixed with neo-renaissance – Ditmara Factory Czech Republic






French Elchinger Mid-Century folded vase – matt and volcanic glaze – 1950’s





Exhibition piece by Nigel Edmondson photo- Christine Cox - flickr

Potfest display 2014 – Nigel Edmondson

photo – Christine Cox – flickr




Gabrielle Lindemann Raku Roosters

Ceramic guinea fowl – Gabrielle Lindemann

Provence Region, South of France



Gerd Rohling - nothing-for-all-at-gallery-piet-hein-eek

Gerd Rohling – Nothing For all

Gallery- piet hein eek



Goro-Suzuki contemporary ceramic lidded box

 Contemporary ceramic sculpture – Goro Suzuki



Cream and Sugar set – ibcooper – etsy

 Galerie-Joelle-Gervais---La-balançoire A ceramic mouse and pig sitting on a see saw

 Joelle Gervais— ‘ La balançoire’

photo Claude Lieber

 ‘My sculptures are unique. They are connected with the world around me, the fragile trace of an ephemeral presence, a bridge between my emotions and other people’s eyes, make an intimate view of the world. A time, a meeting, a situation, a look are my sources of inspiration.’



Carol-Long vase

 Neo Nouveau vase by Carol Long


Hitomi Hosono - carves porcelain sculptures to resemble tropical flowers-designbloom

Hitomi Hosono – tropical flowers are the inspiration for her carved porcelain sculptures





Japan art ceramic by Ikura,-Takashi

Vessel with stopper – Takashi  Ikura





Ivana Batalo abstract sculpture


Ivana Batalo, Belgrade




Modernist dish - Jean Paul Landreau - Humanoides

  Jean Paul Landreau – ‘Humanoides ‘

photo – Christine Cox – flickr




Jenny-Orchard abstract sculpture

 Earthenware vase, geometric shape with abstract pattern by  Jenny Orchard




John-Ward contemporary vessel

 John Ward


Larry Halvorsen stoneware sculptural vessel


 Coil built stoneware vessel with black glaze and incised sgraffito decoration.

Larry Halvorsen




Lauren Gallaspy flower motif cup

 Lauren Gallaspy




14.inch .vase Fabien Jouvin floral and script decorated Chinese vase

  Fabien Jouvin floral and script decorated Chinese vase

14.inch height

Hap Moore Antiques




Modern vase designs made to look like stitched leather. They are actually made from high quality porcelain – Madieke Fleuren




Outline-Vase Silhouette Vase - Yuko Tokuda

Silhouette Vase – Yuko Tokuda




Sonaarts-marble-vase in red, white and gold leaf

Carved marble vase – Sonaarts




Patricia Urquiola-white porcelain contemporary vases

 Patricia Urquiola – porcelain vases




Unlimited Edition – Pieke Bergmans – 2007





Porcelain Cabbage bowl from Anon Pairot design studio

 Porcelain Cabbage bowl –  Anon Pairot design studio




Robert-Lawarre teapot

‘ 57 Stretch’  teapot –  Robert Lawarre




Rustic woodland ceramic spoon-sculpture bird-nest-by-jo-lucisted

 Rustic woodland ceramic spoon sculpture  – Jo Lucisted




Sèvres porcelain ginger jar-designed by Jean Baptiste and Séraphin Giordan-in-the-form-of-a-conch-shel

 Jean Baptiste and Séraphin Giordan designed ginger jar for Serves, France




Tilting Vase ' - Intelligent vase designed by David Sweeney

 Tilting Vase ‘ -Intelligent vase designed by David Sweeney begins to ‘lie down’ when it needs water, then stands again when water is added to the side spout.


A vase that begins to ‘lie down’ when it needs water - David Sweeney

‘ Tilting Vase ‘ -Intelligent vase designed by David Sweeney




Anika Engelbrecht vase innovation

Modern vases with balloon inserts. –  German designer Anika Engelbrecht




 German designer Anika Engelbrecht balloon insert vase

 Anika Engelbrecht swelling vase





 The ‘Proust’  limited edition miniature armchair –  hand painted ceramic ware by Alessandro Mendini, and produced by superego




'Hula Hoops' vase - Giopato & Coombes

‘Hula Hoops’ vase –  Giopato & Coombes – Can be split to create a wine bottle cooler

 Stig Lindberg ceramic wall leaf

Stig Lindberg


  ‘Walk Streets’

A hand sculpted, hand painted stoneware vessel by Brenda Holzke




water features direct garden planter

 Large garden planter

Water Features Direct,  AUS





Beate Anderson





Big Bull – Gambone




Inner Space with blue bir -by Erin

‘Inner Space’ – Erin-etsy




Fance-FRANCK-Eliche-Guy red glazed vessels

Crimson red glaze vases – Fance Frank &  Eliche Guy




Philip Jackson---Un Ballo in Maschera sculpture of a lady in a along gown

Philip Jackson—‘Un Ballo in Maschera’



Louis-GOSSELIN ripple dish on stand

Louis Gosselin




Hamada-Shoji square vessel

Hamada Shoji



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